Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Things to be Thankful For

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did - I got off a half day from Wednesday to yesterday, so it was a much needed vacation. I went out dancing with Fernando on Tuesday night - ran into a guy I was/am sort of seeing. I feel mean because he seems into me, but I'm starting to loose interest in him. We were at Retro Night at Cobalt and he wanted to go home with me, but I was too drunk and had to work the next day. Sigh, I'm always so bad at handling these things.

Thursday I went to visit my family for the day, though I got a bit of the guilt trip for "dining and dashing" ie, I had to leave after dinner to make it to a friend's party on time which was the perfect excuse to get away. I don't know why I continue to let my family give me guilt trips over these sorts of things. I can count the number of times they visit me on one hand (keep in mind they live a whopping 30 miles away). Yet I'm always expected to go out of my way to visit them. I really don't feel guilty, of course, but I have to listen to the comments when I visit. Sometimes I wish I lived in California.

Anyway, I met Sean, a recent interest, and we went to Margo and Fred's. I always seem to miss the food on TG, and it seems to be a tradition-in-the-making for me to bring a new boy over (last year it was The Village Drunk AKA Mussolini AKA Phil). The wine tasting was interesting (my vote goes for the blueberry wine). I went home with tons of leftovers from both dinners. Witnessed a hit-n-run on 19th st (which was funny because we were discussing the infamous one that happened in August of '05).

Friday night Fernando and his roomate Kevin picked me up and we went to one of his friend's condos in Columbia Heights. We got drunk before we even went out - I should know that when Fernando is involved there's always a hangover. So we get to Halo and I'm alrady lit, and you know how Halo is. I met some guy from the gay men's swim team. Don't remember his name. I had all these grand ideas for the evening, but instead I stumbled home at midnight with the world spinning around me.

Saturday I enjoyed the beautiful weather as much as possible. I met Sean again and we went to dinner at The Duplex Diner in my neighborhood at 18th and U st. Now, the Duplex is an interesting place, part gay bar part kitschy restaurant. Sadly, the service is very gay too - in other words always late and filled with attitude. I really WANT to like the place, but the attitude factor keeps me from going back. At any rate, Sean and I had a great evening together, even if his chef job keeps him working odd hours (go figure- I never thought I'd be a 9-5er).

Sunday I met Fernando (you can already guess how this will end) for brunch at 1409 Playbill. Bloody Mary's were involved. My whole afternoon was shot. I remember accidentally insulting a friend from college we ran into at Kramer's, sitting in the Circle, passing out on my couch, and having a headache from hell. And they say Bloody Marys are a cure for hangovers! I guess in moderation.

As a completely unrelated topic, check out the new Macy's on 13th and G st. They have the coolest holiday window displays. It's times like that I could almost get into the holiday season.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Casino Adam

Zaytinya I've been hearing around, and in local magazines, that Zaytinya is the new hot spot. It's in Gallery Place next to the MLK library on F st NW. I went there on a date this Wednesday past, and as I expected, it was busy. Overall, I was prepared for another over-priced too-hip restaurant, but I have to say I was completly impressed with the menu (Turkish / Mediterranean) and the live music and belly-dancing.

Oh, and the guy :) So his name is Sean, he's very nice, a chef who lives in Maryland... I like him. The first date went very well, in fact I saw him again last night. We went to see Casino Royale, the new Bond movie.

James Blonde Ok, let me ctach my breath on that one. This new Daniel Craig guy is SMOKING hot. And unlike past Bonds, he seems a little grittier, a little dirtier, which I like! And those peircing blue eyes. Sigh...

Food and Booze I'm starting to notice a pattern in my blog... there's usually lots of alcohol involved. And this weekend, my dear readers, was no exception. I went out straight after work to celebrate the end of a particularly rough week. And Saturday was a sort of pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner party. Which in a party full of gay men means no one shows up on time, and there's more vodka than edible food. Of course I was impressed with all the dishes (thanks Margo for the great Apple pie - Fernando hid it from the other people for ourselves LOL). And this week will find me indulging in more turkey and cocktails, no doubt!

And for those interested: my Cranberry-Orange Grand Marnier Sauce

2 bags fresh cranberries, roughly 24 oz?
Squeezed juice of 2 navel oranges
1 to 1.5 cups sugar to taste
-Mix together in a large pot, over high heat until the berries start to burst. By about 6-10 mins, the berries should be completely broken down and the sauce should be thickening. Let the sauce cool, and add 4 tbs Grand Marnier. Chill.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An Open Letter to...

Ok, sometimes I get nostalgic for the past and things that could-have-been. Not sure why I remember Justin - considering it was years ago. A friend of mine was visiting from London and during that time I'd met this guy, even though I was still living with "Hitler." I was at Annie's having lunch one day this week and, as sometimes, happens, I remembered sitting in that same booth three years ago...

It was three years ago. I remember really liking you; your name was Justin and you had gone to Pepperdine University.
Your first month or so here in DC you also got mugged! I felt so bad.

I was involved with a psychopath at the time, but I wanted to get rid of him. It was a classic case of "if I can't have you, no one will." ie, he set out to sabotage any future dates I had, and I recall one drunken night he really embarassed me at Annies, where you were sitting with a friend having dinner. After that I was so ashamed I didn't try meeting up with you.

On the bright side, Mr. Psychopath is out of my life (with everything short of a restraining order). I've learned to be a little more drama free. :)

Out of the blue the other day -at Annie's actually- I remembered you. Wondered if you were still in DC, if you like it or hate it, in general I hope you are doing well. Funny the men we remember, and the missed chances we regret!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mer de Noms

Now that the year is drawing towards a close, I feel I should reflect on things that have happened over the course of a crazy year. And one of my favorite commentors mentioned that I hadn't written anything political - and for a reason! I feel there's so much in the daily paper about it all, I can't add anything. Plus, I live in the District of Columbia which means I have no representation in Congress anyway, so I had no important candidates like my friends in Virginia or Maryland. Well, Mayor of the city I suppose, but we all know Fenty is going to win. Add to this the fact I am neither Republican or Democrat. No, I am not one of those mushy middle-of-the-road people. I am very much on the Left... so much so that I find myself frequently furious at the Democrats for their weak nature. I've even lost faith in Howard Dean... ok I said I would avoid politics and there I go!

So anyway, on to more pleasant topics, men. Maybe it was a conversation I had in a bar not too long ago, when I had trouble remembering all the guys I have been involved with this year. I don't know if that's funny or sad. At any rate, here they are in the order I remember them roughly, from January to present.

Phil- like a big drunken teddy bear.
Bryan - the guy from New York.
Stephen - the Catholic I dated for 4 summer months
Andy - wish I had followed up with him.
Mark - another one I wish I'd followed up with.
John S. -yet another one I never followed up with afterwards.
Brad - cute boy from Maine, by too young I think.
Michael - a reporter who wanted to get my story.
Tom- sigh, Tom the Fire Captain I met at Chloe.
Mike S. - a guy I met last year who's still being persistant.
Will- the current boy, a dancer.

I know there are names and nights I am forgetting here, but not too shabby I guess!

Friday, November 03, 2006


November brings the annual NaNoWriMo, that is, the National Novel Writing Month. Now, I'M not planning on writing a novel this month, though I certainly have the material to write a few, but in 30 days, it seems almost an impossible task- though best of luck to anyone trying!!

Halloween season is over, and Tuesday night I had fun with Fernando, and this new boy I've met, Will, at Cobalt (still more Halloween >pics to be seen here). And WTF with the weather? Tuesday it was hot, and suddenly it became very cold again.

Last night I went to >Hank's Oyster Bar, on 17th & Q st, with a Margo, Fred, Mard, & Crystal. It's been open for a year, I suppose, but I've never gone in there. Now, growing up by the beach most of my life, I KNOW seafood. So I has actually pretty suprised at how good it was, especially since most inland seafood restaurants tend to dissapoint me. I reccomend it as a much-needed upscale restaurant on the 17th Street strip, which sadly offers mostly bar food, or cheap Italian (DIK I'm looking at you!). There IS >Le Pigalle (despite the bad review the Post gave it) and >Sushi Taro at least.