Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Like Sand Through an Hourglass..."

I am not dead, in case any of you were wondering. California was fucking AWESOME, I had a blast, and will post pictures as soon as possible. I love Palm Springs. Since leaving the desert and returning to the swampy humid jungle that is DC, my sinuses have reverted to their usual problematic selves. For that reason alone I'd live in California.
SO much has happened, and life has been so busy I don't have time to blog like I used to.
I'll sum up the past few weeks accordingly. Butterfield9 has great food. I hate flying, but CA gets two thumbs up. Our hotel was full of some interesting characters (Christian poetry writing hotel woman, old nasty gay guys leering at me in the pool), Crashing a movie party and bullshitting our way around, gambling in casinos -didn't win but came out even. Went out drinking last night at Fab Lounge, Cobalt, and Halo, woke up this morning with a monster hangover, still managed to look descent and meet up with a guy for lunch ;)
I think I need a vacation again already. And to top it all off I am flying back to L.A. on Tuesday. Never a dull moment

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