Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not Fair

My fellow witch "Whoretencia Carter" shared this with me today. I love Lilly Allen's music. I think in her personal life she's a total wreck (think unfunny British Britney), but you have to hand it to her, she has talent...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Cry for Me, Washington...

Sorry I haven't updated in almost a week! I've been very busy, and then sick on top of that, so I haven't had time/energy like I normally do. I promise more is to come, to my loyal readers

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DILF Wednesdays: Clive Owen

Speaking of "Snatch Ticklers"...

My confidence in my health care provider just plummeted...

I got a letter in the mail yesterday saying that I am overdue for my pap smear exam.

Discuss amongst yourselves...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guatemelan Snatch Ticklers All Around!

Here's a shot we learned over the weekend during our bar visit from the wine trip. It apparently has many made-up names, but this was my favorite:

The Guatemalan Snatch Tickler:

Southern Comfort
Red Bull (or Sprite)

I think that was it... it's hard to remember :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

"In Vino Veritas"

It’s Forcing Me to Believe it...

So Sean got me some samples of this new health drink called “Glowelle.” It’s apparently very popular with celebrities at the moment… so it must be true!

It has an… odd aftertaste. But it’s loaded with vitamins, antioxidants… I don’t know what some if it means, but it’s forcing me to believe it! It’s making me scientifically more beautiful.

Wine Weekend

This was a very pleasant weekend for me. The weather was a little cold, but I ventured with my friend Kim, some of her friends, and F to a winery near Colonial Beach, VA for a wine tasting and chili cook-off event. The place was called “Ingleside” and I really liked their set-up. Afterwards we went to the waterfront, ate lunch at a seafood place… and somehow ended up making “friends” at a bar where we proceeded to spend the next four hours. Fun times… it’s been awhile since I’ve been trashed in the middle of the day. This is why I love wine trips! I hope Kim had a good birthday. I think she did. (I have some pictures posted on the Facebooks).

Poor Chef Tom got sick and stayed home on Sunday resting for the most part. I did meet up with M/ “Gia” and sat in the Circle enjoying the beautiful afternoon. I needed all of this; for some reason last week felt very stressful.

I’m trying to plan some sort of get-together next month for my birthday. My friends know that in the past I make a big deal out of birthdays for some reason. I remember Drunky McDrunkerson hated birthdays… I always found people like that very strange (of course, if I had to look in the mirror and see Drunky staring back, I wouldn’t feel like celebrating either LOL). Anyway, my point is I’ll be in Toronto area visiting friends / sightseeing with Sean the week of my b-day, but I’d love to do something… another BanAAna CafĂ© night?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watching Watchmen

I realize the last few posts have been mostly pictures of hot men - not that there's anything wrong with that, of course!

Anyway, I wanted to do a film review of Watchmen, which I saw at the Tysons Corner theater with Sean last Sunday, basically because it was cold and wet outside. Sean - bless his heart - sometimes wants to see movies that are... shall we say questionable. So we settled on Watchmen as a compromise. (and I know certain friends who are probably shouting now that I have no room to talk after dragging them to see David Lynch's Inland Empire).

So, be warned that this movie is around 3 hours long. For a movie to be worth me sitting in a theater that long, it had better be pretty damn good. And in my opinion, this movie was. I give it an A-. It loses points with me for poor editing (the movie did not need to spend 2 hours on pure backstory, thank-you). Yet, for the emphasis on seemingly pointless backstory, the vignettes of each of the superheroes are very entertaining.

In fact, overall, the entire movie is captivating is only for it's very offbeat style. This is NOT like any superhero action movie you've likely seen. And that a good thing. Bear in mind it's a very noir and violent movie, to the point of being gratuitous. But I love watching a movie with morally ambiguous characters rather than cookie-cutter "good" guys, and movies that don't have happily-ever-after endings. I'm not sure if American audiences can handle that, but judging from the ticket sales, I think people are watching it.

DILF Wednesdays: Chris Noth

Sex & The City's Chris Noth was always kinda DILFy, I think...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green With Envy: St. Patrick's Day 2009

Happy St. pAAtrick's Day everyone!! Even Drunky McDrunkerson. Shamrock shakes and green beer all around! (they were the shit when I was a little kid. The shakes, not the beer).

Don't really have anything else, so here's a random hot Irish man. If you don't have any Irish in you... I'm sure he could help with that LOL

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Robert Pattison... Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Last night I went out celebrating with the other two witches, and M (who we are now calling "Gia"), Kim and Billy to dinner and then drinks at BeBar. The "water witch" is leaving for several weeks in Africa. Also, "Gia" waned us to meet a guy (for our approval, of course) at Wonderland. It was a very fun night, I'm still recovering a bit from it.

Anyway I came across this and thought I would share:

I love the headline "hide your daughters." Please, more like hide your sons. Especially if their name starts with "A" and ends with "dam"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beware the Ides of March!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up as much as I normally do. It's been a fun yet busy week. I went out with the other "witches" and friends last Thursday to celebrate my 2-year anniversary at my current job. We had a lovely dinner at Floriana's and drinks at Cobalt.
Friday, I went out to celebrate the going-away of my friend "Homocop." he rented one of those party buses, which meant drinking on the bus, pub crawls through several bars, the mess of a night ending at Town. But I had a great time! Saturday, after recovering from hungover, I went out with Sean to Lebanese Taverna.
Sunday, after the whole Daylight Savings Time through us off, we went and had a picnic at Great Falls together, since it was a nice warm day. I wish I had remembered to bring my camera!
I took off work today for a "me-time" day, and went with Sean (as he usually has Wednesdays off) to the Zoo. Now is the perfect time to go - it was dead with zero tourists. Loved it!
I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow...

DILF Wednesdays: Christopher Meloni

Thanks to "Water Witch" for suggesting this week's DILF, Christopher Meloni. I liked him when he played a detective on one of those Law & Order /CSI shows (don't ask me which one, god knows there are so many). Anyway, I loved him in the HBO prison drama Oz.

He makes crime look so good...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

DILF Wednesdays: DILF Request Live!

Today's DILF is courtesy of Margo, who suggested I post John Hamm, who plays Don Draper on the show Mad Men.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snowjob 2009 / Pink Dolphins!

I hope everyone enjoyed their snow day (or at lest if you had to go to wok I hope it wasn't too painful). Yesterday was the most snow DC has seen in some time (of course my old school ass remember the blizzard of 03, now that was a snowstorm!). I stayed home and did a whole hell of a lot of nothing, which was nice for a Monday. I had a feeling this wasn't just typical forecaster dissapointments so I hit up the grocery store last night because there was nada in my pantry. I figured with my luck I'd be caught foodless in some blizzard. And by "grocery" I mean I stopped at the liquor store first. Priorities!

Anyway, this will make your day: A pink dolphin! Your eyes deceive you not!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sunday, March 01, 2009

See This Movie: Coraline

I was going to blog about Tom Brady getting married to some Brazilian woman named Gisele, whoever she is, impostor! Any-tomisminebackoffbitches-way...

Sean and I had a nice weekend. I apologize to my friends, I know lately I've been very boring and withdrawn, and reading about Sean and I cuddling is about as exciting as steamed broccoli.

I have gone out a few times during the week, like sHOtunes and the HOmo HOtel Happy HOur on Thursday, and I've met with friends for lunch too during the work week. Friday night I was so tired (recurring theme) I just wanted to take a pill and sleep. And Saturday Sean was so tired he just wanted to curl up and watch a movie. I know, I know, living la vida loca!

Today we went to my favorite Korean restaurant, Sorak Garden and stuffed myself silly. Afterwards we went to the movie theater at Tysons and saw Coraline. I had no idea what the movie was going to be about - I only had seen clips of the awesome animation. I highly recommend going to see it. Never mind Sean and I were the oldest people in the theater, it's a great movie full of stunning visuals.