Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Last week while walking home from work a car skidding in front of me... the window of the BMW rolled down... it was Casey, offering me a ride home from work. And I got in and accepted the ride. I know, I know. (and now that Casey has a car, I offer this as a public service announcement to pedestrians everywhere) I suppose it's better than what other exes spend their time doing...

Saturday was the Strawberry Fetsival out in the middle of somewhere in the Blue Ridge mountains. It was such a beautiful weekend, and I had four days off in a row (even if I spent half of Friday in an orthodontic office). The Strawberry Festival was so-so (there being a noticeable lack of the actual berries) so afterwards Stephen, myself, Margo & Fred went to the nearby wineries- Naked Mountain and Piedmont wineries. I think Piedmont was the winner that day, a beautfil vineyard, and wines of all types (including a delicious raspeberry and peach).
It was a great Memorial Day weekend spent with Stephen & friends. Here's to summer!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Pictures

And still more pictures from last month's birthday events, courtesy of Margo!

Click here to see them.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Boat Races & Greek Festival

It was a wonderful weekend that ended all too soon. Friday night I did go to see "The Da Vinci Code" with Stephen. I know the critics really ripped it a new asshole, but I didn't think it was all that bad. I can't stand Tom Hanks, he is far too over-exposed, but aside from that it wasn't bad. Not great cinema, but not awful. And as far as the controversy, I really don't see it. I could see how a devout Catholic might take it the wrong way, but I felt it could have been a lot more controversial, but it was rather lame.
Saturday I went to the dragon boat races on the Potomac with friends. The boats were pretty cool (pics can be seen here). After that we went to the annual Greek Festival at St. Sophia's. Good food, and good wine, it was a prefect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Sunday I was so lazy, but I did end up watching "Lucky Number Slevin." I really like this movie! It hasn't really gotten that much publicity despite having a major cast. I won't spoil it, but it is darkly comedic and violent. And I love Josh Hartnett. He is just oh-so-cute in everything he does.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Up Your Nose!

One thing I've noticed about my job is it's either extremely hectic or very slow. Keep in mind the weather can change from one hour to the next. This morning was a flurry of mania (those who have met our esteemed president know exactly what I'm talking about) and now it's eerily quiet and I am bored enough to post to the blog.

It's been a long week, and I started to get a cold, but I nipped it in the bud. Vitamin C, Odwalla juices, and a little something I leanred from a girl that works at Soho. Lest I gross you out, bear with me. It's called "nasal irrigation" and when I first heard about it from the girl, I was like "Uh, I don't know about that," but having suffered through congested sinuses all week, I finally thought, what the hell? Basically you flush out your sinuses with warm saline water. Sounds weird, but I swear I feel SO much better! I can breathe clearer that I have in ages. It flushed out all the congestion. So, I guess I've been converted, though it was definately a strange experience.

Fortunately that was NOT the highlight of this week's excitement. On Tuesday Stephen and myself joined Fred & Margo, and Marc for a wonderful dinner and dessert at Bistrot du Coin. I think we've found a new favorite restaurant! Everything there is excellent (I had an amazing salmon in champagne creme sauce served over a ratatouille (see recipe). Tonight I am going with Stephen to see the premiere of "The Da Vinci Code," I am not sure if it will be good or not but we'll see. Also on the menu for Saturday/Sunday: there is a dragon boat race at the boathouse in Georgetown (the one where G-town meets Rock Creek) and there's also a Greek Festival that's lots of fun, at St. Sophia's on Mass. Ave NW.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Last night was an anniversary of sorts for Stephen and I. I didn't even realize it until the last minute. He told me he was coming back Tuesday from New Jersey, but surpised me and came back early yesterday, because it was a special occasion. After racking my brain I realized, that yes, it marks an official first month of being together. He's so sneaky... and charming too... he swept me off my feet slow dancing in the middle of a bar. We must have looked funny (or drunk) but it's one of those situation where you don't care who's watching or what they think.

One thing I forgot to mention in my last entry was part of my quest to find nicer, newer, and classier gay establishments to hang out at. And this one is very close to my apartment. It's called Chloe (2473 18th St. NW) and it's located above the Saki restaurnt next to Asylum club in Adams Morgan. From the outside it looks tiny, but it own the whole two floors upstairs which has been converted into a very modern and spacious dancefloor. I think this place ranks up there with Cobalt and Apex, and I expect good things from it in the future. At the moment, it's gay party is called "Swim" and happens every Sunday night (taking the place of Lizard Lounge).

And finally, it appears there's more bizarre news from the Arctic regarding polar bears. Click here to read about the polar bear/grizzly bear offspring that was found in Canada. Global warming is getting weirder and weirder.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


New Trends
Fresh from the U.K.!
According to our friends at Popbitch:
"...To be too cool for school these days you have to do the Seagull. In schools all over London, apparently, break-times are seeing boys running into the bogs to masturbate furiously, collect their jizz in the palms of their hands, then go out and find a younger kid.... then slap them in the face while shouting "SEAGULL!"
Try it in the office when you're bored."
-A Google search of "seagulled" revealed that, yes, this does seem to exist.

Trend Graveyard

The Pirate Look
Will somebody PLEASE tell me why all the hipster/indie rockers are doing the Molly-Ringwald-meets-Blackbeard-the-Pirate look?? Stop it. Stop rolling one pant leg up when riding your crappy beat-up bicycle (WHY do they do that? Is there an actual reason?) Stop wearing tight striped clothing reminicent of a Russian sailor's uniform. I've seen this look from Logan Circle to the East Village in NYC, and it's NOT cool unless you're working at Pirates of the Carribean at Disney.
So what have we learned today boys & girls?
In: seagulling, Out: pirates

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So much has been happening, so little time to report. First, Happy Birthday to Stephen who turned 27 on Monday! We celebrated over dinner, and drinks Monday with some of his friends.
In recap I realize I've left some details out of the last few weeks. First, I had a very interesting dinner with a certain Bruce (who used to date my boss), preceded by drinks at Halo. Normally I try to stay out of these drama-pots... oh who am I kidding, I love drama!

Let's see... I also had dinner with Ken, who I hadn't seen in ages. Saturday I went to the herb/plant festival at the National Cathedral with Margo, that was a lot of fun. I love the inside of the chuch too (staunch Athiest as I am, it is a beautiful building). My apartment is already becoming The Garden of Eden I have so many plants, so I limited myself to only buying one. We visited our friend Marc at his home recovering from surgery, it was good to see him and Jaymie. Then we had a wonderful dinner at Bistrot du Coin, their duck was amazing!

Reader Awards
It's time to warmly reward my favorite long-time readers (at least the ones I know about via comments). So for May my award is tied between Margo and Brian. You know who you are. Thanks for your continued readership!
I would add a dishonerable mention towards certain people who continue to read this and are "sour grapes," but they too know who they are.
There's no prize (I'm too cheap) but I'll buy you a drink at Halo!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

An Apple a Day...

The Braces Issue:

Well I have decided to do something I've been thinking about for awhile, I am getting work on my teeth. Not that my teeth are especially bad, but there's room for improvement. And money can fix anything genetics didn't give you.
So I have been researching every orthodontist in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, trying to find the best place. Of course my insurance won't cover cosmetic stuff like this, so while price isn't exactly an issue, the less on braces, the more money for summer vacation! I must be a glutton for punishment... I HATE going to doctors and dentists. They are home of the world's most famous lie: "Relax, this won't hurt a bit..."
First, a lot of places now do the Invisalign retainers of infomercial fame. They seem painless, but do they really work?? I mean, sure they sound a whole lot better than having metal and wires in your mouth for a year or two. Braces at 15,ok, but at 25, I'm not so sure that's the look I'm going for (I attract enough old men as it is).
SO, any readers have positive experiences or horror stories to share? Any reccomendations on what to get or where to go?

Picture of the Week:

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fernando's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Fernando! We celebrated in pure fabulosity this weekend, starting at Banana Cafe, Remingtons, and finally Noche de Fuego at Cada Vez.
As with my own birthday, I'll let the pics speak for themselves...(Courtesy of Margo)

From top to bottom:
1) Phillip and I striking a pose, 2) Fernando and his new guitar! 3) Margo looking "muy fabuloso!" 4) Me as Pancho Villa's gay brother, 5) Having a sub-lime good time, 6) Long Island Iced Teas baby!!!!