Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Last week while walking home from work a car skidding in front of me... the window of the BMW rolled down... it was Casey, offering me a ride home from work. And I got in and accepted the ride. I know, I know. (and now that Casey has a car, I offer this as a public service announcement to pedestrians everywhere) I suppose it's better than what other exes spend their time doing...

Saturday was the Strawberry Fetsival out in the middle of somewhere in the Blue Ridge mountains. It was such a beautiful weekend, and I had four days off in a row (even if I spent half of Friday in an orthodontic office). The Strawberry Festival was so-so (there being a noticeable lack of the actual berries) so afterwards Stephen, myself, Margo & Fred went to the nearby wineries- Naked Mountain and Piedmont wineries. I think Piedmont was the winner that day, a beautfil vineyard, and wines of all types (including a delicious raspeberry and peach).
It was a great Memorial Day weekend spent with Stephen & friends. Here's to summer!

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Don't forget the pictures