Monday, June 19, 2006

Burnt to a Crisp

Summer seems to officialy be here, which in Washington means heat and humidity. Friday (16th)after my last blog entry, I left work early (as if I had been working at all... I popped in for a whole hour) and met a friend for dinner at Churreria Madrid, in my neighborhood. The food was, as always, great. If you live in the region and haven't visited this little place, do it! (Champlain St. & Columbia NW). Actually it was this guy Andy I made friends with at Omega last Sunday after Pride. He convinced me to finally watch the movie "Trans-America" which was actually really good and very funny!
Saturday I spent with Steven, and we made a trip to Old Town Alexandria, which I hadn't been to in a long time, at least during the day. I love the riverfront area, al the neat little shops...I could see myself living in Old Town. We had a great time shopping and having dinner together, and just strolling along the river.
Sunday I went to Margo's for brunch, and (a repeat of Friday) I sat by the pool drinking and having a great time. Except I wanted to get rid of my winter whiteness, and today I'm paying the price: I got more burn than brown.

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