Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Tale of Two Phil(l)ips

I'm not sure if I forgot this in my last entry, but Phillip (with 2 L's) is back from England, his visa redtape taken care of for the time being. It's good to have him back, I met him for lunch with Fernando this week. I am looking forward to fabulous times ahead, if they are anything like, say, Fernando's birthday last year.

Oh, and tonight the other Phil, via instant messenger, informed me he is not amused with being labeled an alcoholic. I'm not sure why it brings me no small amount of joy to know my blog upsets him, but it does. Does that make me an evil person? I didn't think so. Anyway, he wishes to inform that he apparently has "studied" the definition of alcoholism, and he is "not an alcoholic" [See: "Alcoholism and Denial"]. Because surely one can diagnose oneself. And what of:
*breaking bones
*blacking out
*threatening to hit one's lover
- all under the influence? Those can't possibly be the signs of alcohol abuse, right? It is true I myself enjoy alcohol, though my enjoyment of it is limited, within control, and causes a relaxed state free from violent or angry behaviors. [post-script: "M" reminded me that laying in a gutter asking my friend "Why does Adam hate me so much!" also counts as a alky behavior too.]

Oh well, enough of Drunky McDrunkerson. It snowed again today... if the cold weather lasts I think this weekend Sean and I will go ice-skating, since Margo suggested that wonderful little rink at Pentagon City. Dinner, skating, mischief... I love winter! I may also be returning to Canada soon, for a possible consulting job opportunity, though I'll say no more lest I jinx it. Sean looked at some condos in Silver Spring today, continuing his search. And that's all I can think of new today!

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