Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Madness

The post title isn't because I'm a big fan of basketball or anything, but because March thus far has been madness. My grandmother had a stroke, my cousin is getting married in Chicago this weekend (which depending on the grandmother's situation I may or may not be attending), I finished my first week at the new job (LOVE IT!), Sean moved into his new condo in Virginia, Margo is moving into her new place on Capitol Hill. So... that's everything that's been going in my life, sigh. [and how could we not forget poor Britney going bat-shit crazy?! And readers wonder why I advocate rehab and Alcoholics Anonymous for those who need it].

Ok, now apparently Congress up and decided to move Daylight Savings Time without informing yours truly, so this morning when I was supposed to meet friends and Sean at Cafe Belga for Sunday brunch, I show up an hour late! Afterwards we all went to the orchid exhibit at the National Botanic Garden, which somehow was a bit of a let-down compared to last year as they didn't seem to have as many orchids. Though there are always interesting planst to see anyway (why didn't they have our beloved chocolate orchid??)

This past week I haven't had time for my usual blogging. Monday night I did go out to celebrate the first day on the job with Sean at a place in Rockville I love called Cava. His friend Courtney introduced me to the place when Sean and I first started dating. It's strange - there is really no good Greek restaurant in DC itself, and Cava just comes to show there are some amazing restaurants worth a trip to the suburbs. I can't believe I haven't mentioned it before. Be sure to try their "Cava martini" made with pommegranate and white grape. Highly reccomended restaurant!!


Brian said...

hey Adam

Cafe Belga sound wonderful, the food sounds intriguing and the place looks simply marvelous! When will I get my personal invite? May I run up a $1,000 + tab there?

Oh and I want to go and try that spicy little restaurant Cava too.

matthew said...

hey man,
i like your blog. you should make it subscribable, it would be easier for people to follow. check it out: the dc blog project.