Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Like Sand Through an Hourglass..."

I am not dead, in case any of you were wondering. California was fucking AWESOME, I had a blast, and will post pictures as soon as possible. I love Palm Springs. Since leaving the desert and returning to the swampy humid jungle that is DC, my sinuses have reverted to their usual problematic selves. For that reason alone I'd live in California.
SO much has happened, and life has been so busy I don't have time to blog like I used to.
I'll sum up the past few weeks accordingly. Butterfield9 has great food. I hate flying, but CA gets two thumbs up. Our hotel was full of some interesting characters (Christian poetry writing hotel woman, old nasty gay guys leering at me in the pool), Crashing a movie party and bullshitting our way around, gambling in casinos -didn't win but came out even. Went out drinking last night at Fab Lounge, Cobalt, and Halo, woke up this morning with a monster hangover, still managed to look descent and meet up with a guy for lunch ;)
I think I need a vacation again already. And to top it all off I am flying back to L.A. on Tuesday. Never a dull moment

Monday, August 14, 2006

California Dreaming

It's been a great weekend, and so so many things have changed.
Friday the 11th was one of those days where things have a weird way of all coming together. First, my boss Phillip has decided to leave. (there are a lot of implications in that). I am very happy for him, by the way. Fernando and him took me to lunch at Logan Tavern to celebrate my one year anniversary at my job. We celebrated with beer and champagne afterwards for both of us with coworkers.
Saturday I went to Mimi's with Fernando, Charlotte, Phillip, and "B.B" over great food, singing waiters, more champagne. It was really one of those perfect evenings, and we celebrated both Phillip's moving on and my own survival at my job, lol.
Later we went to Noche de Fuego for a night of dancing and drinking. I remember leaving around 3am and sitting on someone's stoop on U st. with them eating pizza, and Phillip taking some guy's sunglasses, god I was drunk.
The next morning I woke up to a nasty headache, but managed to meet Fernando for brunch at Merkado on P st.(next to Halo) and I have to say I was very impressed with the food. Went shopping with him and Phillip at Pentagon City, bought a new lamp.
AND today I come to find out a week after I get back from L.A./Palm Springs, I am flying back to Los Angeles for a week-long business trip. No rest for the wicked.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty...

I'm so glad the crazy heat has broken! So, at the end of August I am going to California with Margo. I'm excited, as I've only spent time in San Francisco before, it'll be my first time in the L.A. area. I also discovered that I have not 2, but 3 weeks vacation at my job. Bonus!
Saturday night I went with Fred & Margo to an outdoor film event in Bethesda (they were playing West Side Story). I thought it was pretty cool, despite being in dreaded Maryland (sorry to my Maryland readers).
Sunday I was very lazy, spending the day in the Circle, until I meandered over to Meridian Hill Park to watch the Sunday drummer's circle. If you live in DC and haven't been, it really is a Sunday tradition of sorts. I would say hundreds of people come to the park, where anywhere between 20 and 40 drummers, flute players, bongo players etc., play music, people dance. It really is a lot of fun. The park itself is beautiful, and the area is finally cleaning up a bit so it's safe to hang out there. Go here to see the pictures I took.
After coming back from the park I met up with Phillip & Fernando who had just gotten back in the city from a weekend in Phoenix, for drinks at The Fab Lounge.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Today's the first day of August. It's been so terribly hot, everyday this week is supposed to be around 100 degrees. Most days of the week I walk back to my apartment for lunch. It's psychologically good in that I get out of the office, exercize, and can check up on things at my place. Sometimes I'll get food out and sit in Dupont Circle. But it's been so nasty that I plan in sitting in the AC of the office today, all day.
Thursday seems like a day that a lot of coincidences came together. I'll just abbreviate the story by saying I met Margo at Soho after work. We met up with Fred and my Stephen and we had a GREAT meal at Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park, close to my neighborhood, with a nice bottle of white wine (a pinot grigio...someone's favorite lol)
Saturday I ran into an old aqaintance at Halo, had dinner with Bruce and Fernando at Le Pigalle on 17th St. Now, I won't even link to the horrid review in the Washington Post restaurant reviews, but I have to make mention that that very day there was a review that completely trashed Le Pigalle. I beg to differ - I've eaten there twice and it is a great French bistro that I plan on going back to and would reccomend any day of the week. I reccomend having the poulet a l'estragon.
After dinner we popped in "the Funeral Parlour" and went dancing at Noche de Fuego on 15th & U st the Saturday night gay party at Cada Vez. I really like that place!
Sunday I managed to crawl out of bed to make it to a wonderful brunch at Margo's. Champagne to toast some fortunate and humorous turns of events lately, ice cream, driving around... it was a great Sunday afternoon.