Tuesday, January 23, 2007


On Sunday we got out first snow of the season. Which figureing it was like 70 degrees outside a week or so ago is strange. I went with Sean, Margo, and Fred to MienYu in Georgetown as part of Restaurant Week on Sunday, and I have to say I liked everything I had, though some things on their menu seemed rather odd fusions I would never try. But I liked the atmosphere a great deal.
It started snowing while we were eating. After the meal Sean went to the neighborhoods around the National Cathedral to look at condos (he's in the market looking to buy) and we looked at places back in my neighborhood, in the Adams Morgan / Kalorama area, and saw some pretty nice surprisingly affordable ones. I'd be lying if I said the buying bug didn't bite me a little, but I am not ready to settle on property just yet.
It was good to be in from the snow when we got back to my place, though it was awfully beautiful. Now, Sean has these two friends who live in Sterling, Virginia. It's not just the suburbs, it's the middle of fucking nowhere. And they wanted us to come out to VA to have coffee. Now, being a snowy afternoon with nothing to do, I agreed. Everything was going fine until Sean's car got stuck in the snow on an unplowed street.SO we decided bumfuck VA was a bad idea and instead he took me to a place called Addie's near his place in MD.
Now most know how I feel about the suburbs (I may have developed a little snobbery over the years) so I was bracing for less-than-great food. I was very surprised. It's in a cute wooden house-turned-restaurant, a very country inn atmosphere, and great modern dishes. Sean's a chef, how ever did I doubt his taste ;) I reccomend it, even if it's in MD (again with the Maryland jokes).
All in all Sunday was a great ending to an, um, interesting weekend. Well, it was great to see Laura and her bf Derek who came to visit from Richmond. We had a great deal of fun going to the Spy Museum, the Natural History Musuem (all the things as a resident I am too lazy to see except with visitors). We had dinner at The Odeon, one of the few good Italian places in DC, and to a club called Midnight. All of which was great, save for an ex of mine who started acting very passive-agressively. Too much to even go into now, but I am in no hurry to repeat that mess again, though I'd love to see Laura again.

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