Tuesday, February 20, 2007

'Taint Any Fun

This weekend Phillip's friend from London came to visit, arriving on Thursday, so I met them at the Fab Lounge and we went to College Night at Apex, which feels more surreal everytime I go - to think I was once one of those college kids (not THAT long ago, mind you, but a world away mentally).
I think I am turning into an "old married couple" already though with Sean. Maybe it's because his schedule and mine don't always sync, but for example Saturday night I took him to dinner at Floriana and afterwards, despite numerous invitation to go out, we stayed in bed. Granted certain things ARE more fun that dancing and drinking, but staying in on a Saturday night seems perfectly fine when you're with someone. Funny how that happens.
Sunday night, not having work in the morning (not that that's every stopped me before) F and Phillip requested my presence at Taint, a monthly Sunday night party at 9th and U Sts.
Sigh- just when I thought the abyss of DC gay nightlife was JR's, I was oh so so wrong. I hereby recant my statements that JR's blows the hardest, and give the new title to Taint. The "indie" music sucked, the room was full of pretentious hipster-wannabes, I think all my my friends unanimously concluded it was two thumbs-down. Taint left me longing for the bad techno and tweaked out twinks of now-defunct Velvet Nation.
Monday my friend Holly came over to deliver a new member of my little family, a hamster (as yet unamed) that her hamsters gave birth to last month. He's now living in my old aquarium and seems to spend much of his time spinning on the hamster wheel. How I feel at work sometimes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Best Valentine's Day Yet!

I realize many of my friends scoff at Valentine's Day as a "Hallmark Holiday" or something of capitalist excess. I don't give a damn, V-Day is important and if I'm in a relationship I want to spoil and be spoiled in return! Last year Drunky McDrunkerson ruined my V-Day (he spent his, no doubt, with his best friend Vodka and a trick from gay.com).
Well, this year made up for it and then some. Sean is a wonderful guy... when I told him (due to the 4 inches of snow/ice we got the night before) I wouldn't bother going into work, he told me I should go in... and of course he had very beautiful flowers etc delivered to me there.
For dinner he surprised me by taking me to French restaurant (trying to find the name, can't remember...) and we exchanged personal Valentines. I was glad to hear the flowers and balloons I sent made it safely to his job as well.

What an interesting (and bitterly cold) week it's been. I dropped the bomb on my current bosses that I accepted a higher position somehwere else (a big F-U to them), so I've been basically a lame duck in my office doing nothing until my last day next week. Last week I celebrated the news with Phillip and Fernando, Friday night I somehow left my bag (with my laptop in it!) at a Peking duck place in Bethesda, which found me the next day trying to find the place - fortunately they did have my bag. Saturday night I went out with Sean and two of his friends from VA to a wonderful place in Silver Spring I've heard so many good things about over the years, but never ventured to try: The Mrs. K's Tollhouse restaurant. It was very nice, sort of a country-inn type restaurant you'd expect to see in the Shenandoah Valley or something. We all enjoyed everything, I highly reccomend if you're looking for a short getaway, very romantic.
The night before Valentines (Tuesday) was the night it snowed. I met with Phillip and Fernando for coffee and some lovely brownies that fucked me up (I only ate 1 1/2, I can only imagine how P must've felt) went home, watched the snow fall, listened to music and drifted off to sleep.

Friday, February 09, 2007

More 15 Mins of Fame...

Today I am in both the Washington Post Express (under the Valentine's Day interview, which took place at Cafe Citron last week) and in the Washington Blade. The photo in the Blade is the funniest of all - it's a pic of Phillip and I... at (irony of irony) JR's. Everyday my life feels more and more like a tabloid.

Monday, February 05, 2007

February Revolution!

Welcome to February, which so far is turning into a month that ROCKS!

For starters, my boyfriend Sean just bought a place in McLean, Virginia, near Tyson's Corner -it's very nice, we took a look at it together yesterday. Congratulations, baby!!!

And, though I haven't wanted to mention it out of fear of jinxing it, I have been offered a higher-paying and higher-title position at a gay rights non-profit. I am taking it.

So, my social life wrap-up. Last week I was still under the weather. I'm still coughing but I'm getting better. Anyway, Fernando, Phillip, Sean and myself went to Margo's for dinner last Thursday night. She made this amazing roasted red pepper sauce (which I'd love to have the recipe for hint hint :) ). Friday night I went out with a bunch of co-workers, first to Cafe Citron, dinner at Luna Cafe, and tequila shots and other stuff at a friends house. Hmmm, Saturday Sean came over and we were going to go to dinner at Lauriol Plaza. Now, you know I love Lariol but when they have an 80-minute wait I don't think so. Some restauarants are ok, but highly over-rated. So we went to Logan Tavern where I felt dissapointed again, by both the wait, the bland food, and the service. DC really needs a fresh jolt of new restaurants, these places are getting stale. We met Phillip at Cobalt and I actually got Sean to dance(!). It was a great time had by all!
Sunday, we met Phillip and Fernando for post-party brunch at Playbill, looked at the place in VA, and went out with his friend Courntey to celebrate his purchase and watch the superbowl.