Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Inside Out

The weather here sure has been screwed up! Yesterday night I was outside in a t-shirt, it was a beautiful Spring night…this morning I woke up to snow and blistering winds. What?!
It’s been a strange past few days to say the least…a weekend full of strange occurrences and odd coincidences. My weekend went thus:
Friday I didn’t feel up to going out so I just went for coffee with Kurt and Bob, and we wound up going to MVC so Kurt could buy porn. I have to say, I was impressed by their extensive selections of gay porn and more dildos and vibrators than I even knew existed. There was a little drama betwixt Bob and Ken (who didn’t come because Bob didn’t want him too…) Ugh, I throw up my hands, but at least I got to confront them about why they never want to come out with us. I swear I don’t have this problem with any other friends! I mean you shouldn’t have to twist someone’s arm for them to want to have fun… so the rest of us have stopped giving a fuck and we just won’t bother inviting them anymore.
Saturday evening I met up with Kurt (and I’m shocked he actually wanted to come after discussing it at coffee the night before) to go thrift-store diving in Old Town Alexandria. We apparently missed their St. Patrick’s Day Parade, hence all the men running around with kilts and bagpipes (Hey, I’m Irish, and let em tell you it takes a REAL man to wear a skirt!).
Kurt found some cool blazers, I found a place called Funk & Junk that sells cool 80’s vivyl records. That’s all I found that day, but later I found some cool shirts, a retro leather jacket, and a fedora hat. I love retro stuff. Me and Kurt had coffee at Cosi on King Street, and I took him home.
I met Ken for dinner and afterwards we picked up Margo and Fred, and we all went to Chiaroscuro at The Edge. It’s the alternative/goth/industrial party I’ve mentioned before. Margo especially looked FABULOUS in her black lace corset. It was a fun night, Ken especially had fun and was glad I introduced him to the place. Kurt and Bob, needless to say, did not go. Fuck ‘em. We had fun, went to Soho afterwards, and then went to Alexandria to drop off Margo and Fred around 4-ish. That’s when drama happened.
Ozzy and some girl he was with at the club took the Metro out to Fairfax to get home, but their ride from the station never appeared. So it was freezing and they needed a ride home, so we did the good thing and went to pick them up.
Now, they just moved out to the ‘burbs to some new place a week ago. So I can understand not being familiar with the maze that it Northern Virginia. (another reason I fucking HATE suburbs!!!) They told us they lived 10 mins from the station… so and hour later and they weren’t even sure if we were going the right way, I was a little pissed. Long story short, by the time I got home the sun was well up.
I woke up in a panic four hours later remembering I was supposed to be somewhere Sunday. I called PJ sounding like hungover tired shit, asking what time I was supposed to be in Richmond. PJ, (congratulations by the way!!!) got a promotion at his job, and I was invited to a dinner in his honor. I did make it, and I enjoyed meeting all his co-workers.
After dinner we went to see Laura and Ian, who I’d been missing. On the way there a dark human-like shape ran across the street. I thought PJ was gunna hit it! My first instinct was “ah, it’s Bigfoot! In Richmond!” No, it was a streaker! A young guy in nothing but sneakers racing across Quioccassin Street. How bizarre, how bizarre. Later, Laura showed me the most hilarious video she found online about sexual harassment. It’s a real training video, and not supposed to be funny, but oh is it. Watch it!
We had to leave, PJ had work Monday morning, and I was dead tired from a whole weekend on 4 hours of sleep. I don’t even remember getting into my room, I just woke up and there I was!
Monday night was comedy night at Soho, and the only reason I went was because Raven and Eden were there. The show sucked for the most part, but me and Raven passed the time by reading eachother’s Tarot cards. Which is funny because Saturday I was discussing the need to have my cards read with Ken. Anyway, it was a warm spring night…and as I said today there’s been snow! My schedule is turning me into a vampire. I swear with all the weird little coincidences going on, and the freakish weather, it feels like the whole universe is upside-down.

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