Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yule All Have Lots of Drama

First off, have a happy Winter Solstice, which occurs today marking the official first day of Winter.

I won a bike. Yes, I know, how random! I won a bike from City Bikes in Adams Morgan (on Columbia & Champlain St. NW)
I like to think of it as the Universe giving me a little unexpected holiday present.

And to top it all off... today while looking out my office window, I noticed in the office building adjacent to mine...a guy was changing out of his suit.

Totally. I mean, underwear and all. Yeah. If you're strip-in-my-office-with-windows-wide-open guy reading this, take note. People were watching you.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

See This Movie

Last night I caught "Brokeback Mountain" at the theater on Dupont Circle.

I really don't know what else to say. This is a powerful movie. Watch it.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Festivus Miracle on 19th Street

First off, if you aren't familiar with the holiday of Fesitvus, read up on it. I think it should be the new non-demoniational celebration. And who doesn't LOVE the concept of the "airing of the grievances?"

So, Monday (12th) my boyfriend Phil was guest bartending at JR's and so I showed up, along with all of his friends. I had a great time... I was there from 7pm to 1am... and forgot about the little part of getting up for work the next morning. To my credit, Tuesday morning, despite a NASTY hangover, I got up and came to work... only to go right back home because I felt like hell. All day I was recovering, it felt like. Never drink that much again (sure...I've said that before).

Wednesday (14th) was a huge day. It was the evening of my office party, Phil's office party for the DNC, and Dave's party.
My office party was at Lauriol Plaza, but I couldn't hang around too long (long enough for three maragaritas). Caught the subway to Chinatown to meet Phil at Drinx for his party. More on that later...
Then we hopped a cab to his friend Dave's place on upper 14th St. It was a really great party, Phil's good friend Cameron was there, and I continued to not watch how much I drank (just like Monday night) and poor Phil had to take care of me when we got back home! Sorry babe!

The next morning Phil left early to catch his flight for Vegas, and I crawled home to shower and go to work hungover yet again. I was so unproductive. And yet somehow, after work, I caught my second-wind and went Christmas shopping over at Pentagon City. On my way home I got absolutely drenched by the cold rain, and deicded to call it a day and go to bed.

Friday every one split the office early, and I went to finish up my Christmas shopping at Pentagon City yet again (I had to return something anyway). My patience with people is about expired, from the rude bitchy salepeople, to people that don't move out of your way, I'm dreaming of a nice Christmas plague.

Saturday night was the Festivus party at Emily's. Phil came with me, and we caught a ride with Margo and Fred out to Leesburg, Virginia. Yes, Leesburg... it's near the West Virginia border. It's out-there. I don't think the word "suburban" even describes it. Anyway the party was fun, had a yankee-swap gift exchange...which I was never too find of, but in the end I won my precious economy-size bottle of Champagne. We came back to the city, and had a late-night dinner at the Diner in Adams Morgan, walked over to my place, and crashed.

It was so nice Sunday morning to sleep in and enjoy eachother. When we finally did feel like getting up, we met Dena for brunch at that bagel shop on P st. She convinced me to go to Eastern Market over on Capitol Hill with her for some shopping. I spent the whole day avoiding cleaning or doing laundry (which is getting rediculous... I should hire a maid!)

More exciting things coming this week...I'll keep you posted!

Monday, December 12, 2005

"A Long December"

It finally feels like the Holiday season! Here's the re-cap of Adam's week. On Wednesday (December 7th) I planned to have dinner with Margo, Fred, Crystal, Marc, Phil, and myself at Churreria Madrid, on Champlain St. I heard it's a wonderful Spanish restaurant. But go figure, they are closed Wednesday and Monday nights! Note to anyone going there! Fortunatley The Grill from Ipanema, a Brazilian restaurant, was open (and one block away from my place, might I add).
The Brazilian food was fantastic! A bit pricey, butI highly reccomend a visit there!
Thursday night into Friday morning it snowed quite a bit. Of course, living a 10-minute walk to my office building, I had no exuse not to show up (except in a real blizzard maybe). Even though 90% of my office lives in the city as well, only THREE people including myself showed up. It was a total slacker day, and I left around 2. Came home, took a nap, and hopped the Metro to go shopping at the Pentagon City stores. As usual, I found more things for myself than for others. I'm one of those people that is lucky if I'm not out X-mas eve shopping for gifts still. I hate shopping for gifts! Anyway, had Thai for dinner, and went back to Margo & Fred's to watch a movie and have drinks. Phil was working late and exhausted, so we met up Saturday afternoon.
I made him a martini and we relaxed, and he wisked me away to the sculpture garden by the Smithsonian for a super-romatic evening of ice-skating. It's been ages since I went ice-skating. It was SO much fun.

Then he took me to dinner where it all began - Lauriol Plaza. We both had wonderful food, and got more than a little drunk off the potent margaritas.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

While there have been hella-cold temperatures and flurries in the recent past, today is DC's first real day of snow!
I was walking back to work after making the mistake of going to the post office on Florida Avenue (oh how I hate mailing packages in December) and it started to snow.
I always found it ironic that the mass of tourists come in the humid sticky summer... Washington is truly at its most beautiful in the snow.

So let's see how my week has gone, in a condensed version. Had dinner with Phil at the Duplex Diner on 18th & U st.before he left for his business trip.
Friday (the 2nd) was truly a busy day; I had SO much going on at work I thought my head would explode. For one, there was this event I had to go to at the Wilson Building on Penn. Ave. for the Mayor (good ol' Anthony Williams, sans bow-tie) to sign into law creating the District of Columbia Department of the Environment. An interesting little ceremony, even if it did take way longer than necessary. And I ALWAYS get a kick out of seeing the fabulous Carol Schwartz.

Had Japanese lunch with a co-worker, which was my only little moment of Zen in the day. Went back, cranked out a press release for some project in Beijing, went home. And of course went out with Ken with the sole purpose of getting drunk.
Saturday I had dinner and celebrated my younger brother's birthday, came back to the city and Phil had come back from his trip early, so we...went out drinking.
Spent the better part of sunday morning snuggling and staying warm, grocery shopping (thanks for letting me barrow your cart Phil... carrying those bags up the hill is a pain in the ass!). By the way, anyone out there know where the cheapest place to buy one of those little grocery carts is in this city?