Thursday, March 24, 2005

Anyone Like Writing Screenplays?

Given the amount of drama in my short 23 years on the planet, and my friends, today I decided they need to make a Lifetime movie about us all. I was chatting today with PJ's friend Chris and we discussed this in-depth. First, the cast should consist of washed-up 80's actors in need of jobs. Like all Lifetime dramas, naturally! It will be a cross between The English Patient meets Kill Bill meets Wuthering Heights meets Night of the Living Dead.
And for our cast of has-been celebrities: Pj and I shall be played by Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, respectively. Me and Chris both want the great Sela Ward to play our mothers. Others cast shall include but not limited to: Delta Burke, Tina Yothers, Kirk Cameron, Sarah Gilbert, Kathy Ireland, Liza Minelli (as Dena), Jackee (pronounced jak-ay), Molly Ringwald, Franka Potente (to add a foreign edge to it), Dione Warwick, Mayim Bialik, Joey Lawrence, Dave Coulier, Soleil Moon Frye... we literally came up with 200 actors who need work. Soundtrack to be provided by Belinda Carlisle, Debbie Gibson, and Irene Cara.
And with all the drama this won't just be a made-for-tv movie either... this will be Lifetime's break-out movie to go to the theaters. I'm thinking Cannes Film Festival... NO, this will be a trilogy... move over Lord of the Rings!
Now we just need to plan the thing.

Anyone you want to play you? Leave a comment...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring has Sprung in My Pants

"Behold, my brothers, the spring has come.
The earth has received the embraces of the sun and we shall soon see the results
of that love!  Every seed is awakened and so has all animal life.
It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being and we
therefore yield to our neighbors, even our animal neighbors, the same right
as ourselves to inhabit this land.
My love of our native soil is wholly mystical."

-Chief Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotaka), Hunkpapa Sioux (1831-1890)
  Lakota Medicine Man and Chief was considered the last Sioux to  
    surrender to the U.S. Government

I decided to start with that quote as Sunday is the first day of Spring. Finally! I loved Winter, but warm weather is much appreciated. Unfortunately it is, for me, also the season of allergies and sinus problems, so we'll see how much I'm actually able to enjoy it.

Well, since I last wrote what has happened to me?
Well this this weekend I spend several evenings after work, per usual, at Soho with friends like Ken and Raven. The drama between Ken and Bob continues as usual, though it seems to be improving... tonight Bob is actually going out with Ken to drag queen bingo at Club Chaos. Of course he chooses a night I'm teaching to come out. Well progress comes in small steps.
Friday afternoon I had free so I went to Dupont for a hair appointment and met up with Ken for coffee and when Chris got home from work we walked up to Adams Morgan for dinner.
It's funy because when you get three indecisive people trying to figure out a restaurant it can be comic. Add to that the over-selections of places and cuisines and it's a surprise we ever ate at all. After walking around the neighborhood checking out every menu we finally decided on an Italian place called San Marco. I'll have to remember this place: it's cheap, good food, and they have a rooftop patio weather permitting. Fabulous.
Saturday I went to visit PJ in Richmond.. I wanted to make the St. Patricks Day parade they were having, but since it required getting to Richmond before 10 AM, I just couln't make myself. Lol. When I did get there we went to the local mall for some shopping and coffee with Laura, and went to this cool Mongolian barbeque placed called Greywolf Grill for dinner. It was excellent. And we got to listen to the table next to us give, en masse, "Shiiiiiit!" (if you don't know the inside joke, ask me). Well that summed that up! We spent the night at Laura & Ian's and slept in perhaps a bit late to be woken by the arrival of Ian's mother who was visiting.

I love this picture of PJ

Of course, running on my weekend schedule, we never made it to the parade which was continuing that Sunday But we did go with Laura to River City Diner in the neighborhood called (snicker) The Bottom. The best damn milkshake I've had in years. After brunch me and Pj spent some time together alone. It was a very nice weekend. And that's what's been going on with me.

The Mark Twain
The Mark Twain: A leisurely paddle steamboat
navigating the Rivers of America in the 19th
Century! A venerable Disneyland institution,
you date to opening day in 1955 and respresent
stablity, tradition, and a healthy dose of
Americana. You never make your passengers
seasick (in part due to the fact that you role
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offer some great panoramic views of a Frontier
mining town, New Orleans, and back woods
glimpses of wildlife and injuns straight out of
a Samuel Clemens tale! Small children and old
folks like you best, but that doesn't mean you
don't know how to get out and enjoy the
nightlife, you play "Steamboat
Willie" in the nightly production of the
Fantasmic! Spectacular. Just one question,
just how is that you are always managing to be
headed "down river"?

What Disneyland attraction are you?
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Adam's Revolutionary Book Club

Some have noted my aversion to television and "popular culture" in general. I would say 90% of my friends share this aversion. I basically don't trust pop culture junkies. When you have to have your capitalist "culture" spoon-fed to you, it's not culture, and you've become a guinea pig. If you want to know a little more about my feelings towards TV, I reccomend you read this book! Throw your TV out the window while you're at it.
[note: this is not to say I never indulge in watching TV...but rather I limit my exposure to a few hours per month, and I watch it rather selectively, based on the quality of the program and what I gain from it.]

Also, readers have noticed by frequent snubs at suburbia. Sprawl and de-populations of our cities, our main cultural centers, is killing this country, I think. People become isolated in their car-oriented socio-economic bubbles. It's environmentally unsound as well to keep building out and out... instead of up and up where less space is used. I know personally in a more condensed urban neighborhood, you actually KNOW your neighbors, you can walk to your stores, there is an actual sense of community. So, here is one of my favorite books on that subject, which a friend Gary once reccomended to me, James Kunstler's Geography of Nowhere. The only positive thing I see now, is that cities are starting to slowly revitalize and attract people once again (hello...look at DC in the past 4 years!)

So those are my revolutionary seditious books for you to peruse this month... more to come, stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I'm sitting at Soho after work hanging with Raven as she looks at wedding dressed (yes, she's already planning her wedding with Kevin) and waiting for Ken to show up.
Let's see, what's new in my life? Well, i am currently reading Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina and Frank Herbert's Children of Dune. I have this weird thing about reading two books at once. It keeps me from getting bored when one book hits a slow point. I read one on the Metro riding to and from work, and the other before I go to bed. I know it's an odd selection to read together, but that's good too. I found the copy of Anna Karenina in my father's basement o' books, and figured I should read it because, well, it's Tolstoy and one of those "great novels" you should read at least once in your life. I'm reading the Dune series again after seeing the movie Dune. I read thee series in high school but it's been a long time and as with all novels I've re-read I realize I missed a lot of subtleties.
Let's see...last Friday I went with Ken to the Laughing Lizard in Old Town Alexandria to meet up with Margo, Fred, and two friends of hers visiting from out West. I think the one girl's name is Charlyse (I think that's the spelling). She was cool, and she's very into vintage clothing, so she brought some stuff for me and Margo to check out. I wound up buying a Navy peacoat from her that I really liked. The Laughing Lizard was a pretty cool place, there was a punk band playing downstairs.
Afterwards me and Ken went to Soho for coffee, only to meet my ex Hitler, er, um Casey, and his roomate/new boyfriend/ex boyfriend/roomate/I don't fucking know what he is, Larry. DRAMA. They sat with us and generally annoyed me with their small talk, despite the fact that Ken was nice enough to give them a ride down the street because it was cold. I was so glad to get rid of them. Ugh. I try being nice, and all I get is grief in return.
Anyway the next night me and Ken went back to Chiaroscuro since we had fun the previous week. Ken met this guy Dan online and decided to meet him there. Dan is I would say about 40-ish, retired Air Force officer, goofy but cute in his own odd way. And he had never been to a goth/industrial club before. So it was interesting to watch. I mostly hung out with Ozzy and his friend Eleanor. We stayed until close and hung out at Soho aferwards until 5. Ken was happy to use "taking Adam home" as an excuse to get away from Dan. Needless to say they didn't hit it off too well. And this Dan guy kept called me "Topher" all night, saying I look like the actor Topher Grace. I've gotten this before. Is it true? I don't think so, but then another guy once said I looked like a Hobbit, and I don't see that resemblance either.

Anyway, find out what "useless skill" you would be with the fun quiz below...

Calliope, Muse of epic poetry
You are 'Latin'. Even among obsolete skills, the
tongue of the ancient Romans is a real
anachronism. With its profusion of different
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You are very classy, meaning that you value the
classics. You value old things, good things
which have stood the test of time. You value
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them that way. Your life is touched by a
certain 'pietas', or piety; perhaps you are
even a Stoic. Nonetheless, you have a certain
fascination with the grotesque and the profane.
Also, the modern world rejects you like a bad
transplant. Your problem is that Latin has
been obsolete for a long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
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Thursday, March 10, 2005

No Concussion Yet

Ah, I am sitting at Tryst in Adams Morgan relaxing after the day and two friends will be showing up soon, Chris and Ken. And I thought I would be the late one. That's GPT (Gay People Time) for ya. I'm trying to save room on the cafe's couch from the hoardes so my friends have a place to sit, and I'm getting bitchy looks already. Fuck 'em all.

So last night when I came home I was coming into my bedroom having left the lights off. I know the geography of my room without the lights on, right? Well I do, except I left the closet door swung open and...
My forehead and the closet door collided with such impact I literally saw stars. I was talking to PJ and Aja online and I had to go get ice for the swelling. I started feeling dizzy and getting a headache, which could have been the signs of a concussion. I was really dreading the idea of having to go the ER because I ran into a damn closet door. How embarrassing.
The swelling has gone down and is barely noticable today. And I feel fine, so no concussion, I'm glad to report. I still feel stupid.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Inside Out

The weather here sure has been screwed up! Yesterday night I was outside in a t-shirt, it was a beautiful Spring night…this morning I woke up to snow and blistering winds. What?!
It’s been a strange past few days to say the least…a weekend full of strange occurrences and odd coincidences. My weekend went thus:
Friday I didn’t feel up to going out so I just went for coffee with Kurt and Bob, and we wound up going to MVC so Kurt could buy porn. I have to say, I was impressed by their extensive selections of gay porn and more dildos and vibrators than I even knew existed. There was a little drama betwixt Bob and Ken (who didn’t come because Bob didn’t want him too…) Ugh, I throw up my hands, but at least I got to confront them about why they never want to come out with us. I swear I don’t have this problem with any other friends! I mean you shouldn’t have to twist someone’s arm for them to want to have fun… so the rest of us have stopped giving a fuck and we just won’t bother inviting them anymore.
Saturday evening I met up with Kurt (and I’m shocked he actually wanted to come after discussing it at coffee the night before) to go thrift-store diving in Old Town Alexandria. We apparently missed their St. Patrick’s Day Parade, hence all the men running around with kilts and bagpipes (Hey, I’m Irish, and let em tell you it takes a REAL man to wear a skirt!).
Kurt found some cool blazers, I found a place called Funk & Junk that sells cool 80’s vivyl records. That’s all I found that day, but later I found some cool shirts, a retro leather jacket, and a fedora hat. I love retro stuff. Me and Kurt had coffee at Cosi on King Street, and I took him home.
I met Ken for dinner and afterwards we picked up Margo and Fred, and we all went to Chiaroscuro at The Edge. It’s the alternative/goth/industrial party I’ve mentioned before. Margo especially looked FABULOUS in her black lace corset. It was a fun night, Ken especially had fun and was glad I introduced him to the place. Kurt and Bob, needless to say, did not go. Fuck ‘em. We had fun, went to Soho afterwards, and then went to Alexandria to drop off Margo and Fred around 4-ish. That’s when drama happened.
Ozzy and some girl he was with at the club took the Metro out to Fairfax to get home, but their ride from the station never appeared. So it was freezing and they needed a ride home, so we did the good thing and went to pick them up.
Now, they just moved out to the ‘burbs to some new place a week ago. So I can understand not being familiar with the maze that it Northern Virginia. (another reason I fucking HATE suburbs!!!) They told us they lived 10 mins from the station… so and hour later and they weren’t even sure if we were going the right way, I was a little pissed. Long story short, by the time I got home the sun was well up.
I woke up in a panic four hours later remembering I was supposed to be somewhere Sunday. I called PJ sounding like hungover tired shit, asking what time I was supposed to be in Richmond. PJ, (congratulations by the way!!!) got a promotion at his job, and I was invited to a dinner in his honor. I did make it, and I enjoyed meeting all his co-workers.
After dinner we went to see Laura and Ian, who I’d been missing. On the way there a dark human-like shape ran across the street. I thought PJ was gunna hit it! My first instinct was “ah, it’s Bigfoot! In Richmond!” No, it was a streaker! A young guy in nothing but sneakers racing across Quioccassin Street. How bizarre, how bizarre. Later, Laura showed me the most hilarious video she found online about sexual harassment. It’s a real training video, and not supposed to be funny, but oh is it. Watch it!
We had to leave, PJ had work Monday morning, and I was dead tired from a whole weekend on 4 hours of sleep. I don’t even remember getting into my room, I just woke up and there I was!
Monday night was comedy night at Soho, and the only reason I went was because Raven and Eden were there. The show sucked for the most part, but me and Raven passed the time by reading eachother’s Tarot cards. Which is funny because Saturday I was discussing the need to have my cards read with Ken. Anyway, it was a warm spring night…and as I said today there’s been snow! My schedule is turning me into a vampire. I swear with all the weird little coincidences going on, and the freakish weather, it feels like the whole universe is upside-down.

Friday, March 04, 2005

In Like a Lion

Well, it’s been a busy time for me in some respects. I want to take this blog in new directions again. When it first started out, it was a sort of irreverent news-of-the-weird type thing, then it became my personal diary and rant session, complete with nonsense quizzes and hate sessions against my ex.
I want to return to the concept of my blog being an alternative screwed-up news source, Fortean oddities, and yes, my opinions and diary.
It’s late and I’m tired, so don’t expect this to be the start of this either. For now let me tell you how me week’s gone.
March has come in like a lion, as the saying goes. It’s been wicked cold, and quite snowy around here. Last Thursday it snowed a lot but I still managed to meet my friend Tom for diner at Tryst in Adams Morgan again before he leaves for Chicago on “Partybusiness"
It snowed a lot, but it was also very pretty. I love snow, others hate it for some reason. Sometimes, I swear I wish it would snow everyday.
Later I hung out with Chris at Soho. Friday…I don’t remember! Saturday I went after having dinner with my family to Richmond to visit PJ. Together we went to his friends Mike and Chris’ house in the Church Hill neighborhood. Quite a nice place, I thought. They were excellent hosts, and their house is, well, absolutely fabulous. I liked them a lot, and me and PJ wound up spending the night there. Ok, maybe not the wildest Saturday night I’ve had but I was with PJ so it was great.
Sunday afternoon Pj took me to the Carytown neighborhood and we looked around all the cool shops, visited Phoenix Rising (which was sadly disappointing for their gay bookstore…one more reason I hate Virginia, I hate the South, and I could never live there) and he took me to that hella-cool toy store I love, World of Mirth!
Later, we had a fabulous intimate diner together at Pasta Luna, the food was fantastic and I always love times out like that with him. Our poor waitress was having a nervous breakdown, poor thing, it’s times like that I wish I had a joint to give her or something. PJ and I watched the Oscars together, which was entertaining. As it got later and the snow storm approached, I had to head back home to beat the snow. It snowed a lot Sunday into Monday, pretty much 24 hours. I’m always surprised how Richmond avoids it!
I didn’t have anything else to do Monday and I got bored (despite the hella-icy roads) and had coffee with Ken for a long time talking 1-on-1 which was nice. I also remember seeing Kurt but I can’t remember if that was Tuesday or Monday. I swear my memory sometimes!

And now by popular demand... [Laura and Ian I'm looking at you...]

Me and Raven, doing our best to channel the spirit of Dena

and of course, Dena herself... eating...a chocolate croissant. But man, does it look SO not right...

Moving right along...Wednesday night I went to Adams Morgan again in the freezing cold to meet Ken, Margo, and Margo’s boyfriend Fred. We planned on going to Tryst, but it was packed so we opted for The Diner next door, and shared a bottle of wine over food and conversation. I’m really starting to like Adams Morgan, I’m telling you, it’s better than Dupont.
Tomorrow I know I am going to Ikea to look at furniture for my new future place, and hopefully also hang out with Raven. I also want to check out thrift stores for some reason. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to one, and sometimes you can find cool shit. If anyone out there knows any cool thrift stores in the DC area, let me know, ‘cause I don’t know where to start.
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