Sunday, January 28, 2007

Love on Ice!

To see our happy fun skating trip last night, click here!

To recap the weekend, I went to Banana Cafe with Phillip and Fernando, for " a few drinks" which somehow tunred into Remington's, followed by Be Bar. A very odd mixture of atmospheres. Nevertheless, I love Be Bar - it's like Halo with a dance floor. And god knows we need more classy gay bars in this town, so I am glad to see the trend of places that are upscale as opposed to the graveyard that is 17th St.

So last night was a night of ice skating with my boyfriend and good friends, Lebanese food, and mischief :) Today, I hung around with Sean, mostly staying in since the cold has been bothering me, though we did venture down to Mei Wah for lunch.

"Sean and Myself"

"'Norma!" LOL!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Tale of Two Phil(l)ips

I'm not sure if I forgot this in my last entry, but Phillip (with 2 L's) is back from England, his visa redtape taken care of for the time being. It's good to have him back, I met him for lunch with Fernando this week. I am looking forward to fabulous times ahead, if they are anything like, say, Fernando's birthday last year.

Oh, and tonight the other Phil, via instant messenger, informed me he is not amused with being labeled an alcoholic. I'm not sure why it brings me no small amount of joy to know my blog upsets him, but it does. Does that make me an evil person? I didn't think so. Anyway, he wishes to inform that he apparently has "studied" the definition of alcoholism, and he is "not an alcoholic" [See: "Alcoholism and Denial"]. Because surely one can diagnose oneself. And what of:
*breaking bones
*blacking out
*threatening to hit one's lover
- all under the influence? Those can't possibly be the signs of alcohol abuse, right? It is true I myself enjoy alcohol, though my enjoyment of it is limited, within control, and causes a relaxed state free from violent or angry behaviors. [post-script: "M" reminded me that laying in a gutter asking my friend "Why does Adam hate me so much!" also counts as a alky behavior too.]

Oh well, enough of Drunky McDrunkerson. It snowed again today... if the cold weather lasts I think this weekend Sean and I will go ice-skating, since Margo suggested that wonderful little rink at Pentagon City. Dinner, skating, mischief... I love winter! I may also be returning to Canada soon, for a possible consulting job opportunity, though I'll say no more lest I jinx it. Sean looked at some condos in Silver Spring today, continuing his search. And that's all I can think of new today!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


On Sunday we got out first snow of the season. Which figureing it was like 70 degrees outside a week or so ago is strange. I went with Sean, Margo, and Fred to MienYu in Georgetown as part of Restaurant Week on Sunday, and I have to say I liked everything I had, though some things on their menu seemed rather odd fusions I would never try. But I liked the atmosphere a great deal.
It started snowing while we were eating. After the meal Sean went to the neighborhoods around the National Cathedral to look at condos (he's in the market looking to buy) and we looked at places back in my neighborhood, in the Adams Morgan / Kalorama area, and saw some pretty nice surprisingly affordable ones. I'd be lying if I said the buying bug didn't bite me a little, but I am not ready to settle on property just yet.
It was good to be in from the snow when we got back to my place, though it was awfully beautiful. Now, Sean has these two friends who live in Sterling, Virginia. It's not just the suburbs, it's the middle of fucking nowhere. And they wanted us to come out to VA to have coffee. Now, being a snowy afternoon with nothing to do, I agreed. Everything was going fine until Sean's car got stuck in the snow on an unplowed street.SO we decided bumfuck VA was a bad idea and instead he took me to a place called Addie's near his place in MD.
Now most know how I feel about the suburbs (I may have developed a little snobbery over the years) so I was bracing for less-than-great food. I was very surprised. It's in a cute wooden house-turned-restaurant, a very country inn atmosphere, and great modern dishes. Sean's a chef, how ever did I doubt his taste ;) I reccomend it, even if it's in MD (again with the Maryland jokes).
All in all Sunday was a great ending to an, um, interesting weekend. Well, it was great to see Laura and her bf Derek who came to visit from Richmond. We had a great deal of fun going to the Spy Museum, the Natural History Musuem (all the things as a resident I am too lazy to see except with visitors). We had dinner at The Odeon, one of the few good Italian places in DC, and to a club called Midnight. All of which was great, save for an ex of mine who started acting very passive-agressively. Too much to even go into now, but I am in no hurry to repeat that mess again, though I'd love to see Laura again.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Maryland Empire"

There's always been a long-running joke that Maryland, is just, well, different. (Apologies to select Marylanders including my boyfriend Sean, blog reader Brian). Well, this book just confirms it : Weird Maryland.

Which brings me last Saturday when I went to see the David lynch film "Inland Empire" at the AFI theater in Silver Spring (full enough of it's own weirdness to warrant a Lynch movie.) Hmmm you know, it's been going around in my head for days now. I think I might have a theory as to "what is all means" but then again I could be wrong. Either way, it involves three hours of Laura Dern playing a foul-mouthed skank, dancing prostitutes, Polish carnies. I think that about sums it up. If you find a plot, let me know.

It was also Leather Weekend, and my friend found a nice leather harness (no pics, sorry). I saw some very, um, educational stuff. Basically got drunk three nights in a row is the sum of it. Come to think of it, Tuesday night I got drunk too, on way too many cocktails at a work happy hour at the Front Page because the guy kept giving me half-priced gin-and-tonics long after happy hour had ended. Sure, blame it all the bartender. If this keeps going, I'll be turning into Phil.

Oh, and today is my friend Fred's birthday, so Happy Birthday Fred!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Nothing Changes on New Year's Day..."

Hello, I am back home from Canada, and back at work (I feel like I'm the only one in DC who had to go to work today on this "day of mourning" for the death of Gerald Ford). I would have liked an extra day of rest, but oh well.

So New Years was great, I spent it with my boyfriend Sean (AKA "The Chef") and Fernando at Halo and the Eagle (don't ask me how we wound up at a leather bar, after drinks at Halo it somehow made sense). Yesterday, New Years Day, I had a late brunch with Sean once we got ourselves together, and had dinner too with his friends in Maryland. Honestly, I am exhausted, I haven't even unpacked from my trip- as soon as I got in from the airport I went right back out and so on...

So, Canada! I don't even know where to begin. I was mostly in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but went to various other towns around the province as well (Evangline Beach, Peggy's Cove, Hall's Harbour, Wolfville, Kentville, Chester, St. Margaret's Bay area) It was very beautiful, and I can definately say I got my "Winter fix." Remind me never to ask for cold weather again.

Some photos for your enjoyment...
Hall's Harbour on the Bay of Fundy, home of the world's highest tides (as seen by this boat)

The lighthouse and town of Peggy's Cove

Downtown Halifax on a typical snowy winter day