Tuesday, February 20, 2007

'Taint Any Fun

This weekend Phillip's friend from London came to visit, arriving on Thursday, so I met them at the Fab Lounge and we went to College Night at Apex, which feels more surreal everytime I go - to think I was once one of those college kids (not THAT long ago, mind you, but a world away mentally).
I think I am turning into an "old married couple" already though with Sean. Maybe it's because his schedule and mine don't always sync, but for example Saturday night I took him to dinner at Floriana and afterwards, despite numerous invitation to go out, we stayed in bed. Granted certain things ARE more fun that dancing and drinking, but staying in on a Saturday night seems perfectly fine when you're with someone. Funny how that happens.
Sunday night, not having work in the morning (not that that's every stopped me before) F and Phillip requested my presence at Taint, a monthly Sunday night party at 9th and U Sts.
Sigh- just when I thought the abyss of DC gay nightlife was JR's, I was oh so so wrong. I hereby recant my statements that JR's blows the hardest, and give the new title to Taint. The "indie" music sucked, the room was full of pretentious hipster-wannabes, I think all my my friends unanimously concluded it was two thumbs-down. Taint left me longing for the bad techno and tweaked out twinks of now-defunct Velvet Nation.
Monday my friend Holly came over to deliver a new member of my little family, a hamster (as yet unamed) that her hamsters gave birth to last month. He's now living in my old aquarium and seems to spend much of his time spinning on the hamster wheel. How I feel at work sometimes.

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Brian said...

So many keywords in this post:

College Night at Apex


JR's blows

pretentious hipster wannabes

bad techno

tweaked out twinks

What more could a gay man ask for!

Adam, you're awesome!!!!!