Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Anderson Cooper Shrine

With all this potential flooding, I am kind of dissapointed now that everything seems to be alright. I was hoping maybe Anderson Cooper could take some time away from covering the Katrina disaster, and come to DC.
I, of course being the good samaritan, could offer him a place to bedroom has a good view of the city. Sigh...
And now an obligatory picture of him

Monday, June 26, 2006

Drowned World

Damn, it really does feel like we're all going to float away. Well, all the little people will, I will be safe in my tower on the hill overlooking the rest of the city (and to think I bitched about having to walk uphill). I really do love a good thunderstorm, and we've had 4 straight days of it. Curled up, watching a storm, in bed with a significant other- always nice. And last night's storm was something straight out of the movies! Today along P st between 17th & 18th there was a HUGE tree blocking the entire street, and there's been flooding of subway stations. It's not even hurricane season yet!!

I had a great weekend, mostly filled with spending time with Stephen, I also got to go drinking with Raven and Ken. Speaking of fun times, I have 4 day weekend coming up, AND I'd like to wish Margo an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I look forward to your party, dear, it will be quite a "production" ;)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Week in the Life of Adam

In World Cup news (yes, it's pretty much the only sports thing I get into) Ghana defeated the Untied States today. Which is sad for me mainly because I won't get to see super-hottie Carlos Bocanegra. Oh, I am so transparent sometimes.

Tuesday night I was in rare form as I went with certain two friends/coworkers to Cobalt for their 80's night party. I accidently found myself wasted, it was absolutely embarrasing. Namely because I managed to loose my shirt on the dancefloor (fortunately I still had my over-shirt to wear home.) Ugh, Stephen made some crack about how it was probably swiped by some dirty old man who's getting his rocks off with it. And waking up to a trashed apartment (I have no idea what I was doing when I got home- it looks like I was trying to cook). The whole day at work I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. And worse, two gay guys who work downstairs recognized me from the night before. Ohhhhh the shame!

I'm feeling way better today, though the evil two-some is trying to convice me to come with them to Apex tonight. But first we are going to ckeck out some new gay bar called Sky Bar in the Beacon Hotel on 17th Street. I'll give you the scoop once I check it out!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Burnt to a Crisp

Summer seems to officialy be here, which in Washington means heat and humidity. Friday (16th)after my last blog entry, I left work early (as if I had been working at all... I popped in for a whole hour) and met a friend for dinner at Churreria Madrid, in my neighborhood. The food was, as always, great. If you live in the region and haven't visited this little place, do it! (Champlain St. & Columbia NW). Actually it was this guy Andy I made friends with at Omega last Sunday after Pride. He convinced me to finally watch the movie "Trans-America" which was actually really good and very funny!
Saturday I spent with Steven, and we made a trip to Old Town Alexandria, which I hadn't been to in a long time, at least during the day. I love the riverfront area, al the neat little shops...I could see myself living in Old Town. We had a great time shopping and having dinner together, and just strolling along the river.
Sunday I went to Margo's for brunch, and (a repeat of Friday) I sat by the pool drinking and having a great time. Except I wanted to get rid of my winter whiteness, and today I'm paying the price: I got more burn than brown.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Fabulous Friday!

Happy end of the week to all... I'm a little tipsy as I write this. Where do I start... first, check out Margo's fabulous photos from her New York trip. What a fun place to visit! (I could never live there because it's kinda dirty, skanky, and overhyped, but a great place to weekend). It looked like Margo and Fred had such a good time, I'm envious!
In other news, the date is set on my braces. Two Fridays from now, June 30th. It makes me nervous and excited all at the same time, especially since very few people actually know about it, so it will be a big surprise.
Today after my morning appointment, I hung out with certain two fabulous coworkers of mine at a certain Bruce's Kalorama estate, sitting by the pool, swimming and drinking. Er, I mean, my appointment lasted all afternoon cough, cough =)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogging Pays Off!

Well, sort of. My blogging "skillz" have put me in charge of my organization's new blog, which you can check out here:

EDN Blog!

In other news, I have another orthodontic appointment this week, where I may or may not have "spacers" put in my back molars to make room for the brace brackets. Oh yes, I forgot to add that, yes, I am getting braces for sure (cermamic clear ones), and that the spacers are supposed to be the most painful part. I'm hoping I might not need them. I've written about how much I hate going to the doctor, but I find myself getting just as nervous at the dentist or orthodontists too. Just the sound of the drill brings me back to childhood visits where "this won't hurt a bit..."
Related to this, I am binging on all sorts of things that will be forbidden to me... tortilla chips, sticky candy and gum, etc.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Pride!!

First, I hope everybody had a safe, fun, and wonderful Pride! I know I did...

Among the activities included the parade on Saturday, Halo, The Fab Lounge, Noche de Fuego at Cada Vez (which I am really growing fond of) among other places. The street festival on sunday was a lot of fun, despite the Twilight-Zone-ish running into or seeing to almost every single man I've dated in Washington. Maybe I need to move to another city and start afresh.
Meanwhile in New York City...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Personal Penguin

This link is too cute, a Penguin Message Generator. You type in your message and the penguin does the rest!

This weekend a person from my past, PJ, came to DC from Richmond where he's living to celebrate his birthday. Now, things between us have been cool, but last year I extended the olive branch and we've been on good terms since. It was good to hang out with him Saturday, and there was no wierdness ora anything, we can be friends, and I like that. If only all relationships ended up that smoothly.

With Margo, Marc, and Fred, I saw X Men 3 at the theater in Chinatown. Wolverine is pure male hotness. I liked it, the movie that is. Afterwards we had tapas dinner at La Tasca across the street (peach sanrgia!). Meeting up with PJ and his friend Chris we went to Halo.... long abbreviated story we wound up at the gay strip bar WET. It was a fun, if very late, night. I love coming home to the paper delivery guy, LOL.

Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Fabu-lash!

Last night with some friends I ventured to a new gay establishment (part of my quest to explore new places) called The Fab Lounge.
It was fabulous, but in a low-key way. The space, located at Connecitcut and Florida Ave. NW is a much-needed gay presence in North Dupont. It's very spacious and has comfy chairs and tables in addition to a nice bar area. It's only been open 2 months, but I am spreadigng the word, I think it has great potential and hopefully will attract more young people (unlike, say, some other bars that seem to attract the old and tired).
We also ventured into the 18th & U Duplex, which is very happening on a Thursday night for some reason. It has it's share of older men, but it's typically the buff older "daddy" types as opposed to the trolls. Being so packed, we then ventured down the street to the so-called "gay bar" Larry's Lounge. Not my favorite place, but it had some seating available. I just am not sure how they get away with advertising themselves as a gay bar, when out of a packed room, we were the only gay people to be seen. Not highly reccomended.
So recap: Larry's Lounge, two thumbs down. Duplex, two thumbs up (for Thursday at least). The Fab Lounge, two thumbs up.