Saturday, March 03, 2007

"Vacation, all I ever wanted..."

Another week of vacation... actually I just took a week off as "psychological decompression time" between my old job, and the new one which I start on Monday. Wish me luck!
What's been going on in the past two weeks? Well, cleaning out my office, finding any excuse to celebrate my departure from the insane asylum that was my old job. And there's been lots of sleeping. Zzzz
I owe our friend Marc a belated Happy Birthday. We went out to celebrate at a cute Mexican place in Adams Morgan (we had a very hot Latin waiter, I seem to remember).
"The Sum of all Beers", or "For Whom the Booze Tolls"
I have to start off with this website I stumbled across today. Certain people I know might find it interesting...
Modern Drunk Magazine.
Departing From Gate...
So Friday apparently I caused a stir by inviting Phillip and Fernando to my going-away party at Halo (where did you think I was going to have it, JR's?!) I don't know why, but just knowing that the three of us wll continue to be the office gossip for ages to come makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
What have I done with myself this week? Absolutely nothing! No travelling, no places to be (I even cancelled my appointments), just sleeping as late as I want to, leisurely lunches, shopping, sleeping, meeting up with Sean. Yep. Oh, well Tuesday was reserved for helping Sean move. I absolutley love his new place in McLean/Tysons, we spent our first night together in his new home, bought some new furniture.
Speaking of moves, Margo may be moving soon, she is looking at places, and I wish her the best. Oh the fun times yet to be had!
The Fall of Berlin...
While many know my habit of naming exes after fascist dictators, I have to report my on-going reconcilliation with Casey (formerly known as Hitler, a nickname given to him by Dena). Anyway I saw him this week at Caribou Coffee and we ended up hanging out and going shopping together. He's doing well, it seems, so much more stable and mellowed out. I actually think it will be ok to be friends with him again. It's just weird to think we once lived together, and now we are such different people. But I guess that's growing up (or older).

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Brian said...

hey Adam

Lucky you, you get to sleep days the away while on vacation. That is what I need, rest! Nobody told me that doing this "adult thing" would be this hard. I wish I were a child again watching Punky Brewster or Batman in the afternoon. I wish I could sleep until 12:00 pm, eat a carton of double fudge brownie edy's ice cream and watch my soap operas.

The three of you office gossip? I won't believe it! LOL!

You have a boyfriend and you spend the night at his house? I'm jealous I wish I had a getaway house filled with cuddling and affection.

Well congratulations that you can be friends with your ex. I've tried and it just ain't happening. I've always wondered do exes feel akward and out of place being around the new boyfriend or girlfriend?

St. Patricks Day is next Saturday. Book your bar space in advance!!! I say go to Remingtons.