Sunday, January 28, 2007

Love on Ice!

To see our happy fun skating trip last night, click here!

To recap the weekend, I went to Banana Cafe with Phillip and Fernando, for " a few drinks" which somehow tunred into Remington's, followed by Be Bar. A very odd mixture of atmospheres. Nevertheless, I love Be Bar - it's like Halo with a dance floor. And god knows we need more classy gay bars in this town, so I am glad to see the trend of places that are upscale as opposed to the graveyard that is 17th St.

So last night was a night of ice skating with my boyfriend and good friends, Lebanese food, and mischief :) Today, I hung around with Sean, mostly staying in since the cold has been bothering me, though we did venture down to Mei Wah for lunch.

"Sean and Myself"

"'Norma!" LOL!

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