Saturday, December 16, 2006

Life in Beta

Blogger (the people who bring you this great blog) keep trying to get me to switch to Blogger Beta. Now, as a rule, I am always suspicious when things are "new and improved." Those who lived through the 80's and early 90's will remember such beta products as New Coke and Crystal Pepsi.
Hotmail tired a beta format that sucked so much I went back to the old format. I'm a little nervous about chaning my Deep Blog over to the new format on Blogger, I have fears it may wreck my design. Hmmm... so if you check back in and see things out of whack, that may be why. I hope this doesn't become the New Coke of blogdom.
At any rate my vacation thus far has brought me peace and contentment. I have just been able to hang about doing whatever I want. And goddamn does it feel good!! This week, when I wasn't sleeping in, I did all my holiday cards and mailed them out yesterday. Tuesday I entertained my mom and went to the Phillips Collection nearby in Dupont. We had Ethiopian food for lunch - always an experience. And later that night I had a wonderful wonderful "Festivus Fondue" at the Melting Pot with many of my close friends and Sean.
I saw "Apocalytpo" on Wednesday. Given Mel Gibson's insanity as of late I was a little apprehensive about seeing it, but I have to say I reccomend it. Who doesn't like graphic depiction of Mayan sacrifice?
Thursday Sean was off so I met him in Chinatown and we went to the Spy Museum together, which I highly enjoyed. It was a great day to spend with him, I really find myself liking him a lot.
So, today besides being lazy I managed to book my flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for next week.

I will be gone between Christmas and New Years in our fabulous and gay-friendly sister to the north, Canada! Tell you more "aboot" it later, eh?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

December Updates

Wow, I've been even more absent than usual on here. I'm out of excuses...I've just been busy, and when I'm not busy I am too tried to update. So, I will try my best and get my adoring audience up to speed.

My work life has been hectic - the NRCA awards dinner at the Grand Hyatt last Wednesday night, and the preperation leading up to that, among other work projects. I am taking two of my three weeks vacation now (they won't carry over into the new year) and plus the week the office is closed for the holidays means THREE, read em, 3 back-to-back weeks of vacation!!!
I will thouroughly enjoy not dealing with any work drama. Now my only dilemma is what to do and/or where to go. Still working on that, as I hadn't really planned this out ahead of time.

Elsewhere in my life is the usual litany of bars and clubs, which I will spare you since it starts to sound redudant after awhile. But I will mention that this Friday I went with friends to a Martha's Table fundraiser (they help feed the homeless of DC) at the Mt. Pleasant Street neighborhood bar, Tonic. I rarely venture into the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, even though it's right around the corner from Adams Morgan. After that I went to a former co-worker's going away party, before she leaves for Romania, at a place in Arlington called Gua-Rapo. It was a nice place, met a lot of Eastern Europeans. Took the metro back into the city and finished out with drinks at the bar of Le Pigalle. The bartenders there are starting to know my drink (which, if you'd like to know, is a blueberry Stoli and soda).