Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 - the Best Year Yet!

It's that time to recap on this year past. I really do think '07 has been a great year - I stated off returing from Canada in time to celebrate by ringing in the new year with Sean (I'm a bit superstitious about beginning the year with a kiss), and we later on had a great Valentine's Day. In short time I found a better job, more money, and I was happier all around. In April I had a great birthday and Sean made a wonderful Easter dinner for everyone. There were trips to Chicago, to Utah, to the beach, to England, to Mexico. There were gala dinners and countless happy hours. I stayed closer to old good friends and made new ones along the way. Sean and I celebrated out 1-year anniversary, and we were fortunate to spend the Holidays together.

Here's to another amazing year! See you in 2008!

Friday, December 21, 2007

All I Want for Festivus is....

Someone please buy me this:

I am so ready to have next week off! I’m looking forward to both Margo’s Festivus Eve party and seeing my family Xmas day, and getting to see Sean through all of it. Well – I’m not bringing him home this year, but that’s a "me issue" as I’m not psychologically prepared yet to subject him to my family introduce him to the folks.

Wednesday night I hosted a small gathering (pictures forthcoming) and gift exchange with Phillip, Fernando, Charlie and Sean. I’m sad to report Charlie is leaving my job for a better opportunity. So while I am sad to see him go, it really is for a better job, so I am happy too. We exchanged gifts, and drank my out of house and home. Out of the night came two new drinks we have given birth to.

The White Louis ™
(a variation on The Louis invented by Phillip)
½ part amaretto
½ part white cranberry juice
Shake with ice and serve in martini glass.

The Bizzy Fuck ™
(There’s an interesting story behind the name I won’t share here, but it was created in honor of Charlie’s resignation letter earlier that day)
3 shots Stoli Blueberi vodka
1 shot Grand Marnier
3 shots white cranberry juice
1 shot lime juice
Shake with ice and serve in martini glass. Makes about 3 martinis, so adjust accordingly if need more or less. Strong enough to drown all holiday malcontent. I hope Drunky's enablers friends don't try and steal the recipes, they are copywritten!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


"Chef Tom" has been rather busy this year, wouldn't you say?

Monday, December 17, 2007

With My Back to the Wind

Hope all has been well with everyone! I'm looking forward to over a week off for the holidays. A bit stressed about all the things to do and what not, but the drama is part of the "fun" of the season I suppose. I've been in kind of a strange mood lately; I haven't gone out as much as I usually do.
The work holiday party was actually a lot of fun, aboard the Spirit of Washington. Afterwards we had drinks at the Beacon hotel. And after that I met friends at Halo. It was quote an evening. And I ended up at Town but I really didn't stay long as I was getting over a flu-like thing I had earlier in the week, and I was sure that a day-long binge was not doing me any favors.
Poor Sean has been working a lot and long hours lately, so we haven't been able to see much of eachother. Saturday night we saw eachother for a bit, we had dinner and coffee. I was wet and cold by the time I got home, so I declined another round of Town and actually managed to wrap all of my presents.
Last night myself and others met ou friend Marc for a sort of goingaway dinner before he leaves for Vietnam for almost a month, at an Ethiopian restaurant on U St. I hadn't had that in ages, I forgot how yummy the injera sponge bread can be...

Song of the day...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Whatever that elusive holiday "spirit" is I think I came close to it this weekend. I braved not one but two malls in the suburban gift-buying race known as December. Thus far I've done pretty well and resisted temptation to buy for myself. By the way, if you are ever in Old Town Alexandria, Margo introduced me last week to a wonderful little Lebanese place on Cameron St. called the Pita House. Unassuming from first looks, but it’s very good. And did I mention that I love Border's and Macy's? Life-savers!
My work is having a holiday party on a river lunch cruise. Because being trapped on a boat with coworkers...nevermind I won't even go there.
I'm also planning on a do-it-myself "Festivus Fondue" party in the near future with the VIPs probably knowing who they are already. I make a mean-ass fondue and I actually have two fondue sets, one that Drunky gave me a few years back I still have. The only positive thing I have from that mess, actually LOL.
I don’t really have much else, besides Sean and I shopping and doing the weekend going-out thing. But for your random entertainment...

Festivus Cards - 1, 2
Airing of Grievances Worksheet
Brit, why do you do this to yourself?
Me as "Chef Tom's" Groupie - "I think the guitarist is dreamy"

Meez 3D avatar avatars gamesMeez 3D avatar avatars games
Sean and I - digitally remastered

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My candidate...

I, of course, would be his White House intern...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Uptown, Downtown

Friday night was a Britney-themed party at Be Bar, so of course you know I was there. Somehow it wasn't trashy enough. I mean, the kitsch factor should have been turned up a notch. At any rate I shared many Cherry Bombs with certain friends before they dragged me (kicking and screaming, of course) to Town. I hadn't been there for the Friday night party before, but I had a good time.
Saturday I honestly didn't accomplish much besides attempt some shopping. My problem every holiday season is all the cool shit comes out in December, so I wind up wanting to buy everything - for myself! I still haven't accomplished any shopping for others.
Saturday night Sean surprised me by bringing food and cooking dinner for me! He prepared leg of lamb and other sundry things. I couldn't stop eating it was so great. Sean doesn't cook often (being a chef and all, I imagine he gets tied of being around food) but when he does, he's amazing.
We went out that night, but first to Phillip's house for brownies and a new drink named after our favorite chihuahua, Louis.
The Louis: equal parts cranberry juice and Disoronno amaretto, shaken.
We went to Town yet again. Other clubs must be feeling the sting, because Town has been consistently packed. I had a great time, but I didn't last all night. I'm glad Sean was with me, to take me home.
The next day I feel bad because I sort of let the day pass by - it's not my fault the sun sets at 5 now! By the time we got ready, we wound up going for Chinese for "blinner." It was a wet cold day anyway, what's the point of getting out of bed?!
Tonight I am going to attempt to make a Thai green curry. If it comes out edible I will share the recipe. If not, I have Dominos on speed dial.
Currently in my iPod:
Filo & Peri - "Anthem"
Robyn - "With Every Heartbeat" Remix
Britney Spears - "Piece of Me"
Ida Corr - "Let Me Think About It (Fedde Le Grand Remix)"

Updates: Christmas Disaster Generator!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gimme More... Mexico!

UPDATE: after some quality time with the scanner, the complete pictures from Mexico, including diving pictures. Though they came out not as great as I wanted - not sure if it was my fault of the CVS photo people. Either way, there are up.

(there's just something about an iguana with a flower that will never cease being funny.)

NEWS UPDATE : Hockey Player's Gay Photo "Scandal"

Monday, November 26, 2007

After the Stuffing

Back from Thanksgiving weekend and I wish I was still in bed. Cold weather makes me want to do two things: sleep in all day, and cook high-calorie foods. At any rate, it was a great Thanksgiving day- I went to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner though I spent most of the day there too. After eating myself sick there I drove to Margo and Fred’s and met up with Sean for wine and game and desert - a Thanksgiving tradition. And Sean is lucky enough to have been through not one but two of these. (Poor Drunky - he must be trying to numb the painful memories of Thanksgivings past with booze, no doubt surrounded by his enablers friends.)

Sean and I had a great weekend, albeit boring in the sense of not "doing" much. We did go out Saturday night, and I also had drinks with Phillip and Fernando returning from their Thanksgiving. I saw a movie yesterday with Sean after having dinner in GAY-thersburg, MD (if you want to annoy people from Gaithersburg, emphasize the GAY in the name). We saw The Mist, well mainly because The Golden Compass wasn’t playing, but I was impressed. I also want to see I Am Legend, as it’s actually one of my favorite horror short stories (read it - these things are always better than the movies). I also have to start holiday shopping! I have no idea what to get, and I’m terrible for waiting until the last minute. Help!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Thanksgiving Edition

I'm back to reality from a very pleasant weekend. Sean and I joined some friends at TOWN which debuted this weekend, filling a void in the city when the only options for dancing were less-than-stellar other places.

I guess I should backtrack and mention that Friday night, while waiting for a friend at Halo, I was at the bar enjoying my martini when a nasty man tried to dry-hump my leg. It was one of those situations where you are too mortified to know what to do (like, say, grab his nutsack and throw him across the room). My friends couldn't show up fast enough. Ick!

So, Town: After having dinner at Lauriol Plaza with Sean, we went to a friend's place and then hit Town. It was packed - as one can imagine. I have to say - I was duly impressed. The decor, the attention to detail, the skilled DJs. Think Halo meets now-defunct Velvet. It was spacious (including a soundproofed lounge area), clean, the drinks were reasonable, and there was lots of dancing space. *Also, there is a sizeable parking lot for those of us that drive, across the street. Gay DC has been waiting for this for some time now - I can't wait to go back again this weekend!

(And to be filed under "guilty pleasures" : they played a 30-min remix of Britney's "Gimme More." And you know every queen in that place was squeeling with joy. Know thy customers!)

Sean and I left around 4 and went home. We didn't get started until way late yesterday afternoon, and we went to Annie's for late afternoon "blinner" and I joined my friend Charlie to Karaoke at Cobalt though I only stayed for two drinks. I didn't do much else except hit up Whole Foods for Thanksgiving stuff.

So what do I have to be thankful for this year?
*A new/better job
*Good friends

UPDATES : Tom (Brady) of Finland, Underwear Model.
It's Whitney, Bitch! (Thanks to Phillip for link)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Festivus Gift Ideas: Lucky Eggs!

Thinking of what to buy Adam for Christmas Festivus? Well since no one bought me that grease-stained dress from Britney that was on Ebay awhile back, I guess I will have to settle for the Chicken Machine.

Seriously, do any of you guys remember these? If you were a child in the 80's, being dragged through the store with the parents meant a reward at the end: a plastic egg with a cheap toy inside, from the magic clucking Chicken Machine: (click to enlarge)

I swear, I want one! They occasionally pop up on Ebay.
UPDATE: Or you could get me a real Polar Bear skin rug for my non-existant fireplace. That would work too. Or just a fireplace.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

More Andy...

I can't belive I let this one slip through the cracks! I didn't have a chance to keep up with my Perez and TMZ, but here's this gem:

Looks like daddy's been working out!

UPDATE in other news... Tom Brady, Undwear Model.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Going Down like London Bridge

London photos, as promised, are now uploaded here!


Today is me and Sean's 1 year aniversary!!!

Maybe to some people that doesn't sound like a lot, but I think it's a major accomplishment. And what a crazy/wonderful/happy year it's been. Time really does fly when you're having fun with a great guy like Sean. I'm very lucky - and here's to more years to come!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tea Time with Adam

Sigh, so I arrived back from the U.K. Sunday night (and Sean was kind enough to pick me up) and I'm still recovering from a wild time in the world's most awesome city, hands-down, London.

Everytime I'm there I feel so..invigorated, I guess. I don't know what it is but London is something else. I daydream about the idea of living there. Of course there's a) immigration - why did we have to have that stupid little revolution? and b) expense. London is fabulous, but one thing it isn't is cheap. ($4 USD for a Diet Coke, you get the idea...) So basically I'd need a job willing to sponsor my visa and offer double my current salary. BUT one can try...

I actually didn't take that many pictures - too scandalous to take. But the few g-rated photos I do have I will post soon. I think Phillip had an awesome birthday week. I've been feeling a tad under the weather since I got back, though I'm sure that had nothing to do with all the world travelling I've done lately.

It's a bit depressing being home again, especially with the lack-luster "entertainment" DC has to offer. Our sad excuses for clubs have nothing on the dance-till-noon-the-next-day amazing venues such as G-A-Y and the fabulous Club Fire. In retrospect all the days kinda blurred into one long (mis)adventure. But alas, I will be back soon, no doubt. Hopefully for longer too. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to tell my faithful readers Happy Halloween in advance, as I will actually be missing Halloween here. Now you know it takes a lot to make me pass up my favorite holiday - but I will be on a flight to my favorite city, London. I will be there for 4 days for Phillip's birthday celebrations (Happy Birthday, Phillip!) I am very excited, and will have yet more travel pictures when I return!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Viva Mexico!

I got back yesterday, and what a shock it was to step out of the airport into wet and cold (I, of course, was unprepared still in sandals and shorts). I don't even know where to begin, but it was a wonderful, magical trip with Sean. The snorkeling with the tropical fish, spending days sipping pineapple dacquiris on the gay beach, nightclubs, exploring the old town, shopping for goodies (of course), amazing Latin cuisine (including Sean's birthday dinner at this place).

As of right now I only have a fraction of the vacation pics, the ones from my digital camera. However once I have my underwater film developed and my other camera's pics scanned, I will add them in as well.

Mexico Photos!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Octubre, Octubre

Finally I am finished with my Gala and Convention duties - it really feels like the rest of the year is all downhill from here!
Plus, I feel like I can die as a happy gay man: I have met Cyndi Lauper.
Pictures from the Gala dinner - click here.
Only a few more days and I will be on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta with Sean. I will most certainly NOT be reading emails or updating blog during this time. In fact, I hope to temporarily forget D.C. exists (however for emergencies my cell phone does work internationally if you need to reach me).

Adios for now - and I will return laden with gifts, stories, photos, and my sanity restored!

Monday, October 08, 2007

"The Center of Attention..."

I had an incredibly fun weekend, centered around the HRC Gala on Saturday night. I have some photos from the night here, please don't forward to Perez Hilton! I don't think I've been out like that in ages - the VIP after-party at Halo, Apex, after Apex closed the after-hours dance at Club Five. I still feel exhausted from it, but it was a great night.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Congrats to Halo!

I love this shit! Today's Washington Blade featured a special report "Best of Gay DC" and Halo beat out JR's as best bar.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hold on let me catch my breath. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Really, as if there was any contest. Cheers to Halo, and thanks for giving DC-region gays a more upscale option for social gathering.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Me & Mr. Brady

I’m so glad Friday is here, though it’s my last free weekend for awhile; next weekend is the HRC dinner, then the PFLAG Gala, then I’m out of the country with Sean. Rocktober is going to be very busy!

Oh, and I’m not sure what to be this year for Halloween, assuming I’ll be in D.C. for it. I was thinking Britney. Cheap weave, big sunglasses, trashy dress, show my puntang to the world getting out of a car, a bag of Cheetos. How hard can it be?

I also decided today to give some space to hottie Tom Brady - who does, as Margo and others have pointed out, bear an eerie resemblance to my Sean.

Help Sean Get Dressed!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is not my blog

I swear I'm not behind this one...

"Addicted to Andy" Anderson Cooper blog

Kudos to whoever is behind it; just remember Anderson is MY baby-daddy!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Gimme More

Hello on this beautiful Friday morning! It’s been awhile since my last post (and some mean people at YouTube decided to take down all the Britney videos because of some silly thing called "copywrite" - whatever).
What have I been up to in the last few weeks? In no particular order; visiting my family, Adams Morgan Day, lots of work, having dinner this week with Sean at my favorite Greek restaurant, Cava. You know how much fun I poke at Maryland, but seriously, this one is worth the drive. Go figure it's so hard to find good Greek in the city. Oh, and in my spare time I can’t help it: watching all this Britney drama unfold has been heavenly.
You have to understand this is vindication for me. For years all my gay friends have been singing Brit’s praises about how awesome she is. And now she’s finally showing her true colors and I can say "I TOLD YOU SO!" White-Trash Princess seriously looks like she belongs on the steps of her trailer, collecting food stamps, with curlers in her hair. Dang y’all!
You know, the other day another person told me "Wow, Adam, you’ve lost weight." What is this? If I lost any more weight I would disappear entirely. It’s not easy being a 29-30 waist, dang y’all!
Photo of the Week

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Adam, Bitch!

Because I can't not post this...

Watching train wrecks make me feel so much better.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

South of the Border

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I spent part of mine with my family. Not as stressful as it can be sometimes, it was actually kind of relaxing. I came back to the city Sunday night and ended up going out with Sean. We were going to go to Nellie’s and then Taint (I know, I know) but my knee was acting up on me so Sean and I made it as far as Cobalt, which was fine because some friends of mine were there…
Unfortunately two past boys were also there. Ugh – I really don’t know how to explain this. I was going to the bathroom, I left Sean on the dance floor and Stephen (remember him?) grabbed me to say hello. I was shocked at how good he looked – he’s been working out, he had blonde highlights...I was drunk at this point, the drinks had snuck up me… next thing I know Stephen’s tongue was going down my throat (and I wasn’t exactly fighting him off, either). It get’s worse. In the corner of my eye I see Sean watching the whole thing go down.
I ran into the bathroom and hid there, I was too ashamed to come out, but eventually I did and we left the club immediately. Oh dear… Sean is a very forgiving boyfriend. He must’ve realized I was intoxicated, and that whole thing with Stephen was a REALLY stupid mistake. I’m going to have to start watching myself! (or at least have a chaperone).
SO, the happy ending is that the next day, Monday, Sean forgave me, and we had a wonderful day off together, having brunch at Lauriol Plaza, sitting in the park, afternoon cocktails with Phillip and Fernando. Oh, and we have set our October vacation plans –
We are going to the beaches of Mexico! Ruins, Tequila, Beaches, Tacos, Margaritas… I’m sure there will be plenty to blog about and embarrassing photos when that comes around. I’m already looking forward to getting out of DC for awhile!
Oh, and on a final note, my brother introduced me to a f’ing hilarious show called “Flight of the Conchords” It’s a musical comedy show – I definitely recommend it. Ciao for now!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer Lovers...

I’ve been very lazy these last few weeks; it’s been the same old same old. Just working, trying to enjoy the summer as much as possible. Occasionally making day trips with Sean, going out with friends. It’s Labor Day weekend (biding my time at work until 5 and then getting the weekend started of right at Halo) and this coming week will bring Sean and my 10th month anniversary. How fast 10 months go by, but what a great 10 months it has been! We still haven’t decided on where we will go to celebrate our year anniversary except it will thankfully be out of the country, now that Sean got his passport taken care of. I have to leave the U.S. once a year at least, I think, for the sake of my sanity.

One thing of note, last night Sean and I went to Al Crostino on U Street for a lovely dinner last night. I know U St is a bit of a culinary wasteland (craptastic Crème is next door to Al Crostino, actually) but if you are around the "New U" (still as trash-laden as the old U) this place is worth a visit! I recommend the duck in a honey-balsamic sauce.

Well that’s all I have today - enjoy the weekend and see you all in September. Oh, and you can buy Britney Spear’s fried-chicken stained dress on Ebay. If you’re looking for an early holiday/Festivus gift for me, look no further.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Celebrity Crush #2

I'm just killing time this lovely Saturday morning doing the weekly laundry (fun times). I'm not sure how I woke up so early this morning - for a Saturday anyway. But I've been in one of my "Mommy Dearest" cleaning modes...
And just because I can, here is a picture of my #2 "celebrity man I would sleep with," Mr. Paul Rudd. I realize I give way to much time to my #1, Anderson Cooper, so I'm putting Andy on the back-burner today in favor of this stud...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Boys of Summer

I haven’t posted in two weeks, I realized. Maybe it’s the summer heat or something – I feel like I’ve been in a real daze lately. I haven’t hung out much with my friends, besides the occasional bar or dinner. Summer’s almost gone and it’s gone by real soon. Sigh, maybe it’s the whole working thing that makes it feel like summer never happened. Remember getting summer vacations in school? Maybe I should’ve become a teacher just for free summers (in spite of crappy pay).
I would’ve taken vacation, but as this is still a somewhat new job, I’m waiting until autumn - Sean and I figured out a window in which we could both take a vacation together, which would be nice! We’ve been continuing to look at options and stuff, no decisions yet.

At Be: Bar 08/02.07

Two weekends ago I had my aunt, my cousin, and her new husband visit DC from Chicago - they were great to see, but they picked the weekend where it was 100°. High heat, tourists, it was not the best weekend in that regard. Though Sean and I did go to Old Town Alexandria on Sunday afternoon for some alone "us time" which we both really needed. Lately Sean’s been noticing my being stressed, and last weekend took me to the Shenandoah Valley to visit some little towns, wineries, and restaurants. I owe him a lot lately.
Oh I forgot to mention when the fabulous Margo had us over for dinner he made a desert which he named "The Margo." I forget how he made it, but I’ll post the recipe soon. And yes, there’s a desert he named "The Adam" as well.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

I figured I should write something today- even though nothing too exciting has occurred. Working (it’s been six month at the new job so I guess I can’t really call it new anymore). I’ve been going out a lot, and eating out a lot but nothing really new to report except I’ve checked out the new place on U St called Nellie’s a few times, and I like it despite the JR's-ish crowd (though I think a lot of that has to do with their rooftop).
A funny story I think I should share: Last week I was at home waiting for Sean and he was late coming into the city from VA, so I got bitchy, and left without him to meet friends for dinner and drinks. To make a long story short I was yelling at him giving him the "I don’t want to hear your excuses!" thing - and then he shows up in the Circle with a bouquet of flowers.
He was running late trying to find a florist still open to surprise me with flowers - while was mad at him. Yeah, I win boyfriend of the year for that one. Fortunately he forgives me and still loves me!
Now that it’s the hottest and nastiest part of summer, I’ve been going through a bit of "summer reading." I’m currently reading Transparent: Love, Family, and Living the T with Transgender Teenagers. It’s an interesting sociological look into a woman who lives and works with transgender youth in Los Angeles. It’s very eye-opening.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DUIs, Meltdowns...What's New?

I am at a loss today - all the mundane details of my life I think are kind of boring compared to the Lindsay Lohan alcoholic antics (Drunky - are you reading this??) and Britney's continued downward spiral. Ah, it's the summer of DUIs and meltdowns.

And when OK! magazine hit stands tomorrow with this interview, you know I am SO there to get my copy.

Everyone has their vices - Drunky and Lindsay have booze, I have clothes and gossip. It's all the same in the end I guess, except shopping in public isn't illegal.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thai-ed Up at the Moment

I really don't have anything new for you all today. But since Sunday I was craving Thai food and tried to go to Regent on 18th st with Margo only to find it was closed for lunch. [ Sean and I ate at there once- it was VERY good. And to think I avoided it because Drunky McDrunkerson said he liked it and therefore the food was likely horrible; like that Creme place on U St he loved that sucked ass ]. So I've been craving a certain Thai dish since then and decided to open up the spellbooks, I mean cookbooks, and try making it at home.

Thai Chili-Basil Chicken

• 4 garlic cloves
• 1 large red chili
• 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
• 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
• 2 skinless chicken breasts, sliced
• 2 tablespoons fish sauce
• 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce
• 1 tablespoon sugar
• 2 large red chillies, cut lengthways, seeds removed, extra
• 1/2 cup Asian basil leaves, or regular basil

Serve With:
steamed jasmine rice

Roughly chop the garlic and chili. Place in a mortar and pestle with the salt and pound into a paste. If you don't have a mortar and pestle, place the garlic and chili on a chopping board, sprinkle with salt and finely mince with a knife, using the side to make a paste.
In a wok or a large pan, heat the oil and add the garlic/chili paste. Stir-fry for 15 seconds until lightly golden. Add the chicken and beans. Cook, stirring, for about 5 minutes. Add the fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar and rest of the chili and stir-fry for 30 seconds longer. Remove from the heat and stir through the basil leaves.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Now hear this!

I think I'm in love with Cazwell. Because we need a gay rapper. He's like the gay Eminem.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Under the Sea...

EEEEK! My favorite Disney movie is going to be a Broadway musical. The guy who's set to play Prince Eric is HAWT. I wish I could re-write the story so Ursula the sea-witch wins.
Anyway, here's the 411.

La Vie en Rose

Last night I went with a friend down to the E St. Cinema to see "La Vie en Rose" a film about a great French singer, Edith Piaf, and the crazy life that she led. I highly, highly recommend this one. Though it was a bit long, it was great.

Gee, what else has been going on? Went to a 4th party in Reston, but the thunderstorms kind of ruined that one, so I went to see Transformers with Sean. You know, whenever I see old cartoons I used to love as a kid, I realize they are so much better in memory than reality. If you haven’t seen Transformers yet, just be aware it’s robots fighting eachother. That’s all. Oh and did I mention Sean is getting over his fear of driving into the city?

The night before that I went to Cobalt with Phillip and Fernando, prior to Phillip’s leaving for 3 weeks in Tahiti (must be rough). It was one of those perfect nights when it seems like everyone you know is out. Of course it also brought out every asshole queen in DC, too, which is why I hate Federal holidays.

Last Saturday, a party of note was Be Bar’s "Be Bad" night, with a fetish theme. I went with Sean and some other friends and had a great time. I like Be Bar, it’s like Halo with a dance floor.

And on other news: work is work, it’s muggy as hell outside, I’m getting another bump in pay in August (did I mention I love my new job?) and I might be going back to Rehoboth Beach this weekend. Hope everyone’s having a fun/safe summer!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

There and Back Again...

I had a blast in Utah this last week. I just got back last night. SLC, a certain mansion, Park City, Sundance, the Rocky mountains. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
Oh, and a Happy Belated Birthday to Margo!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I DO Eat!

Last night when I popped into SoHo for an iced tea, I ran into an old acquaintance who remarked, like a gazillion other people in the last few months, that I look like I've lost weight. As if I had any to loose, but more importantly I do eat - I'm not doing anything different. Some people express concern, but I am no anorexic or afflicted with any eating dissorder. In summary:

Nicole Ritchie: Anorexic. Adam: NOT anorexic!

For more Pride pictures of "cellulite-impaired" me and others, click here!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Stop in the Name of the Law!

Despite being in a happy relationship, I can still post about good looking men, right?

Why can't DC have good looking openly gay officers protecting us, like London's recently retired Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick. The only gay police I see here are fat trolls. More's the pity. And yes, I have "a thing" for good looking older men.
He makes me want to commit a crime.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Your Own Private Utah....

Well dear adoring public, since last week's Pride debauchery, I have decided to play it quiet this week and give my internal organs a much-needed rest. Well, that's partially true, I still went out, but overall I've been trying to get my beauty sleep since I know none will be had soon.
I am going to Utah as a guest of a certain someone who hosts a fundraising dinner at his mansion in the mountains of Utah. i will report faithfully all that goes down, keep posted!
I feel bad for Sean, he's been working his ass off lately and needs a vacation far more than I do. Last night, by the way, we went to Bistrot du Coin and for the first time outside of my time in France, I had the escargot (ie snails). And you know what - I've come to belive one can smother anything in garlic and make it taste good. I'd eat a lot of things, if there was enough garlic involved. LOL. And that's how much I love Sean, I'll even eat snails for him.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Rainbow's End

Pride weekend was a blast this year! I found myself going out every night Thursday onwards, it was crazy.
Saturday Sean got back from a chef’s convention in Dallas, TX – he told me I could come along, but honestly, Dallas?? The only thing in Dallas I know is the sister to my “favorite” bar here in DC (hint: it has an ugly green awning). Anyway, he got back Saturday, but by this point there was already drama – I went to a co-workers party, had another coworker (all shall remain nameless) who got so blitzed he couldn’t stand. We went to another party, went to watch the parade, Halo, crashed another party, Cobalt where I...
Made out with a girl.
Yes, I did. It was more of a dare thing, but I did. Poor Sean having to put up with me! And he still loves me… By the way I will post pictures as soon as I get them from friends.
Sunday after getting myself together Sean and I went to a dim-sum place in Chinatown that was pretty scary. The dim-sum was good, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to what can only be described as back-alley Shanghai.
We went to the Pride street festival. Ah, Pride, the time to see people you don’t normally see…and people you spend all year trying to avoid. Later, Phillip came along with his friend from London, Ben, and we didn’t stay more than an hour. Afterwards we went back to Halo (recurring themes) and to Cobalt again. I ran into Stephen (remember him, readers?) He’s doing well, it was actually nice to see him. If only every ex was like that. We all had dinner at Merkado (they have this great guava lime chicken thing). Phillip and Fernando drug me to my “favorite” place for more drinks. Needless to say I am running kinda slow today. Of course, working at a GLBT group, almost everyone has called out “sick.” Right.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Pride 07

Happy Pride Weekend!!

On a not so great note, Margo & Fred's wonderful Irish Setter, Pepper, has been ill with heart problems. My thoughts are with you Peps! :)

To get this weekend started right (I know I'm on a bit of a Youtube kick) here is another favorite song at the moment - Mary J Blige singing the shit out of U2's "One." I think she's pretty much upstaged Bono at this point, watch the fabulosity:

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday entertainment...

A classic moment...

I'm in love with Amy Winehouse. This one makes me think of Drunky McDrunkerson:

"They tried to make me go the rehab, I said NO! NO! NO!"

Monday, June 04, 2007

Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea...

I haven't written, I realized, since the 3-day Memorial Day Weekend, so now that Summer is semi-officially here, I figure I should. Actually this whole Summer thing has got me thinking. It seems everyone has been going on vacations at work, which has me starting to think about where I want to go this year, and possibly making plans to go somewhere with Sean. I have to leave the country again this year - just to get out of this Bush-induced nightmare if only for a week or two.

So I went to Rehoboth Beach on Saturday with Phillip and Fernando. I really like Rehoboth for a day get away - it's close, it's clean, it's gay. The only not so great part is there seem to be a correlation between the gay men's age and the shortness of their swim trunks. In a perfect world it would be younger=shorter.

Random pictures from the road trip: Adam's Fruit Stand (snicker, snicker) and Gay St.

Sunday, despite the rain, Sean and I went to the Annapolis Greek Festival. Despite the rain, there were still vendors and great Greek food, I thought it was much better than the one I normally go to here in DC (yes, I said soemthing positive about Maryland). Afterwards we went to downtown Annapolis, because somehow in my 7 years in the DC metro area I've never seen it (and all the time knowing about the hot Naval cadets!). It's got a very cute historical area by the water and some great looking restaurants and shops, I'd love to go back.

By the way, today's post is titled after one of my favorite PJ Harvey albums. Check it out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Home at the End of the World

Same old same old seems to be the way the work weeks go. Last week, compared to the week before, was blissfully quiet. I went out a few times during the week, my friend Holly's going away party (from her old job that is - we used to work together at "Hell House"),, seeing Sean and having dinner with him and co-workers at Jack's on 17th, Halo, Halo (there was a lot of Halo last week). Went to some party at the Black Cat called "Crap" - it's intentionally bad 80's music. I have to say, "Crap" wins the award for most aptly named party. I rarely go to the Black Cat, but when I do and see the straight people who go there, I thank the universe I'm gay. (No offense to my straight friends - but Black Cat people are vile).
Saturday I went to visit my family in ol' Virginia. You know, I have to mention my Dad made me an offer. My parents are considering retiring somewhere else, and my Dad offered to give me the house. While I can't imagine living where they live (they live in truly the middle of nowhere) it would be nice. Of course they do have a huge yard I'd love... hmm things to consider in the future.
Sunday was Margo & Fred's housewarming party! As ususal Margo outdid herself with yummy food and drink :) Sean and I had a great time.
I went to a fundraising event lastnight at a friend's house in Kalorama, after which we went to Cobalt. And that has been my week!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jerry Falwell is Dead.

And good fucking riddance. Now if only he had the Jimmy Jones effect and his followers would drink poison kool-aid. The Earth would sigh relief.

Your daily dose of both Athiesm, and Anderson Cooper. Sigh...

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Mother's Day Mommy Dearest Massacre

First off, last Monday was Sean and my 6-month anniversary! Here’s to another six months and more… to celebrate we went to Cava in Rockville for dinner.
Last week was a very hectic week for me, with my boss leaving for vacation in Aruba, and of course everything that could blow up, did. But I think I’ve handled it all with grace and poise. And of course the week was not without its fun moments – I’ve been having picnics with friends almost everyday in Dupont Circle since the weather has been so great.
Friday night I met a friend who was in town for drinks after work, and then met Sean for a birthday party at Lauriol Plaza (for a friend of his). I remembered why I stopped having my b-day parties there- a large party at that place on a Friday nights is always a poor idea.
Saturday Sean and I went to Banana Café (we were on a Latin kick I guess or maybe I was just craving stuffed plantains) it stormed pretty hard, so I had two of their potent margaritas. I have a high tolerance (thanks to college and dating Drunky last year) but two of them knocked me out. Sean and I made it an early night – oh getting older and in love! I’m a few steps away from Wisteria Lane…
Sunday we had brunch at Cafe L’enfant, this French creperie in Adams Morgan, (next to Dump-lex “Diner”). It’s pretty good, not great, but good. Then we went to Eastern Market (fortunately the flea market is still going strong) and then to Margo’s for our second annual Mommy Dearest Mother’s Day (well, we didn’t watch Mommy Dearest this time, but you get the theme..) Great food and wine and watched two black-n-white bitchy classics: Sunset Blvd and Rebecca. Check them out if you haven’t seen ‘em.

Monday, May 07, 2007

No Door Prizes, But...

Well woo-hoo! I've hit my 10K mark on readership! Well, at least since I started keeping a counter, which hasn't been that long I guess.
Anyway, last week wasa very busy week for me, with Board of Directors coming to town and work-related events on the Hill I had to be at. I've seen more of Capitol Hill lately than I care to. Suprisingly the House passed a gay-inclusive Hate Crimes bill. It's a good sign, but I sill want to leave the country more times than not. Why does Canada have to be so cold?
A wrap-up of my weekend included going to a PFLAG reception in Georgetown on Saturday night, bringing Sean with me as my partner, which was a lot of fun. It was great to bring Sean with me, and to see all of my new co-workers (god am I glad to be away from that other place I worked).

Sunday we met my friend Joshua who is back from Africa, Holly, Fernando and his man interest (what is it with us and men from Virginia?) for brunch at a place in Dupont called Lillie's. It's in the Hotel Carlysle on New Hampshire Ave. I've been by it a million times but never went in. I have to say it's the best brunch I've had in DC yet - I'm looking forward to return trips for sure. We then went to the event to raise money for Eastern Market, which was so good to see the community come out in support of! I hope they rebuild it quickly! Afterwards Sean and I went to see the Sunday evening drum and dance circle in Meridian Hill Park. It was all in all a great weekend! And now back to work...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

For DC residents, there's some sad news from yesterday that the Eastern Market burned down. It's so sad! I loved going there on Sundays, looking at all the wares, it really had such a great local vibe to it. According to the news stories, there are pland to rebuild it quickly, which I really hope happens!!

And for your Tuesday morning pleasure...
The Bi-Polar Polar Bear The Bi-Polar Party Bear

Monday, April 30, 2007

From Russia (House) with Love

Quote of the Day:
"Never doubt that a small group
of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world. Indeed, it's
the only thing that ever has."
-- Margaret Mead

What a week it had been - since my last post I peeled from my sunburn (what I get for going overboard with the sun last weekend), went to Capitol Hill for the introduction of the ENDA legislation (which aims to protect GLBT persons from employment discrimination on the federal level) had dinner with Joe Solmonese of HRC, celebrated Fernando's birthday (Happy Birthday, Fernando!!)

The dinner I had on Thursday night, when I met Joe, was at The Russia House. I think I've found a new favorite restaurant in the city. Actually I've been there several times before but usually just for drinks and appetizers. Being a bit of a Russophile myself (I studied Russian for 3 years in college) I wanted to try the food (I was thinking of taking Sean there). The vodka list itself in impressive (of course) and the food was superb. I'll definitely be going back.

Friday night we celebrated Fernando's birthday with a party at Margo's house, followed by Banana Cafe. We went out again Saturday night to Halo, then to dancing at Apex, the end of the story being Sean and I didn't even wake up the next day until 2 (it felt so early...)At any rate I love it when I get Sean to dance...
But we did manage to get ourselves together for a beautiful day and we went to Great Falls Park. Pictures forthcoming... We also realized we hadn't eaten all day (save for that large slice of post-Apex pizza, so bad yet so good...) so we went to Brio's in Tyson's Corner for dinner. I'd forgotten how good that place is, and how large their portions are (what do you think I'm eating for lunch today). Speaking of lunch, I'm hungry. More later!

Monday, April 23, 2007

In Recovery

After my birthday I think I celebrated myself into sickness. Of course I have NO idea how my immune system could've gotten down, what with the flowing booze, cold wet weather (wink). SO the end of last week was spent nursing myself back from a nasty few days of flu. But alas, those of you who thought it was a good idea to play with the Adam voodoo doll - I am back and better than ever!
What a wonderful weekend it was too! I went out per the usual Friday night, and went shopping Saturday, found some cute things for summer, went to Old Town with friends, met up with Sean. Sunday him and I had a picnic in Dupont Circle, and went to see everything in bloom at Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown. I always love to go there in the Spring, whenthe gardens are at their best. Maybe it's because I've been inside for the past 6 months, but I managed to get burned yesterday while being out and about! Anyway, here are the pictures of our visit.

Monday, April 16, 2007

(my real) Birthday

Here are the birthday pictures. I will let them speak for themselves. Thanks to everyone who made my birthday weekend so fabulous! I plan on continuing the celebration tonight, though not to the same extent.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Since I probably won't be checking back in until next week, this weekend is my Birthday celebration! (My birthday techincally falls on Monday 16th, but who wants to party on a Monday?)
Festivities surrounded by my close friends and Sean, food, drink, and presents - I'll report it all after the 26th year celebration of all things Adam.

By the way, today Sean met me for lunch at an amazing little place that I never even knew was there- a tucked away courtyard off of N st near Dupont Circle called The Iron Gate Inn Restaurant. Intimate, romantic, wonderful food, and a dining courtyard that reminds me of something I saw in France. What a great little European-style gem in the hart of downtown! Sean and I will be making many trips back, no doubt! I reccomend the leg of lamb.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mr. Cooper

No reason in particular - I just felt like posting a pic of silver fox Anderson Cooper. I wish he'd just officially come out already. He should do a story on me.

"That's right, Adam. Now take of the pants..."

Monday, April 09, 2007

Eastivus Dinner

What a surreal week this past week has been for me...actually I'm calling last week my "Adam Lohan Week" since I was going out everynight pretty much. Funny how lately I've been going out more on "schoolnights" than on the weekends. But I won't bore you the details of all that. I did, however get to meet "Dear Abby" when she stopped by to visit the office, that was one interesting thing...
Sunday Sean aka "Chef Tom" invited a bunch of us to his place in McLean for Easter/Eastivus dinner. Ok, a side note about the "Chef Tom" thing - it began when certain friends remarked how Sean A) resembles Tom Brady and B) is in fact a chef. Which of course would make me Gisele. Anyway Chef Tom/Sean made a fantastic 5-course meal, and nothing is better than a great meal, great wine, and great friends. (hopefully pictures forthcoming...). From the caviar parfaits, to the quail, to the scallops...everything was perfect. Why can't Xmas/Festivus be so fun and stress-free? (and if you're wondering, I made Sean an Easter basket).

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Could it be?? Whitney Houston could be poised for a come-back! LOVE IT! I always thought had it not been for Bobby she could have been bigger than trend-snatching Madonna. She could really sing. But alas, we've all had our Bobby Browns (I had my Casey and Drunky). But go Whitney for ditching him and hopefully moving forward!

The D-Listed Blog has this to report...
"It's the end of a crackhead era! Whitney Houston's divorce to Bobby Brown has been finalized. An Orange County, CA judge granted Whitney's petition and gave her full-custody of Bobbi Kris. The divorce will be a done deal on April 24th.
Whit told the court that Bobby was a crapp daddy. "If he says he's going to come, sometimes he does. Usually he doesn't."
She left the court in tears and refused to speak to reporters. Bobby Brown's attorney said he will appeal the judge's decision. Bobby was not in court. He apparently isn't happy with the settlement.
Let's send Whit Whit our love during this terrible time, so homegirl doesn't turn to the pipe. Also, let's ask her to please go back to the way she looked in the 90s..."

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


And people wonder why I'm an Athiest. Check out this BBC documentary of my favorite rabid anti-gay (make that anti-everything) religious whackjob, Fred Phelps, delivering his unique blend of cult-meets-circus fire and brimstone. (You can watch all 7 segments in ten-minute clips).

Happy Easter/Passover, suckers.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


I'm getting back with Casey ("Hitler") - we're moving to Canada and getting married. I started smoking again. I've become a Republican and I love Maryland.


Didn't mean to frighten anyone with the above headlines. On to more serious matters...
What have I done with myself? Well, my new job has kept me rather busy, but it's so nice to be near freinds for lunches in the Circle. Last Friday I wen tout with pretty much everyone in my circle of friends to Banana Cafe again, that was fun. The next morning I made the mistake of saying I would meet my family early, which I still managed to do. It was my Dad's birthday, so we went out to celebrate that, but I also did my mother's gardeing for her. She put her back out years ago and can't garden as much as she likes to - so being the good Gay son that I am I weed, ho, and dig her garden every year, plants flowers and vegetables. I actually enjoy it, gardening vicariously as I don't yet have a yard of my own. All she has to do is water and harvest.
I went out that night to Noche de Fuego with Phillip and Fernando, which is a nice alternative from the ususal suspects (Like my most favorite bar JR's - April Fools again!)I didn't drink, one reason being a) didn't feel like it and b) I don't HAVE to drink to have a good time (Phil, are you reading this??)Speaking of Drunky - he pathetically contacted Phillip on Myspace. Doesn't he get that Phillip wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole? Phillip responded wisely; "Aren't you the drunk who tried to hit my friend?" Thanks Phillip - Heheh as the song goes "That's what friends are for..."
Actually Phil isn't a drunk (APRIL FOOLS! Ok, thats the last joke I promise). Yesterday Sean and I went to see the annual Cherry Blossom Festival at the Tidal Basin. It was wonderful, now seems to be a good time to see them, all the trees are out! We went to dinner together... and speaking of dinner I know he has something up his sleeve for next Sunday ("Eastivus" - Athiest easter, like Festivus for X-mas). He's planning a dinner party for all of our friends at his new condo in VA. I'm excited to see what he has planned - I'll keep you updated!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Poor Unfortunate Souls...
Phillip posted a lovely comment in my Myspace profile I have to share with you all -

"Adam "Silent Storm" is the finest witch in all of DC. Watch out if you cross him - you'll end up with bells palsy, become an alcoholic, or have to resort to turning tricks to pay your rent. You've been warned ;) "

In regards to certian folks who have made the mistake of crossing my path (former co-workers, Drunky McDrunkerson, and so on) here is a clip I love. What makes the witch jokes even more perfect is Fernando is a brunette, Phillip is a blond, and I'm red - the three witches of DC, watch out!

Sean and Adam Go to The Zoo

I'm glad the beautiful weather is finally here. Wednesday after work I went with Margo on a shopping trip - my new office if bigger than my last so I needed objects d'art to fill the walls. It's looking good! We went to a great little Thai restaurant in Eastern Market for dinner called Old Siam. I'm beginning to be a honarary Eastern Marketer as I've been going there a lot lately. Thursday I went to Banana Cafe after work with Fernando too. That place never gets old - I think I might have my upcoming birthday party there too.
Saturday I really didn't do much - when Sean left the kitchen we met and had dinner at Skewers, a nice Middle Eastern place in Dupont, had a few drinks afterwards... Sunday was beautiful and we went to the National Zoo. Lots of new things since I was last there, and it hasn't been invaded by too many tourists yet. That evening we joined Fernando, going over to Margo's new place on the Hill for dinner, movie, and wine, always so much fun, esp. with great friends and someone you love.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Screw the Democrats

This is an op-ed that appeared yesterday in the LA Times, written by noted Gay activist Larry Kramer. I say fuck the Republicans, but this article illustrates why I say fuck the Democrats too. Both parties throw gays under the bus as per convenience. [as a side note, I know my straight friends don't hate gays...I post this to only show how other Americans are often two-faced in their support of gays]


Why do you hate gay people so much?

Gays are hated. Prove me wrong. Your top general just called us immoral. Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, is in charge of an estimated 65,000 gay and lesbian troops, some fighting for our country in Iraq. A right-wing political commentator, Ann Coulter, gets away with calling a straight presidential candidate a faggot. Even Garrison Keillor, of all people, is making really tacky jokes about gay parents in his column. This, I guess, does not qualify as hate except that it is so distasteful and dumb, often a first step on the way to hate. Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama tried to duck the questions that Pace's bigotry raised, confirming what gay people know: that there is not one candidate running for public office anywhere who dares to come right out, unequivocally, and say decent, supportive things about us.

Gays should not vote for any of them. There is not a candidate or major public figure who would not sell gays down the river. We have seen this time after time, even from supposedly progressive politicians such as President Clinton with his "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the military and his support of the hideous Defense of Marriage Act. Of course, it's possible that being shunned by gays will make politicians more popular, but at least we will have our self-respect. To vote for them is to collude with them in their utter disdain for us.

Don't any of you wonder why heterosexuals treat gays so brutally year after year after year, as your people take away our manhood, our womanhood, our personhood? Why, even as we die you don't leave us alone. What we can leave our surviving lovers is taxed far more punitively than what you leave your (legal) surviving spouses. Why do you do this? My lover will be unable to afford to live in the house we have made for each other over our lifetime together. This does not happen to you. Taxation without representation is what led to the Revolutionary War. Gay people have paid all the taxes you have. But you have equality, and we don't.

And there's no sign that this situation will change anytime soon. President Bush will leave a legacy of hate for us that will take many decades to cleanse. He has packed virtually every court and every civil service position in the land with people who don't like us. So, even with the most tolerant of new presidents, gays will be unable to break free from this yoke of hate. Courts rule against gays with hateful regularity. And of course the Supreme Court is not going to give us our equality, and in the end, it is from the Supreme Court that such equality must come. If all of this is not hate, I do not know what hate is.

Our feeble gay movement confines most of its demands to marriage. But political candidates are not talking about — and we are not demanding that they talk about — equality. My lover and I don't want to get married just yet, but we sure want to be equal.

You must know that gays get beaten up all the time, all over the world. If someone beats you up because of who you are — your race or ethnic origin — that is considered a hate crime. But in most states, gays are not included in hate crime measures, and Congress has refused to include us in a federal act.

Homosexuality is a punishable crime in a zillion countries, as is any activism on behalf of it. Punishable means prison. Punishable means death. The U.S. government refused our requests that it protest after gay teenagers were hanged in Iran, but it protests many other foreign cruelties. Who cares if a faggot dies? Parts of the Episcopal Church in the U.S. are joining with the Nigerian archbishop, who believes gays should be put in prison. Episcopalians! Whoever thought we'd have to worry about Episcopalians?

Well, whoever thought we'd have to worry about Florida? A young gay man was just killed in Florida because of his sexual orientation. I get reports of gays slain in our country every week. Few of them make news. Fewer are prosecuted. Do you consider it acceptable that 20,000 Christian youths make an annual pilgrimage to San Francisco to pray for gay souls? This is not free speech. This is another version of hate. It is all one world of gay-hate. It always was.

Gays do not realize that the more we become visible, the more we come out of the closet, the more we are hated. Don't those of you straights who claim not to hate us have a responsibility to denounce the hate? Why is it socially acceptable to joke about "girlie men" or to discriminate against us legally with "constitutional" amendments banning gay marriage? Because we cannot marry, we can pass on only a fraction of our estates, we do not have equal parenting rights and we cannot live with a foreigner we love who does not have government permission to stay in this country. These are the equal protections that the Bill of Rights proclaims for all?

Why do you hate us so much that you will not permit us to legally love? I am almost 72, and I have been hated all my life, and I don't see much change coming.

I think your hate is evil.

What do we do to you that is so awful? Why do you feel compelled to come after us with such frightful energy? Does this somehow make you feel safer and legitimate? What possible harm comes to you if we marry, or are taxed just like you, or are protected from assault by laws that say it is morally wrong to assault people out of hatred? The reasons always offered are religious ones, but certainly they are not based on the love all religions proclaim.

And even if your objections to gays are religious, why do you have to legislate them so hatefully? Make no mistake: Forbidding gay people to love or marry is based on hate, pure and simple.

You may say you don't hate us, but the people you vote for do, so what's the difference? Our own country's democratic process declares us to be unequal. Which means, in a democracy, that our enemy is you. You treat us like crumbs. You hate us. And sadly, we let you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fresh Like Irish Spring!

Ok, now as much as I make fun of Maryland, I have to concede that MD's governor and former mayor of Baltimore, Martin O'Malley is a total hottie. (he even has a rock band, see photo)

Now see, given the St Patrick's Day weekend, O'Malley is an Irishman worth a few pots of gold and some Guiness. Meanwhile I'm sure other people of Irish decent I know are still crawling out of the gutters.

So, this weekend I DROVE to Chicago (10-11 hours of cornfield goodness - that's all there is to Ohio and Indiana) for my cousin Kala's wedding. I will post photo links soon. All I can say is she was beautiful and it was a great wedding. Driving back from Chicago the day after the reception wasn't pretty, and it's good to be back home.

I want to give a warm congratulations on Margo and Fred's 7th anniversay that was this past Sunday, and on their new place on Capitol Hill. All the best!!
And speaking of new beginnings, today is the first day of Spring!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Madness

The post title isn't because I'm a big fan of basketball or anything, but because March thus far has been madness. My grandmother had a stroke, my cousin is getting married in Chicago this weekend (which depending on the grandmother's situation I may or may not be attending), I finished my first week at the new job (LOVE IT!), Sean moved into his new condo in Virginia, Margo is moving into her new place on Capitol Hill. So... that's everything that's been going in my life, sigh. [and how could we not forget poor Britney going bat-shit crazy?! And readers wonder why I advocate rehab and Alcoholics Anonymous for those who need it].

Ok, now apparently Congress up and decided to move Daylight Savings Time without informing yours truly, so this morning when I was supposed to meet friends and Sean at Cafe Belga for Sunday brunch, I show up an hour late! Afterwards we all went to the orchid exhibit at the National Botanic Garden, which somehow was a bit of a let-down compared to last year as they didn't seem to have as many orchids. Though there are always interesting planst to see anyway (why didn't they have our beloved chocolate orchid??)

This past week I haven't had time for my usual blogging. Monday night I did go out to celebrate the first day on the job with Sean at a place in Rockville I love called Cava. His friend Courtney introduced me to the place when Sean and I first started dating. It's strange - there is really no good Greek restaurant in DC itself, and Cava just comes to show there are some amazing restaurants worth a trip to the suburbs. I can't believe I haven't mentioned it before. Be sure to try their "Cava martini" made with pommegranate and white grape. Highly reccomended restaurant!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

"Vacation, all I ever wanted..."

Another week of vacation... actually I just took a week off as "psychological decompression time" between my old job, and the new one which I start on Monday. Wish me luck!
What's been going on in the past two weeks? Well, cleaning out my office, finding any excuse to celebrate my departure from the insane asylum that was my old job. And there's been lots of sleeping. Zzzz
I owe our friend Marc a belated Happy Birthday. We went out to celebrate at a cute Mexican place in Adams Morgan (we had a very hot Latin waiter, I seem to remember).
"The Sum of all Beers", or "For Whom the Booze Tolls"
I have to start off with this website I stumbled across today. Certain people I know might find it interesting...
Modern Drunk Magazine.
Departing From Gate...
So Friday apparently I caused a stir by inviting Phillip and Fernando to my going-away party at Halo (where did you think I was going to have it, JR's?!) I don't know why, but just knowing that the three of us wll continue to be the office gossip for ages to come makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
What have I done with myself this week? Absolutely nothing! No travelling, no places to be (I even cancelled my appointments), just sleeping as late as I want to, leisurely lunches, shopping, sleeping, meeting up with Sean. Yep. Oh, well Tuesday was reserved for helping Sean move. I absolutley love his new place in McLean/Tysons, we spent our first night together in his new home, bought some new furniture.
Speaking of moves, Margo may be moving soon, she is looking at places, and I wish her the best. Oh the fun times yet to be had!
The Fall of Berlin...
While many know my habit of naming exes after fascist dictators, I have to report my on-going reconcilliation with Casey (formerly known as Hitler, a nickname given to him by Dena). Anyway I saw him this week at Caribou Coffee and we ended up hanging out and going shopping together. He's doing well, it seems, so much more stable and mellowed out. I actually think it will be ok to be friends with him again. It's just weird to think we once lived together, and now we are such different people. But I guess that's growing up (or older).

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

'Taint Any Fun

This weekend Phillip's friend from London came to visit, arriving on Thursday, so I met them at the Fab Lounge and we went to College Night at Apex, which feels more surreal everytime I go - to think I was once one of those college kids (not THAT long ago, mind you, but a world away mentally).
I think I am turning into an "old married couple" already though with Sean. Maybe it's because his schedule and mine don't always sync, but for example Saturday night I took him to dinner at Floriana and afterwards, despite numerous invitation to go out, we stayed in bed. Granted certain things ARE more fun that dancing and drinking, but staying in on a Saturday night seems perfectly fine when you're with someone. Funny how that happens.
Sunday night, not having work in the morning (not that that's every stopped me before) F and Phillip requested my presence at Taint, a monthly Sunday night party at 9th and U Sts.
Sigh- just when I thought the abyss of DC gay nightlife was JR's, I was oh so so wrong. I hereby recant my statements that JR's blows the hardest, and give the new title to Taint. The "indie" music sucked, the room was full of pretentious hipster-wannabes, I think all my my friends unanimously concluded it was two thumbs-down. Taint left me longing for the bad techno and tweaked out twinks of now-defunct Velvet Nation.
Monday my friend Holly came over to deliver a new member of my little family, a hamster (as yet unamed) that her hamsters gave birth to last month. He's now living in my old aquarium and seems to spend much of his time spinning on the hamster wheel. How I feel at work sometimes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Best Valentine's Day Yet!

I realize many of my friends scoff at Valentine's Day as a "Hallmark Holiday" or something of capitalist excess. I don't give a damn, V-Day is important and if I'm in a relationship I want to spoil and be spoiled in return! Last year Drunky McDrunkerson ruined my V-Day (he spent his, no doubt, with his best friend Vodka and a trick from
Well, this year made up for it and then some. Sean is a wonderful guy... when I told him (due to the 4 inches of snow/ice we got the night before) I wouldn't bother going into work, he told me I should go in... and of course he had very beautiful flowers etc delivered to me there.
For dinner he surprised me by taking me to French restaurant (trying to find the name, can't remember...) and we exchanged personal Valentines. I was glad to hear the flowers and balloons I sent made it safely to his job as well.

What an interesting (and bitterly cold) week it's been. I dropped the bomb on my current bosses that I accepted a higher position somehwere else (a big F-U to them), so I've been basically a lame duck in my office doing nothing until my last day next week. Last week I celebrated the news with Phillip and Fernando, Friday night I somehow left my bag (with my laptop in it!) at a Peking duck place in Bethesda, which found me the next day trying to find the place - fortunately they did have my bag. Saturday night I went out with Sean and two of his friends from VA to a wonderful place in Silver Spring I've heard so many good things about over the years, but never ventured to try: The Mrs. K's Tollhouse restaurant. It was very nice, sort of a country-inn type restaurant you'd expect to see in the Shenandoah Valley or something. We all enjoyed everything, I highly reccomend if you're looking for a short getaway, very romantic.
The night before Valentines (Tuesday) was the night it snowed. I met with Phillip and Fernando for coffee and some lovely brownies that fucked me up (I only ate 1 1/2, I can only imagine how P must've felt) went home, watched the snow fall, listened to music and drifted off to sleep.

Friday, February 09, 2007

More 15 Mins of Fame...

Today I am in both the Washington Post Express (under the Valentine's Day interview, which took place at Cafe Citron last week) and in the Washington Blade. The photo in the Blade is the funniest of all - it's a pic of Phillip and I... at (irony of irony) JR's. Everyday my life feels more and more like a tabloid.

Monday, February 05, 2007

February Revolution!

Welcome to February, which so far is turning into a month that ROCKS!

For starters, my boyfriend Sean just bought a place in McLean, Virginia, near Tyson's Corner -it's very nice, we took a look at it together yesterday. Congratulations, baby!!!

And, though I haven't wanted to mention it out of fear of jinxing it, I have been offered a higher-paying and higher-title position at a gay rights non-profit. I am taking it.

So, my social life wrap-up. Last week I was still under the weather. I'm still coughing but I'm getting better. Anyway, Fernando, Phillip, Sean and myself went to Margo's for dinner last Thursday night. She made this amazing roasted red pepper sauce (which I'd love to have the recipe for hint hint :) ). Friday night I went out with a bunch of co-workers, first to Cafe Citron, dinner at Luna Cafe, and tequila shots and other stuff at a friends house. Hmmm, Saturday Sean came over and we were going to go to dinner at Lauriol Plaza. Now, you know I love Lariol but when they have an 80-minute wait I don't think so. Some restauarants are ok, but highly over-rated. So we went to Logan Tavern where I felt dissapointed again, by both the wait, the bland food, and the service. DC really needs a fresh jolt of new restaurants, these places are getting stale. We met Phillip at Cobalt and I actually got Sean to dance(!). It was a great time had by all!
Sunday, we met Phillip and Fernando for post-party brunch at Playbill, looked at the place in VA, and went out with his friend Courntey to celebrate his purchase and watch the superbowl.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Love on Ice!

To see our happy fun skating trip last night, click here!

To recap the weekend, I went to Banana Cafe with Phillip and Fernando, for " a few drinks" which somehow tunred into Remington's, followed by Be Bar. A very odd mixture of atmospheres. Nevertheless, I love Be Bar - it's like Halo with a dance floor. And god knows we need more classy gay bars in this town, so I am glad to see the trend of places that are upscale as opposed to the graveyard that is 17th St.

So last night was a night of ice skating with my boyfriend and good friends, Lebanese food, and mischief :) Today, I hung around with Sean, mostly staying in since the cold has been bothering me, though we did venture down to Mei Wah for lunch.

"Sean and Myself"

"'Norma!" LOL!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Tale of Two Phil(l)ips

I'm not sure if I forgot this in my last entry, but Phillip (with 2 L's) is back from England, his visa redtape taken care of for the time being. It's good to have him back, I met him for lunch with Fernando this week. I am looking forward to fabulous times ahead, if they are anything like, say, Fernando's birthday last year.

Oh, and tonight the other Phil, via instant messenger, informed me he is not amused with being labeled an alcoholic. I'm not sure why it brings me no small amount of joy to know my blog upsets him, but it does. Does that make me an evil person? I didn't think so. Anyway, he wishes to inform that he apparently has "studied" the definition of alcoholism, and he is "not an alcoholic" [See: "Alcoholism and Denial"]. Because surely one can diagnose oneself. And what of:
*breaking bones
*blacking out
*threatening to hit one's lover
- all under the influence? Those can't possibly be the signs of alcohol abuse, right? It is true I myself enjoy alcohol, though my enjoyment of it is limited, within control, and causes a relaxed state free from violent or angry behaviors. [post-script: "M" reminded me that laying in a gutter asking my friend "Why does Adam hate me so much!" also counts as a alky behavior too.]

Oh well, enough of Drunky McDrunkerson. It snowed again today... if the cold weather lasts I think this weekend Sean and I will go ice-skating, since Margo suggested that wonderful little rink at Pentagon City. Dinner, skating, mischief... I love winter! I may also be returning to Canada soon, for a possible consulting job opportunity, though I'll say no more lest I jinx it. Sean looked at some condos in Silver Spring today, continuing his search. And that's all I can think of new today!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


On Sunday we got out first snow of the season. Which figureing it was like 70 degrees outside a week or so ago is strange. I went with Sean, Margo, and Fred to MienYu in Georgetown as part of Restaurant Week on Sunday, and I have to say I liked everything I had, though some things on their menu seemed rather odd fusions I would never try. But I liked the atmosphere a great deal.
It started snowing while we were eating. After the meal Sean went to the neighborhoods around the National Cathedral to look at condos (he's in the market looking to buy) and we looked at places back in my neighborhood, in the Adams Morgan / Kalorama area, and saw some pretty nice surprisingly affordable ones. I'd be lying if I said the buying bug didn't bite me a little, but I am not ready to settle on property just yet.
It was good to be in from the snow when we got back to my place, though it was awfully beautiful. Now, Sean has these two friends who live in Sterling, Virginia. It's not just the suburbs, it's the middle of fucking nowhere. And they wanted us to come out to VA to have coffee. Now, being a snowy afternoon with nothing to do, I agreed. Everything was going fine until Sean's car got stuck in the snow on an unplowed street.SO we decided bumfuck VA was a bad idea and instead he took me to a place called Addie's near his place in MD.
Now most know how I feel about the suburbs (I may have developed a little snobbery over the years) so I was bracing for less-than-great food. I was very surprised. It's in a cute wooden house-turned-restaurant, a very country inn atmosphere, and great modern dishes. Sean's a chef, how ever did I doubt his taste ;) I reccomend it, even if it's in MD (again with the Maryland jokes).
All in all Sunday was a great ending to an, um, interesting weekend. Well, it was great to see Laura and her bf Derek who came to visit from Richmond. We had a great deal of fun going to the Spy Museum, the Natural History Musuem (all the things as a resident I am too lazy to see except with visitors). We had dinner at The Odeon, one of the few good Italian places in DC, and to a club called Midnight. All of which was great, save for an ex of mine who started acting very passive-agressively. Too much to even go into now, but I am in no hurry to repeat that mess again, though I'd love to see Laura again.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Maryland Empire"

There's always been a long-running joke that Maryland, is just, well, different. (Apologies to select Marylanders including my boyfriend Sean, blog reader Brian). Well, this book just confirms it : Weird Maryland.

Which brings me last Saturday when I went to see the David lynch film "Inland Empire" at the AFI theater in Silver Spring (full enough of it's own weirdness to warrant a Lynch movie.) Hmmm you know, it's been going around in my head for days now. I think I might have a theory as to "what is all means" but then again I could be wrong. Either way, it involves three hours of Laura Dern playing a foul-mouthed skank, dancing prostitutes, Polish carnies. I think that about sums it up. If you find a plot, let me know.

It was also Leather Weekend, and my friend found a nice leather harness (no pics, sorry). I saw some very, um, educational stuff. Basically got drunk three nights in a row is the sum of it. Come to think of it, Tuesday night I got drunk too, on way too many cocktails at a work happy hour at the Front Page because the guy kept giving me half-priced gin-and-tonics long after happy hour had ended. Sure, blame it all the bartender. If this keeps going, I'll be turning into Phil.

Oh, and today is my friend Fred's birthday, so Happy Birthday Fred!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Nothing Changes on New Year's Day..."

Hello, I am back home from Canada, and back at work (I feel like I'm the only one in DC who had to go to work today on this "day of mourning" for the death of Gerald Ford). I would have liked an extra day of rest, but oh well.

So New Years was great, I spent it with my boyfriend Sean (AKA "The Chef") and Fernando at Halo and the Eagle (don't ask me how we wound up at a leather bar, after drinks at Halo it somehow made sense). Yesterday, New Years Day, I had a late brunch with Sean once we got ourselves together, and had dinner too with his friends in Maryland. Honestly, I am exhausted, I haven't even unpacked from my trip- as soon as I got in from the airport I went right back out and so on...

So, Canada! I don't even know where to begin. I was mostly in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but went to various other towns around the province as well (Evangline Beach, Peggy's Cove, Hall's Harbour, Wolfville, Kentville, Chester, St. Margaret's Bay area) It was very beautiful, and I can definately say I got my "Winter fix." Remind me never to ask for cold weather again.

Some photos for your enjoyment...
Hall's Harbour on the Bay of Fundy, home of the world's highest tides (as seen by this boat)

The lighthouse and town of Peggy's Cove

Downtown Halifax on a typical snowy winter day