Friday, November 03, 2006


November brings the annual NaNoWriMo, that is, the National Novel Writing Month. Now, I'M not planning on writing a novel this month, though I certainly have the material to write a few, but in 30 days, it seems almost an impossible task- though best of luck to anyone trying!!

Halloween season is over, and Tuesday night I had fun with Fernando, and this new boy I've met, Will, at Cobalt (still more Halloween >pics to be seen here). And WTF with the weather? Tuesday it was hot, and suddenly it became very cold again.

Last night I went to >Hank's Oyster Bar, on 17th & Q st, with a Margo, Fred, Mard, & Crystal. It's been open for a year, I suppose, but I've never gone in there. Now, growing up by the beach most of my life, I KNOW seafood. So I has actually pretty suprised at how good it was, especially since most inland seafood restaurants tend to dissapoint me. I reccomend it as a much-needed upscale restaurant on the 17th Street strip, which sadly offers mostly bar food, or cheap Italian (DIK I'm looking at you!). There IS >Le Pigalle (despite the bad review the Post gave it) and >Sushi Taro at least.

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Brian said...

Nothing about the election...which is in a few days.

Nothing about reading books or the latest Advocate issue.

Nothing about Kerry's (spot on) joke.

It's all about food, food, food.



Speaking of which check out the Hong Kong Buffet down in Waldorf, great seafood! I go there at least 2 times in a month.