Thursday, March 10, 2005

No Concussion Yet

Ah, I am sitting at Tryst in Adams Morgan relaxing after the day and two friends will be showing up soon, Chris and Ken. And I thought I would be the late one. That's GPT (Gay People Time) for ya. I'm trying to save room on the cafe's couch from the hoardes so my friends have a place to sit, and I'm getting bitchy looks already. Fuck 'em all.

So last night when I came home I was coming into my bedroom having left the lights off. I know the geography of my room without the lights on, right? Well I do, except I left the closet door swung open and...
My forehead and the closet door collided with such impact I literally saw stars. I was talking to PJ and Aja online and I had to go get ice for the swelling. I started feeling dizzy and getting a headache, which could have been the signs of a concussion. I was really dreading the idea of having to go the ER because I ran into a damn closet door. How embarrassing.
The swelling has gone down and is barely noticable today. And I feel fine, so no concussion, I'm glad to report. I still feel stupid.

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miss_bitchy said...

Damn those closet doors jumping out in front of people - I would totally sue - that closet sexually harrassed you!

Love Ya