Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What's a Four-Letter Word For...

Well today I finished my first crossword puzzle ever (without any help, that is). This is a major accomplishment for me. Everyday on the Metro while riding to work I check out the free Post Express and try to their crossword puzzles, which allegedly are more difficult than the ones in the regular Washington Post. What's a six-letter word, with the clue "imprudent?" Really, I need to know.


Anyway, I'd also like to give thanks to the stranger yesterday who helped me. I was crossing Connecticut Avenue when my bag fell open, spilling my laptop and papers all over the sidewalk. In true Washingtonian form, most people just walked on by. But one man stopped and helped me pick my things up. On the off chance you're reading this, Mr. Good Samaritan, you rock! And you put a inch of my faith in humanity back.

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