Tuesday, December 16, 2008

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

So I am trying to get serious about the rest of my HOliday shopping. I keeping getting asked what I want for Festivus, and my honest answer is just to be with my friends.

Now before you go thinking that the lump of black ice in my chest cavity (aka my "heart") has suddenly melted, what I mean by that is honestly I have everything I need, and being with my real friends is gift enough!

But if you insist on buying The Poison Pen something, here is my Festivus Wish List:

a) World Peace
b) A giant gummy bear on a stick
c) A polar bear rug and/or fur coat
d) Drunky to quit drinking (yes, I realize "world peace" is more likely)
e) Dinner with Anderson Cooper
f) Vodka, wine
g) Contribute to my out-of-control iTunes library
h) A gay Canadian billionaire who doesn't believe in pre-nups.
i) Britney to go back to her "crazy days"
j) precious stones
k) A trip somewhere tropical again
To be surrounded by my friends and family!!! I'm being serious on this one!

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