Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hAAppy New Year!

It’s hard to believe another year has passed by. 2009 is upon me already!

Which makes me pause to reflect and think forward. I mean, thus far the past few years have been ones of stability and relative happiness. But I’d be lying if sometimes I didn’t ask myself “What’s next?”

I am happy living where I live, I’m happy with Sean and being surrounded by good friends who I’ve been lucky enough to have through many years. And yet I also realize nothing can last forever.

Some of the big questions are too intimidating to think about. Like I have no idea what direction I want to take career wise as a next step. I know eventually the desire to try living somewhere else will be too strong to resist.

Whatever happens – I hope 2009 is a year of positive changes and good things for me and all of my friends. And my enemies can go hit by a bus. “Champagne for real friends – real pain for sham friends!”

Today I’m chilling wine, shredding various Swiss cheeses and chopping bread and fruit for a fondue dinner I’m preparing for Sean. I swear that electric fondue pot was the best thing that Drunky McDrunkerson ever gave me LOL.

Happy New Years!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


"A little voice inside my head says 'Don't look back, you can never look back...'"
-Don Henley, Boys of Summer

Today my office building was closed due to some mechanical issues - another day off work!

So I've been on this cracked out spring-cleaning like weeding through old, dusty boxes. I have so many things from over the years: old love letters, photos, college papers, old stuff from when I worked at Barf Day Network, and things older still... things I know I should let go of and recycle or chuck in the trash... but I just can't bring myself to do it. There's something very bittersweet about these dusty, yellowed ghosts from the past...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xmas with the Family

Well I haven't updates since Christmas Eve. So, obviously I'm here writing this which means I've survived my second holiday bringing Sean home - this time for a full 27 hours. Sean and I came over on Christmas Eve for the little party my mom puts together every year, along with my brother's girlfriend, who also stayed or the next day (and helped make things less awkward by having another non-family member around the house. Actually it all went amazingly well - I might have to bring Sean home for more holidays. Everyone was so well behaved and cheerful! (Poor Sean doesn't know the half of it LOL)
Sean made amazing food fro Christmas day dinner, we all had fun opening our presents together the next morning, playing with my parent's new puppy. It was a Festivus to remember!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Your Xmas Package...

Here's an early xmas present, courtesy of The Poison Pen and my fourth (fifth?) husband, Robert Pattinson. May all your stockings be stuffed with care!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Once Bitten...

Sunday evening, after nursing a bit of a hangover from all of the Festivus cheer the previous night, we went to Lauriol Plaza for brunch (by brunch I mean 3:30 pm) and then hit a movie since it was like 20 degrees outside and I really didn't feel like doing anything. There are plenty of good movies out - but Sean indulged my sweet tooth for pure fluff and we saw the new movie Twilight starring Robert Pattinson as the brooding bad-boy vampire.
Le swoon... I know some of my friends don't get what it is about him that makes me all moist in my manties (sorry for that image). But at least my friend Kim is with me on this one! R-Pats is like catnip for the eyes, I could just look at him all day. I'd even give up garlic for a vampire like him.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Festivus 2008: It's a Festivus Miracle!

I had a great weekend celebrating the HOlidays this weekend. First with the other two witches on Friday. Look what P got me - is this too damn perfect for this blog or what?!

Saturday was the event of the season: Margo's third (?) annual Festivus party!! You can check out all the photos from that, just click here!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

DILF Wednesdays Thursdays

I'm a bad blogger! I've been so stressed and frazzled by the Festivus season I haven't kept up with The Poison Pen. And that includes missing DILF posting two weeks in a row. So here's a quickie of my old stand-by, Anderson Cooper, thinking he can win my heart with a song

"Total eclipse of the heart... turn around bright eyes, turn around..."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Updates

Gay Penguins:
Another gay penguin pair at it again - only this time in a zoo in China. The duo tried to steal eggs from other penguins, and the zookeepers segregated them from the rest of the penguins. After a public outcry, the penguins are back with the rest of the flock, and are being given an egg to take care of. Gay penguin liberation!!

InaugurAAtion pAArty Time!:

In order to better ca$h in on the Inauguration (make than InaugurAAtion) DC is allowing clubs to be open 24 hours and serve booze until 5am!!
That sound you just heard was Drunky McDrunkerson imploding with joy.

A Westboro Baptist Church Christmas:

Our rabid homo-haters at Westboro Baptist Church (home of the "God Hates Fags" signs) wishes us all a warm holiday. I feel the love!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

So I am trying to get serious about the rest of my HOliday shopping. I keeping getting asked what I want for Festivus, and my honest answer is just to be with my friends.

Now before you go thinking that the lump of black ice in my chest cavity (aka my "heart") has suddenly melted, what I mean by that is honestly I have everything I need, and being with my real friends is gift enough!

But if you insist on buying The Poison Pen something, here is my Festivus Wish List:

a) World Peace
b) A giant gummy bear on a stick
c) A polar bear rug and/or fur coat
d) Drunky to quit drinking (yes, I realize "world peace" is more likely)
e) Dinner with Anderson Cooper
f) Vodka, wine
g) Contribute to my out-of-control iTunes library
h) A gay Canadian billionaire who doesn't believe in pre-nups.
i) Britney to go back to her "crazy days"
j) precious stones
k) A trip somewhere tropical again
To be surrounded by my friends and family!!! I'm being serious on this one!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Homo for the Holidays, Part II

So as my friends know, I survived the "meet the parents" Thanksgiving, and now... Sean has been invited back for the HOlidays both Christmas Eve and Christmas.

yes, that means this will be my first time bringing a boyfriend home to potentially sleep in the guest bedroom with. I can't help it, but it makes me feel a tad uncomfortable. I mean, I know we're adults and all - and I commend my parents acceptance. But going home with a boyfriend makes me feel like a teenager again for some reason. And spending the night with Sean... I can't explain it. Even though I didn't grow up in the house they currently live in, the idea still feels awkward .

The real kicker is that Chef Sean is cooking dinner for my family!

PS - I realize today I missed my usual "DILF Wednesday" installment. The Poison Pen currently has a bad cough and stayed home at Sean's place in McLean today and let him take care of me. So I promise when I'm feeling better I'll make it up to you. Any DILF special requests?

PSS - I rarely do product promos, by I gotta tell you: Tylenol Nighttime Cough and Sore Throat Syrup is way better than even Nyquil - and they aren't fucking around with that stuff either! I took some and by the time Sean and I got to the grocery store to pick something up, I almost fell out of the car into the parking lot. It's like taking bong hits! Cough Syrup Martinis!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Who Put the Hidden Cam in My Bathroom??

So since some biotches at Youtube took down the bootlegged Britney video in yesterday's post, I was forced to find a new one and came across this fuckery:
I'm not sure whether to laugh or what... but now you know what my morning routine looks like when I'm getting ready for work...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!

I'm staying indoors tonight trying to shake a cough I have (I'm sure going out with my friends Friday didn't help, but hey it had been a long week!). So yeah, Friday I went out with friends to Jack's, Cobalt and Town. You know, as painful as it is for me to say nice things, I have to give Cobalt some golf-claps for their little remodel. The restaurant menu looks chintzy and uninspired, but the decor for the upstairs bars look quite nice.

Let's see... Saturday night I went to a party of one of Sean's friends in Vienna, and we took the train into the city. Ok, I'm all for pubic [typo - but it stays!] transportation; but when every fucking line has track maintenance delays, what's supposed to convince people to not just drive? Some days I really hate Metro, and when I have to have collectively 30+ minutes for trains, it really makes me just want to drive. The whole idea was so that we both could have fun and not have to drive all Drunky McDrunkerson. (Note to friends - and frienemies - have a designated driver this HOliday season! The Poison Pen means it!!)

I've done some HOliday shopping, but I feel like I still have heaps left to do before Festivus! Which reminds me, if you're not on my HOliday card list (or, if you've changed address in the last year) email me so you can be on my Festivus HOliday card list.

"There's only 2 types of people in the world - the ones that entertain, and the ones that serve..." -Britney Spears, Circus

Friday, December 05, 2008

I...I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight...

must've been some kind of Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick.

I swear some days it's like marketers can read my mind!

And You Thought Congress Was Crazy

For something different, read this. I've been chatting with friends in Canada today about a government meltdown that is going on there right now. Parliamentary governments are bit more complex that out Congress, so my friends abroad have always been patent with me explaining how things like a "minority government" work. Long story short, Canada's Prime Minister, Steven Harper, fearing he would be kicked out of office by a coalition in Paraliament, asked the Governor General (The Queen's representative in Canada - it's part of the British Commonwealth, remember) to suspend Parliament. This would be the equivalent of Bush suspending Congress - can you imagine the shitstorm we'd have here if that happened?!

Crazy government roller-coasters or not, I'd rather be a subject of the Queen and have full rights as a gay human being, than a 2nd-class citizen.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hey Mr DJ...

So Sean and I have a bit of a conundrum: We don't have a "song." You know, how every couple has a "song." Whether it was playing on the car radio the first time you made out, or something they sang to one night at Karaoke, most couples seem to have one. I know pretty much every guy I've dated had a song with me (well, I can't recall one for Drunky - anyone know any songs about dating an angry drunk?).
SO - I need to find a song, I'm thinking. Any good candidates? It can't be Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings," Elton John's "Tiny Dancer," or Snow Patrol's "Run." - Don't laugh, I can't help the fact my exes all had bad taste in music (minus Snow Patrol - I had to give M****** credit for that one).

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

DILF Wednesdays: Ben Browder

I know he's kind of a D-list actor (Google him, you've probably seen him on TV) but he kinda reminds me of Sean when he's clean-shaven. (Which, by the way, he did before meeting my parents. It's been over a year since I've seen his face, it's taking some getting used to!)

Be Good for Goodness Sake

So December is here (already!) and it’s the start of the HOliday season. You know, I have to bitch about something. There’s been all this hoopla over bus signs that the American Humanist Association has this holiday season. As may be expected, the Jeebus freaks have their panties in a wad over it.

You know, I’m really sick the last few years of the fundamentalist X-ian “debate” that they bring up every December about “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” and putting Jeebus back as the “reason for the season.”

1) Jeebus is NOT the reason for the season. Actually, the winter solstice is. Crack open a history book.
2) Again, X-ians (and people “of faith” in general) seem to think they have this monopoly on “morality” or ethics. They obviously don’t. Like the sign says, just be good for goodness sake, not because your invisible friend is watching you.
3) If they want to go back to their interpretation of the “real” meaning of X-mas, let’s do that with all the holidays! I think The Onion parodies this best (see movie clip below). Halloween? Let’s go back to the original spirit of the season, LOL!

In The Know: Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anderson and Michael Phelps Getting Wet

In what sounds like the beginning of a gay porn if I were a director, Anderson Cooper and Michael Phelps got all shirtless and in a pool together. My only compaint is my husband, Anderson, isn't wearing Speedos. No fair!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

no more pie... ok one more piece

So I am typing these words eating some leftover pecan pie (after stuffing my face with leftover turkey, stuffing and my homemade cranberry sauce) and too tired for words. I was thinking about going out tonight but I dunno. I've been lazy on a whole new level today. My body feels like I spent a weekend cracked out partying. I guess bringing the bf home to meet the folks, and stuffing your face several times will do that to you.

As my friends are aware, I have a "3 hour" rule with my family. So bringing Sean home (at my mother's insistence) at noon yesterday meant we spent around 10 hours with my family. I remember the drive over there with Sean thinking to myself "What, oh what the fuck have I gotten myself into? It's not too late to turn around!"

But... you know.... it wasn't so painful. I dare say it went very well. I think my family likes Sean, I think he sufficiently charmed my mother. He's been invited back for Xmas!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy ThAAnksgiving!

Happy ThAAnksgiving from The Poison Pen!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"If You Liked it Then You Shoulda Put a Ring On It"

One thing I didn't mention when I was blogging about my weekend adventures, was that Sunday evening while Sean and I were driving in the car, we started talking about future stuff and...

He used the "M" word. You know which one I'm talking about.

The funny thing is it didn't register with me until hours later. My nighttime cup of tea almost went up my nose when it suddenly hit me what word he'd used. Clearly it's on his mind. Now that I think about it, he did bring the topic up an awful lot during the whole California Propo 8 mess, but I figured it was just political talk.

I'm a 10.5 men's ring size, just in case anyone needs to know.

DILF Wednesdays: Adam Levine

I've always thought the Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine was hot. Not only do his music videos make me swoon, but he has a sexy first name, don't you think?!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chinese Democracy

Ok, Hell has officially frozen over. Seriously, the Bush years felt like some weird trip, but either I've slipped into some parallel universe, or someone's been lacing my Diet Cokes with some kick-ass LSD.
Not only did Obama become the first black president this year, but Gun's and Roses have released Chinese Democracy - the album that has been on hold for 17 years. I figured when Chinese Democracy actually ever came out we could pretty much figure the Rapture was going to happen. This is proof God doesn't exist. Or maybe the fact that the album actually came out does say there is a higher force out there... you be the judge!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mauled by the Mall

So being a ass cold weekend (yes, that's a scientific measure of cold, don't question me!) I did mostly "indoor" stuff this weekend. I did some pre-Thanksgiving shopping, and Saturday night Sean and I went to this new restaurant called Yaku in Arlington.

I can't say enough good things about it. It had a great decor and a young, pretty clientele. When we had to wait for a table they were kind enough to offer us complimentary cocktails while we waited (a very unique cocktail list, on par with Halo). The food was great: a fusion of Peruvian and Chinese, the appetizers were inspiring and tasteful. I've noticed a fusion of many of the neglected Pacific Rim cuisines have been getting more notice lately (South American, Central American, Filipino, Vietnamese, Californian) and I would definitely recommend Yaku! (Clarendon & Scott St., near Courthouse Metro station)

Later that night we ran into friends at Omega. You know, I like Omega in many ways because it's dependable and unpretentious. I know many consider JR's a "neighborhood bar" but I just think it's a second-rate stand-and-pose bar for the DC "Power Gays." (Of course, we all know how they rank against the gays of the real seats of power - the Londons, Tokyos and Paris's of the world, but that's another story) But Omega has always just been exactly what it is; gritty, neighborhoody, proletariat, and very Washington DC. It's sort of a nice antidote for when I've spent too much time at glossy Halo.

Not sure where I was going with that... anyway we had drinks and left. Sean was complaining about the cold and I gently reminded him that if we move to Canada like we say we will, he'd better get used to it! 30 F is a balmy spring night up there!

Sunday Sean and I had lunch at Maggiano's and shopped around Tyson's. Well, I by shop I mean me trying to trick Sean into divulging what he might like for Christmas Festivus. He liked the iPod Nano I got him for his birthday, so now I'm out of ideas. And window shopping didn't help either. Grrr. I mean, last year he got me a f-king gorgeous Louis Vuitton man-bag, so this year I have to catch up. A getaway to Costa Rica? A pooping penguin?

Either way, I can tell you I will NOT be at the malls on "Black Friday" after Thanksgiving. I've never understood why people get up at 6am to go shopping. Britney Spears could be waiting for me at the door of Bloomingdale's with a free Roomba and that shit still wouldn't be worth getting up for.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight or something...

Oh you crazy kids, you! So I feel compelled to blog about Robert Pattinson - he's the "hearththrob" that all the teenage girls (and gay men) seem to be going ga-ga over lately. I can't read a celebrity blog without seeing his face like 20,000 times. Anyway, he's staring in some upcoming vampire movie called "Twilight." It sounds like some "young adult literature" a la 'Harry Potter - which means I don't care how many of you drink the kool-aid, I'm not going to read it!!
I hate to admit it, but Robert is kind of attractive, in that brooding bad-boy sort of way. If there were vampires like this in real life, my windows would be unlocked every night.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DILF Wednesdays: Hugh Jackman

I think I fell in love with Hugh Jackman back when he played Wolverine in the X-Men movies. Woof!
"Adam, I heard you needed sunscreen rubbed on your back. I ran right over! Anything else you need? A margarita? A massage?"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Changing Hearts and Minds

So, yesterday after a hAApy hour at Halo, I went home and received a call from my mother. The whole thing made me realize how much work we have to do on education and advocacy in this country for gay people.
Now my parents have always been supportive of my being openly gay, and I always assumed my de-facto PFLAG parents “got it” when it came to gay rights issues. So last night when talking to my mom on the phone, the conversation turned somehow to gay rights issues. It went something like this:

My Mom – “But one thing I don’t understand, Adam, is the whole gay marriage thing. I mean, why can’t gay people just live together, why do they have to get married?”

[Insert clip of me putting mom on hold, pouring myself a stiff drink.] “OK, mom, I’m glad you asked. Let’s talk about this...”

So I began going through the many, many legal, financial and social ramifications of the civil/legal contract that is marriage, the real history of marriage (No, historically marriage has not always been ‘one man, one woman’ or even about love until modern times) and the simplest question of all: “Why did you and Dad get married then?”

In a short conversation she admitted many points she’d never though of, she said, and conceded that gay marriage equality made sense suddenly. My point is this: even gay friendly people out there, because of lack of education or exposure, don’t “get” why gays lack rights, or even need them. It’s not always homophobia, I’ve learned. I’m coming across more and more straight allies who love their gay family members and friends; but because they aren’t personally experiencing discrimination, sometimes don’t see what it is that gay people are missing out on.

I have a feeling if we educate potential allies more, we’ll discover that by sharing our stories and experienced, we can open peoples’ eyes to discrimination they didn’t realize even existed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fires Rage Across California

What a wonderful picture. See... you vote against the gays, you might get burned.

(*Thanks to the Blue Dog for forwarding this to me from the Drudge Report)

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays...

Poor Sean, I’m always dragging him to one dinner event after another. Friday night he was kind enough to accompany me to a board of directors’ dinner. It’s always nice having a partner there as a buffer sometimes. Not to sound like I “use” him, but it’s nice having his support.

Saturday I thought about going to the Prop 8 protests, but I honestly didn’t have time, and I suppose I would’ve just gotten rained on. But I had many friends who did go and had great things to say about it. That night, actually, Sean and I went to a Korean friend of his house in Alexandria for a traditional Korean meal with several other couples. It was such an interesting time, and really good food! Afterwards we came into the city to meet F &P at Apex, which I hadn’t been to in ages. Sean and I had a really good time! And you know, the Metro late at night can be so interesting sometimes. The freaks come out at night!

Sunday morning we went to brunch with my friend Kim, F & P to a place by where Kim lives in Columbia Depths Heights (sorry can’t resist) called Commonwealth, a sort of British-inspired gastropub. The roast may not have been quite authentic (according to P, anyway) but overall I liked the place and would go back. We went to Kim’s afterward for wine and hung out; it was a cold windy day.

That’s about it for me lately. Oh, I think Wednesday night Sean and I are going to a new place in AArlington called Yaku. It’s by the same guy who runs Gua-Rapo, which I like a lot. Will review!

Random Thought

You know, I think more of my friends, and "frenemies" who read my blog every day need their own blogs. I'm just sayin.

Drunky, you totally need a blog... you know you want one. It's so addictive, it's like potato chips.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Homo for the Holidays

It's official. Sean is coming home to meet my parents this Thanksgiving.

I'm taking Valium donations offline. Help!


My friend Water Witch posted his ages ago on his blog, but I came across this yesterday while reading my daily D-Listed, and had to post. When I think of the religious people who vote against gay marriage, this is the type of person I envision:

To the crazy woman in this video:

A) If I find out you voted against gay marriage, I'm going to have my husband #4, Keith Olbermann call your ass up.
B) If you want to see "dark-sided" come stay with the Three Witches in DC for a week. You'll know the definition then.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DILF Wednesdays: Keith Olbermann

I think I'm in lurve*. Sigh... Not only is Keith Olbermann kind of handsome, he's become very outspoken against the shitfest in California (better known as "Prop 8"). While Anderson Cooper is busy hiding in the closet, at least Keith is man enough to stand up for gay rights. Just sayin'.
*Fine print: Sean is well aware of my Anderson Cooper crush, along with all the others. He is also well aware that 1,000 Anderson Coopers couldn't take me away from him. Sean is the love of my life, and that's that. Sorry, Keith!

Cock Coq Au Vin

So I was at Whole Foods yesterday shopping for various seasonal yummies and decided it was time to make a classic "comfort food" favorite: Coq Au Vin.

3-4 pound chicken pieces (thighs work nicely)
10-ish strips bacon (maple or applewood makes a nice flavor) sliced into 1/2-inch strips
1 1/2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 pound onions (whole Pearl onions are good, but you can use regular chopped)
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tbsp butter
1/2 pound mushrooms, quartered or chopped
2 tbsp flour
3 cups dry red wine (remember: if you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it!)
1 cup chicken broth
Salt and fresh ground pepper
bouquet garni* (*Whole Foods or Trader Joe's sometimes sell bouquet garni, but I often improvise with a tea strainer filled with Herbes de Provence and/or bay leaf, thyme, sage, parsley

In a large frying pan, fry bacon, set aside leaving a little grease in pan. Season chicken with salt & pepper, cook for 10-12 mins until brown and cooked. Remove to a plate. Melt the butter over medium heat and saute mushrooms until brown.
In a dutch oven/casserole, heat the oil and fry the onions and garlic until browned evenly. Sprinkle onions with the flour and cook for 2 mins stirring frequently. Add in the wine to deglaze and boil for 1 min, stirring. Add the chicken, mushrooms, broth, and add in bouquet garni to soak. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer, covered, for 45 mins. Skim off fat, and serve.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DILF Hunters

Unbelievable - why didn't I think of this first?! These two girls have a Youtube series called "DILF Hunters" where they go around public places scoping out hot DILFs.

There went my idea for a Youtube show. Seriously, a few weeks ago I started thinking I want to get in on this whole video internets thing you crazy youngin's are doing. But I just can't think of a catchy concept. What would you like to see in a Poison Pen video blog?

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Witch of November

First off it was great last week having a hAApy hour with friends - I hope Ben had a safe flight back to London. I hadn't been back to Town in a long time, too. Fun times! And thanks to everyone for their happy anniversary wishes!

Sean and I had a great anniversary weekend. We went back to the restaurants where it all began. Whats funny is that is some ways it felt like a first date all over again - I love the fact that Sean and I are growing and discovering each other.

Ok, so technically Sean was living in Maryland when I first met him, but he's a Virginia boy now!

Sunday Sean and I went to the Shenandoah wine country for a romantic little day trip. The leaves were at their peak (not quite as spectacular as Canada, but still very pretty). In particular we visited the time-tested Rappahannock Cellars, and Chester Gap Cellars We tasted wine - and brought plenty back to last me until Fesitvus!

Speaking of the HOlidays, what are people's plans for Thanksgiving (and though it seems far away, Chrismahanukwanzakah / Festivus)?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008

Someone's in Trouble

My office is over-flowing with flowers! They are all lovely, Sean! But how am I going to get them home??
I love you!

Do You Remember the 7th Day of November?

Today is Sean and my 2nd anniversary!!!!

According to tradition, the second year is the "cotton anniversary." Well we can look forward to next year's "leather anniversary" lol.

Anyway, Sean is the love of my life and I want to thank him for putting up with me for 2 years, for being te best boyfriend I've ever had, for treating me so great, and always being there. I love you, Sean!!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

For "H"

Certain friends of mine will recall the significance of this (remember the postcard). I came across this the other day and couldn't help but laugh.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

DILF Wednesdays: Dennis Quaid is That You?

I was thinking of doing a post-Election Day "DILF" entry of John McCain from back in his Vietnam pilot days. Yes, he's crazy and cranky now, but you have to hand it to the man, he was hawt when he was younger. I woulda hit it, just sayin.

On my flight to San Fran on Thursday (by the way, LOVE Virgin America 1st class) I watched an in-flight movie with Dennis Quaid called "Smart People" in which he plays a curmudgeon-y yet lovable professor who falls in love with a character played by Sarah Jessica Parker. The hilarious Thomas Haden Church is in it, too. Unfortunately so is that troll Ellen Page (you know, the "Juno" girl). I don't know why she bothers me so much, but I kept waiting for her to get blown up or something. But I'm rambling... so here is the DILF McDILFerson hawtness that is Dennis Quaid. Not bad at all for 53, right?!

It's Over!

Well, we here at The Poison Pen (and by "we" it means "me") are pleasantly surprised that Barrack Obama is the president-elect of the United States.

Yeah ::twirls finger::

I still want to emigrate, but at least I don't feel so rushed to do so now. It seems at least some Americans have some common sense. The fact that as many people voted Republican as they did even after 8 years of Emperor Bush II says a lot. But the electoral majority went to Obama. So I can rest a little easier now. I think we all can.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Say it with Flowers

My boyfriend sent some beautiful flowers to my office. Not for any specific reason, but just because. I love you, Sean!

And the winner is...

So I arrived back from San Francisco - I had an amazing time celebrating Water Witch (and of course the Blue Dog's) birthday, and of course Halloween in the Castro. I was looking through the photos we took and I'm scared to post them! Well, maybe when I have time to upload them I may have a link. Sordid!

I hate that feeling when you've been flying and after you land you still feel like your moving! Anyway, the election is underway and I was thinking about writing some rant about it, but I swear with the 24-7 obsessive and omnipresent coverage, there's really nothing I can add. I'm thinking about throwing my TV out the window, but oh wait, there's the damn internets!

Sigh, where's my valium to get through this Election Day...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy BirthdAAy!

Happy Birthday, Water Witch!! See you tonight in San Fran!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gasp! My Husband on a Magazine

Thanks to Water Witch for sending this my way. It appears my first husband is on the cover this month for Men's Health.
Le Sigh. He's so dreamy....

"Rose Tint My World..."

Since I blogged earlier with some Rocky Horror song clips, why stop now...

Pumpkin Pie Fudge

Because the stuff I had at the corn maze was so good I had to find a recipe for it...

Pumpkin Pie Fudge:
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
2/3 cup evaporated milk
1/2 cup mashed pumpkin (canned)
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
1 package (12 ounces) vanilla flavored baking chips
2 cups miniature marshmallows
1/3 cup chopped nuts (optional)
1 1/4 teaspoons vanilla extract

1. Using butter or margarine, lightly grease the sides and bottom of a medium saucepan.
2. Place the sugar, evaporated milk, pumpkin, butter, salt, and pumpkin pie spice in the saucepan.
3. Stir constantly over medium heat.
4. Bring the mixture to a boil and boil for 12 minutes.
5. Remove from the heat and stir in the baking chips and marshmallows until melted.
6. Stir in the nuts and vanilla.
7. Pour into an 8-inch square pan that has been lined with foil and greased.
8. Chill mixture until set.
9. Cut into small squares to serve.
10. Cover and store in refrigerator.

DILF Wednesdays : Jason!

Because it's Halloween this week, bitches!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seasons of The Poison Pen...

So I'm working from home this afternoon, which is always nice. You know, I realized this time last year I was with Sean in Mexico. So weird how time flies and where a year takes you. 525,600 minutes... lol

Thanks to everyone who came out for Sean's birthday. Even the ones who weren't invited, but happened to be at Halo anyway LOL! We all had such a wonderful time both at dinner and over witch's brews/cocktails. Couldn't have been any better, and I know Sean had a great time.

I'm very much looking forward to San Francisco!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sean's Birthday Photos, Redux

Thanks to M for doing the red-eye reduction for me, the photos look a lot better now; you can view them here. You know you want to.


Halloween week is here! So excited! So to start things off right, here's some clips from the classic Rocky Horror Picture Show...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sean!

Happy birthday, love of my life!

Sean's birthday is today! (though we're celebrating it officially with friends tomorrow night).

Dave Adam Does Montreal

There's been talk in my circle of friends about doing a group-trip to what is probably my favorite city in North America; Montreal!

Though you all might find this amusing...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leave Adam Alone! He’s a Human Being!

Ok, with the days narrowing down to the election (get to work, Drunky, why are you reading my blog when you should be campaigning or something?!) I have to vent about something which is really, really obnoxious.

Street campaigners. You know, the idealistic bright-eyed youth with their little DNC or HRC t-shirts and clipboards. “Do you have a minute for Barack Obama?” “Do you have a minute for gay rights?”

On one level I feel sorry for these youth. Chasing strangers down for donations has got to be soul-crushing work akin to prostitution. Hmmm, actually it is a lot like whoring, only a politician gets your money instead of a pimp. But I digress. And once these kids realize that they are not making a difference, I’m sure that’s when the heavy boozing/heroin injecting will kick in.

But do they really have to spoil my daily walks down the sidewalks with their well-meant (yet naïve) pestering? I swear, these days just going to lunch from my office I feel like I need a valium to run the gauntlet of campaign-whores who want my minute(s) for (insert cause/politician here: _______). I don’t even try to be polite with them anymore, either.

Sean laughed recently because I snapped at some poor Greenpeace kid – “NO!” But I mean, he wouldn’t get out of my way! These political whores have gotten more and more aggressive. They’ve gotten to the point where they try to physically block your path. Not cool.

This brings me to my point. Maybe I could use a political science person to help me with this, but my question is: do street campaigners really make any difference? How effective are they, truly? I ask because pretty much everyone I know ignores them, and is irritated by them. Doesn’t it have the opposite effect? I mean, I could easily see someone voting Republican just out of spite because of these kids!


This is the funniest shiz I've seen in a long time. So cold... I love it!
(click picture to enlarge and read)

Kerry Katona Meltdown

My favorite trainwreck from across the pond (well, next to Amy Winehouse), the "British Britney" AKA Kerry Katona went on TV recently in the UK.
I swear I wish I could come to work at high/drunk/cracked out as she is in this interview. This is precious (and good luck to anyone trying to understand exactly what it is she's saying).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Wok My World

So last night Sean went with some friends to a Chinese place in Man-ass-ass Manassas called "Wok & Roll." Coinidentally a weekend ago while I was in search of Halloween stores (you know, those seasonal stores that sell all the costume crap) we passed by it and joked about it. So last night night when he called me from the Wok & Roll, I was like, seriously?

But it got me thinking about all the silly Chinese restaurant names I've seen over the years. It almost makes me want to open one up, just so I can name it! Some that I have (seriously) seen are:
Moon Wok;
Wok, Don't Run;
The Big Wong;

Do you, my faithful reader, have any to add to the list. If so, add in the comments section (where Andy is pointing...)

DILF Wednesdays : Mr. Cooper

"Adam's divorce attorney is demanding HOW much in alimony?!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Slutty Witch

Are You Going to San Francisco?

October is such a busy month! So many people I know are several October birthdays, for instance Water witch's, and Sean's. Sean will be celebrating his birthday this weekend - I'll keep you updated on what the plans are.
Speaking of witch, I mean which, I am very much looking forward to going to San Francisco next week to celebrate the Water Witch’s birthday in style, and Halloween. Watch out San Fran! The Castro will never be the same.

I love the fact that the Earth Witch put a clip from one of my favorite all-time movies “All About Eve” over on her blog today! Watch out, it is going to be a bumpy night!

“I believe that the world should revolve around me!” –Indeed! Just ask anyone’s who’s dated me. The fact that Sean’s stayed with me for two years is in itself amazing. He treats me like the prince(ss) I am, he does. Our 2-year anniversary is coming up!

Monday, October 20, 2008

So 3 Witches Walk Into a Haunted House...

So Friday afternoon Water Witch invited me along to go to a haunted house in Maryland. And by haunted house, it turned out to be a seasonal attraction held in a mall parking lot, but I digress. Parts of it were scary, but really, they should have been more scared of us! Don't they know who the three witches are?! And in the end, driving the dark back-roads of Maryland was scary enough (remember the freaky pizza place we stopped at?!). To round out the scary theme of the evening we went to Freddy's Beach Bar in Arlington. I kid, I kid. No, actually a lot of the karaoke was pretty scary.

Saturday night I had one of the best meals I've had in a long time. As if to balance out the shiteous meal I had at 1905, a new place in Adam Morgan that is owned buy a guy Sean knows, is called Himalayan Heritage. I can't say enough good things about this place!!! From the very Nepalese decor, the super-friendly and attentive wait staff, and amazing food (when was the last time you ate Tibetan/Nepalese?), I can't wait to go back, and introduce my friends to it. Sean and I both give it two thumbs up!

After dinner we had cocktails at Halo, and found that they've changed to their autumn seasonal menu... which this year includes a "Fire Passion Martini." My new favorite drink. It's like they made it just for the Fire Witch! It has passion fruit and chili pepper... it's sweet but burns... like me! They know me so well!

Sunday I took Sean to the Corn Maze that he wanted to go see. It was actually a lot of fun... we made it out in about 40 mins, so we didn't get too lost in it. They had really great pumpkin pie fudge, too - don't ask just try it! Afterwards we went to my favorite orchard for apple picking. Got some fresh apple cider, too. It was a beautiful fall day in the mountains...

Friday, October 17, 2008

No Fair!

My husband #2, Tom Brady, will sadly not be the next Calvin Klein underwear model. I'm restraining my anger and dissapointment, in hopes that this means he wants to spend more time at home with me!

Cokey Candy

Rejoice, it's FridAAy!So here's some random shiz:

Cocaine Meets Cotton Candy - I want some! Only my girl Amy Winehouse could have come up with something like this.

Luke Perry from the original 90210 (not this new travesty I refuse to watch) had a birthday recently. It made me think: I always like his character, Dylan. He was the "bad boy" of the show. What is it about the bad boys? Oh well, I'm over that, I have Sean now, my little Eagle Scout!

I know I'll never hear the end of it from some friends, but I can't help it: I can't help it, I kinda like Britney's new song, "Womanizer." The guy in the video is actually kinda hot. Britney needs to move her crazy-train ass over. Or at least help me record a gay version I can send to Anderson Cooper!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My friends have been waiting for this, I know. But before I rake a certain restaurant across the coals (I should’ve been a food critic) I will say that it was great to reunite with friends, even in times when everyone is busy. And allow to me mushy here for sec – I know, I know, what’s that strange feeling in the lump of black ice in my chest cavity? I think it’s called an “emotion.” Quick get me a martini and some pills!

I kid, I kid. Seriously; sometimes even after two years I look over at Sean and think “Wow, he’s really cute.” I love the way at even after a couple years he still can surprise me, and look so handsome.

So last night we all ventured to a new restaurant on ever-changing 9th St NW, called “1905.”

At first I was very impressed with the décor; it’s very bohemian-metro-urban-shabby-chic. I’m not sure what that mean either, but basically it looks like they robbed an Urban Outfitters. Not that that’s a bad thing…

Sadly it seems the owners focused too much on décor and not the reasons people go to restaurants; to eat. I’m not sure what was worse – the waiter who consistently disappeared for so long that I thought I’d need to put his face on a milk carton; the sub-par food; the fact that it took 35 minutes for any entrees to arrive – and when they did one poor friend’s plate came out a full 20 minutes before everyone else’s. Mind you this was not a busy night.

I think the food was supposed to be French bistro (?) but fell flat in my opinion. The frustrating lack of service; the small, inadequate and uninspired menu; the hour it apparently took them to personally dive into the Chesapeake Bay to retrieve my oysters… I’m not really sure what my least-favorite part was. There were so many to choose from.

As one Washington Post writer once put it so greatly: “At least the water was cold.”

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In other Election News

Tired of hearing about the American elections? Well to prove that not all Yankees exist in a bubble that thinks the USA is the center of the universe, I have something different to share:
Congrats to my two Canadian friends who were hoping incumbent (and strikingly handsome!) Prime Minister Stephen Harper would win - he did, I just found out!

DILF Wednesdays : Gerard Butler

Ok, so I haven't forgiven Gerard Butler for starring in the crapfest that was the movie 300. But with a body like his, I can overlook those two hours of my life I'll never get back.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a few shots

Rocktober Malaise

Well, I’m back home today and back into the routine. It’s always great to see Sean when he picks me up at the airport; I missed him while I was away. Yet coming back to the States is always bittersweet, especially after being in a country that has already achieved full legal equality for gay people (among other accomplishments). Especially when my Canadian friends hear about the kind of work I do, it drives home the point that this is a very reactionary country, one that will probably always lag behind other Western democracies in the liberties front. One should welcome coming home, but I truly don’t. Anyway, going there made me think a lot about really picking up and moving (and no, it’s not tied to the election – I really don’t even care who wins at this point).

Well enough being Debbie Downer; I had a great time and it was absolutely amazing in Nova Scotia and at the north of the province in Cape Breton Island. I coincidentally happened to be there in time for the Celtic Colours festival. The region has a strong Celtic heritage; there are towns where street signs are in Gaelic and French. The mountains were blazing with orange and reds. It was so picturesque and great to visit friends. I like Halifax, but compared to, say, Montreal or Toronto, it would be a bit slower-paced. The city is a bit smaller that Washington, for comparison, and subsequently there’s a little less to do. For example, everyone is the gay scene pretty much knows everyone else. But the small-community feel is a bit charming, too. I mean, overall, Canadian tend to be very nice and polite people; it can be a little disarming being a cynical Washingtonian used to dealing with all the soul-sucking “power gays” and “insiders.” Hmmm… maybe a move up north is in order!

So what else; let’s see…congrats to my friend “water witch” for his work on that wonderful clip over at Perez Hilton. Also, my friend the “earth witch” is down is Cajun country visiting a friend (tell Char hi for me!). I can’t wait for the three elements to get together for a very bewitching Halloween. Something tells me certain people who’ve crossed the water witch better get every charm they can find… spells are brewing! Double, double, toil and trouble!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Green With Envy

So my good friend was at the debates last night live! The reason I’m jealous is because Anderson Cooper was supposedly there, too. Ok, I guess meeting the candidates would have been cool too.

So I did watch the debates at a neighbors house last night. I think Obama actually did a better job this time, was a little more aggressive, and didn’t let McCain walk all over him, like last time. McCain just looked hobbled around like an old man in need of a rocking chair. Granted he had his moments of cheap patriotism that panders to Middle America, but over all I think Obama came out a “winner” if you can say there was one.

HIGH-lites: A) did anyone see the guy falling asleep in the audience?! No, it wasn’t my friend LOL. B) Did anyone catch the part at the end where McCain totally dissed Obama and wouldn’t shake his hand! Ouch!

DILF Wednesdays : Oh, oh, oh Canada

Since so many of my DILFs have been getting married, or dating younger tramps (I'm looking at you, Anderson!) Today's DILF is in my age-range, but in honor of flying to Canada tomorrow for a week, I wanted to honor a hot man from north of the border - and I already featured Ryan Reynolds, so here's another Ryan from Canada: Ryan Gosling.
I was going to find a picture of a hot hockey player or something. The down side is when they smile, they usually have fugged-up teefs. I dated this Canadian guy who had a bunch of fake teeth from when he played hockey as a lad. On one of our first dates, two of them popped out while he was eating. I'll leave you with that image...

Monday, October 06, 2008

Thanks for the Memories...

What a wonderful weekend it was - special thanks to my two witch sisters and "Queen B" for a great time at the gala dinner and the reception.

You can check out my photos here