Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What's a Four-Letter Word For...

Well today I finished my first crossword puzzle ever (without any help, that is). This is a major accomplishment for me. Everyday on the Metro while riding to work I check out the free Post Express and try to their crossword puzzles, which allegedly are more difficult than the ones in the regular Washington Post. What's a six-letter word, with the clue "imprudent?" Really, I need to know.


Anyway, I'd also like to give thanks to the stranger yesterday who helped me. I was crossing Connecticut Avenue when my bag fell open, spilling my laptop and papers all over the sidewalk. In true Washingtonian form, most people just walked on by. But one man stopped and helped me pick my things up. On the off chance you're reading this, Mr. Good Samaritan, you rock! And you put a inch of my faith in humanity back.

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Freaks on the Street Go 'Round and 'Round

First off, thanks to Laura for her imput last week concerning the human stampede in Richmond. I sort of wish I could've been there... if only to stand on the sidelines laughing at all the people getting crushed. Ha ha.

My week of house sitting is over, but work has been really tedious as of late, working on a project that seems to keep growing day by day. My boss is on vacation, thus leaving me to do all sorts of silly stuff all by myself.

And now, I want to devote this post to all the homeless crazy people that make Dupont Circle so interesting. Over the years the same faces keep popping up every summer...which makes me wonder where these people go in the winter. Anyway, I know it's wrong to make fun of homeless, many of whom have genuine mental disorders. Thank-you Republican Party for not helping people have access to free health and mental care who really need it. Maybe I should direct all the homeless scizos to go camp on the White House lawn. That might change things. Or not. Anyway, here are some of the classic people that my friends and I have nicknamed and grown to love over the years..

- an older woman who wonders P Street, and known for the lifeguard whistle she wears around her neck. She's been known to stand by Dupont Circle fountain (after pissing her pants) and blowing her whistle, yelling "everybody out of the pool!" Apparently, according to when we spoke to her, she was once a lifeguard. Who knows if that's true, but that's her story.
Uranium Man - Bears an eerie resemblance to Fagan from "Oliver" and is known for his long dirty black trench coat. See photo:

He LOVES to discuss (even if you're not listening) his CIA conspiracy plots. Apparently, there's a tunnel to Liechtenstien under SOhO cafe, he knows the phone number to Air Force One, and the CIA can read his thoughts. And he claims that eating uranium is good for you. Might explain a few things about him.
Mama - A Dupont Circle classic. A Black lesbian who looks like a man from a distance, also goes by Dervin or Crystal. Gets paid by sweeping the front of P Street shops, but also known for her random screaming, and hitting on poor Raven. Loves to pick fights with the patrons of The Fireplace bar.
Gypsy - She looks like, well, a gypsy. An older homeless woman who gets REALLY pissed when people call her Gypsy. Which is what makes it so much fun to confuse her by yelling "Gypsy!" and then pretending you didn't say anything. She apprently is looking for her son, or so she says.
There are so many others...but that will have to wait for another episode.
Speaking of episodes, tonight I'm looking forward to Fox's new show "Prison Break." Not because I'm a huge fan of TV, but because it's about unrealistically hot men going to prison. Hmmmm..well, I'll be a fan if they throw in some steamy rape scenes, or maybe some rough-trade sex with a sadistic warden.
I'm so transparent sometimes.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Just Another Manic Monday...

Well, well...
I guess first I owe a little more info on this new job I am three weeks into. It's at an environmental organization here in DC. It's a non-profit group (like 7 million others in this city!) but they pay is good, and they hired me. So who's complaining? It's a very laid-back office environment, everyone has been fantastically nice, and about 50% of the office seems to be gay. Well, the office building IS in Dupont Circle. And that's nice and convienient, especially on lunch hour while the nice weather still persists.
And I have my own office...with a window. SWEET!
This week I am house and dog-sitting for my friend in Alexandria while she's away in California for surgery (best of luck!!) So it's going to be a very interesting week.
This weekend I was beat from work, so I slept in. Ken pretty much tricked me into going to Chiaroscuro. THAT was an interesting night, for many reasons which I will keep to myself.
So that's been my life, having fun on the weekends, and work work work Monday through Friday. Though there is something to be said for the 9-5 life, it gives things a sense of regularity. But now, when Friday rolls around, I finally understand why people get so damn excited over it!
Oh, and I am trying to quit smoking. Margo's doing it, so can I. I think...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Only in Richmond...

Disclaimer: There are some great folks in Richmond. The following pertains to other 90%.

I always thought Richmond had questionable taste. And like a million shopping malls.

This article
only confirms the fact I'm glad to not live there.
Apparently, at the Richmond International Raceway (yes, Richmond has a racetrack for Nascar, ugh) there was a stampede over laptops being sold for $50.
A human stampede over laptops at a racetrack in Richmond. I'll just let you mull over that one for awhile.
If Baltimore is Washington's ugly sister, Richmond would be her retarded, inbred, alcoholic third cousin.

"Somebody please nuke me, please!"

Sunday, August 14, 2005

August and Everything After...

I've been so busy as of late. Got a different job! (yes, yes, thank-you!)
So this whole 9-5 office schedule, as opposed to my past job, is really tripping me out.
I've been hanging out when I can, though lately it's been way too hot to really want to do anything.
Monday I somehow ended up having dinner and drinks at Fox & Hound. With Jim, and old boyfriend of his who also somehow happens to be a friend of mine, and this guy's partner. I think "awkwardness" is the perfect word to describe that dinner. And then it started a torrential downpour. I got soaking wet. Omens, anyone?
Thursday after work I hung out With Casey and some guy who he cheated on me with back in the day at his house on Capital Hill (the shady part too, not the nice part). Now, you may be asking me, why the hell would you hang out with them? I dunno. Maybe I wanted to see Casey's new Mercedes. Yes, I'm always nosy, even with exes. Of course by the end of the night I was seriously regretting ever coming. But I never learn...
Friday after work I met Margo Fred, and Ken and we went to dinner at Foodbar DC on 17th. I really liked the food, had a couple of shots, hung out at Soho. And I ran into this guy Richard who I hadn't seen about two years.
Saturday I went with Ken to Chiaro. Got drunk (again) danced a little, saw a few people, definately saw some hot guys (they were never there before). Came home around five. I'm going to dinner at City Lights soon, so gotta run. The best Chinese food in DC, incidentally.

"Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza"

I saw a really funny webiste today, the Misheard Lyrics Hall of Fame. My personaly favorite would be Elton John's misheard lyrics. Funny stuff.

Monkey Business

I know I've been quiet for a while... more info and stuff coming later today after I get cleaned up (just woke up actually). But for your entertainment is this...

Apparently in South Korea last week to celebrate an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooporation meeting. What that has to do with an orangutan on water-skis I will never know. But it was an awfully funny picture I saw yesterday reading the Post on the Metro on the way to work.