Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

While there have been hella-cold temperatures and flurries in the recent past, today is DC's first real day of snow!
I was walking back to work after making the mistake of going to the post office on Florida Avenue (oh how I hate mailing packages in December) and it started to snow.
I always found it ironic that the mass of tourists come in the humid sticky summer... Washington is truly at its most beautiful in the snow.

So let's see how my week has gone, in a condensed version. Had dinner with Phil at the Duplex Diner on 18th & U st.before he left for his business trip.
Friday (the 2nd) was truly a busy day; I had SO much going on at work I thought my head would explode. For one, there was this event I had to go to at the Wilson Building on Penn. Ave. for the Mayor (good ol' Anthony Williams, sans bow-tie) to sign into law creating the District of Columbia Department of the Environment. An interesting little ceremony, even if it did take way longer than necessary. And I ALWAYS get a kick out of seeing the fabulous Carol Schwartz.

Had Japanese lunch with a co-worker, which was my only little moment of Zen in the day. Went back, cranked out a press release for some project in Beijing, went home. And of course went out with Ken with the sole purpose of getting drunk.
Saturday I had dinner and celebrated my younger brother's birthday, came back to the city and Phil had come back from his trip early, so we...went out drinking.
Spent the better part of sunday morning snuggling and staying warm, grocery shopping (thanks for letting me barrow your cart Phil... carrying those bags up the hill is a pain in the ass!). By the way, anyone out there know where the cheapest place to buy one of those little grocery carts is in this city?

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