Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer and Everything After

First - it's about MFing time... Metro (which in itself is about an unreliable as it train service) claims that by mid-October there will be cell phone service in its underground stations for most carriers. I certainly hope so!

This past week I took advantage of Restaurant Week by trying three new places I hadn't been before...
  • On Tuesday I went to Blue Ridge in Georgetown with Sean. It's sort of re-imagined Appalachian cuisine, using produce from regional farms. We both really liked our dishes, thinking of it as sort of haute Southern, if that's possible. The service was great and the portions were generous, and we both agreed we'd definitely go back. The secluded outdoor patio was a nice touch, too.
  • On Wednesday I went to Fire and Sage (if only for the name alone!) with a coworker for lunch. It has some great contemporary dishes that where unique and tasty. I would go back, especially as it's near my office.
  • Last night I went with Sean to Ceiba. it's one of those place I always see but have never been in. The menu is fusion contemporary Latin/Caribbean, as it claims, "specifically Yucatan, Brazilian, Peruvian, and Cuban." The dishes we had were all really great - the service left something to be desired, but I really liked everything we had, especially the ceviche and pibil pork. I had some sort of tamarind martini which was quite nice, too.
It's been a month now at my new job, which admittedly stresses the fuck out of me some days. So after a long week I went out Friday night with the water witch, who is now back from London (yeah!) and a friend to Cobalt and then Town. August is a funny month in DC when it comes to who's out at the clubs and who isn't. Personally I'd love a vacation right about now, but I have "miles to go" on that one.

Last night after dinner Sean and I really didn't do much... he's stressed at his job, too. We missed M's new bartending over in the H St. corridor, though I hope to make one of the nights soon!

It's hard to believe it's going to be September in one day. Where did the summer go, really?

Friday, August 28, 2009

The List

Over the years when I was younger, I developed a sort of internal list of things I want to do before I die. Some of them I've done (some multiple times) and some I've yet to accomplish. And just seem strange and don't make any sense, but they are what they are.

  • Travel through Europe (yes)
  • Travel through Asia (yes, but I'd like to see more)
  • Travel through Latin America (yes)
  • See the Mayan ruins (not yet)
  • See the Aurora Borealis (not yet)
  • Fix my teeth (yes - don't laugh, that was on my list)
  • Live in a large American city (yes, clearly)
  • Be published in some form (not yet)
  • Go scuba diving (not yet - snorkeling doesn't count!)
  • Live outside the U.S. for at least one year (not yet, but working on it)
I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting I may go back an add here later. How about you?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

In The Waiting Room

So an ex boyfriend called me up tonight, out of the blue, and wanted to meet up. I was too far away at the time to meet, but we talked for awhile, reminiscing about years ago, laughing over some of the crazy stories we share.

He expressed to me how he feels like his life isn't go anywhere, or at least in the direction he wants it to go. It really touched on a creeping feeling I've been having lately. This sort of late-twenties life crisis of "now what?"

Like, I'm just not sure what I'm doing with myself anymore. Aside from Sean and my friends, I'm really not sure where I'm going, but I have this increasing feeling like these last few years in DC are just like sitting in a waiting room... waiting for what I don't know.

Anybody else know what I'm talking about?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Into the Fire

Here's an old song that popped into my head one morning this week so some reason. I've always loved Sarah McLachlan's voice (and she hails from Halifax, a city near and dear to my heart), plus the song is about fire.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching a Show, and Putting on One

I love days like this sometime, thunderstormy sleepy days, sipping tea, listening to BBC or CBC, catching up on sleep and all those other things I missed during the week.

What a week! A crazy business trip to Chicago (complete with delays at O'Hare coming and going) and lot going on at work. Sean got some free VIP tickets to a show at Wolftrap for last night. The opening band was Celtic-rock group Carbon Leaf, who I had heard of, and other a band from Newfoundland called Great Big Sea. They both put on a great show, and we had excellent box seats.

Last night, too, was a massive thunderstorm. I was worried the show might be cancelled, but when we pulled into the parking lot, the show was definitely on. The was a huge downpour, so Sean and I decided to wait it out in his car (being a diva, I can't get wet). So one thing led to another, that involved me putting my car seat all the way back... you figure it out. Rainy night, alone in Sean's car... or so we thought. Until Sean looked up and we realized there were people in this minivan watching us the whole time. I've never wanted to crawl under the floorboards and die like that before. Ugh... But I can laugh about it a little now. You want a show - we'll give you a performance!

Friday, August 21, 2009

No We Can't?

Here's a great article in The Advocate (hat-tip to my fellow witch F out in Colorado for sending this to me) about Obama's epic fail when it comes to gay equality. It even features the fabulous Bruce Bastian.

Read on...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bite Me

[As featured on D-listed]

Now, I'm a Twilight fan (it's a shitty vampire story, I know. Correction: I'm a Robert Pattinson fan). But this is over the top... a Twilight inspired sex toy. Lovesit!

The Vamp!

Updated by popular request... Yes the The Vamp retains hot and cold temperature. Toss it in the fridge for that authentic experience.

JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN! Who doesn't love those dark and mysterious vamps on the screen and in the books we all thumb through lustfully? That's what we thought. For those of us who fantasize about being spellbound and tantalized by the forbidden comes The Vamp. We promise this vamp won't be the only thing coming for you in the night.

The Vamp is a realistic form dildo based appropriately on our Sire's design but with a deathly pale flesh tone reminiscent of the new moon's glow. Since it's a Tantus toy, The Vamp is made from Tantus' own unique blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. Don't be surprised if this toy seduces you, its long sleek shaft and deliciously ridged head calling to you in the twilight. But don't save this for just nocturnal escapades, try taking our Vamp out in the sunlight and watch him sparkle.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Drunk(y) Driving

Attention pedestrians and drivers of the world...

I've heard it on good authority that Drunky McDrunkerson has purchased a car.

Seriously - where is a DUI checkpoint when you need one?!?!

And you know I am totally waiting for that drunk driving mugshot. Oh please, God, let that find it's way to my inbox, oh pleaseeee. I swear I'll go to church every day and stop being an athiest.

Actually, as the survivor of a crash caused by a drunk driver, I take this sort of stuff seriously. Be careful, Drunky!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This Monday, I am off to a bizness trip to Chicago! Blog more when I get back. Or maybe I'll blog from there, who knows!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DILF Wednesdays: Brady Brings Teh Pretteh

Sean look-alike and third husband (behind Anderson and Prince Harry), Tom Brady, is this week's eye candy. He's back playing again for the Patriots this season after several knee surgeries (something I know all too well about) and having babies (not something I know too well yet). He's featured in this month's Details magazine where he blabs about football, some random Brazilian woman who claims she's his wife (whatevah). But mostly he just brings le sighs. Sigh...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally Getting with the Times

So I've finally decided to join the 21st Century and break down and get an iPhone! I don't know I hesitated for so long... I swear, if it was possible to have a rotary cell phone, I would've had one.

Alas, I'm looking forward to the new mobile - and don't worry, my number is staying the same.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Suburban Boring Couple

I've been absolutely exhausted lately with my new job and stuff, so while I've thought about blogging, I really haven't the last few weeks. It's August in DC, which means sticky heat and with the new job I haven't really been able to get away. Plus, I've had a convention going on at work, which was a lot of work, so it's over and hopefully things will slow down!

Admittedly these last few lazy weekends, Sean and I have been very "suburban and boring." Don't get me wrong, it's actually been quite nice. And that's not to say I haven't done anything on the weekends, though. Weekend before last I went with some of Sean's friends out to the mountains to visit wineries. His friend Scott introduced us to this wonderful places called Bluemont Vineyards. It's very picturesque, located on the slop of a high mountain, with views over the valley below. They had food and music - it was really nice! I would love to go back. I forgot my camera, but I'll have some pictures in the future!

Sean also introduced me last weekend to Afghan cuisine, which I'd never had before. He took me to this great place in Bailey's Crossroads called Bamian Afghan Cuisine. I'd compare the food to a cross between Indian and Middle Eastern flavors (which makes sense, geographically). I really liked it, and would love to go back! I wonder if I can mimic some of the recipes at home?