Friday, March 04, 2005

In Like a Lion

Well, it’s been a busy time for me in some respects. I want to take this blog in new directions again. When it first started out, it was a sort of irreverent news-of-the-weird type thing, then it became my personal diary and rant session, complete with nonsense quizzes and hate sessions against my ex.
I want to return to the concept of my blog being an alternative screwed-up news source, Fortean oddities, and yes, my opinions and diary.
It’s late and I’m tired, so don’t expect this to be the start of this either. For now let me tell you how me week’s gone.
March has come in like a lion, as the saying goes. It’s been wicked cold, and quite snowy around here. Last Thursday it snowed a lot but I still managed to meet my friend Tom for diner at Tryst in Adams Morgan again before he leaves for Chicago on “Partybusiness"
It snowed a lot, but it was also very pretty. I love snow, others hate it for some reason. Sometimes, I swear I wish it would snow everyday.
Later I hung out with Chris at Soho. Friday…I don’t remember! Saturday I went after having dinner with my family to Richmond to visit PJ. Together we went to his friends Mike and Chris’ house in the Church Hill neighborhood. Quite a nice place, I thought. They were excellent hosts, and their house is, well, absolutely fabulous. I liked them a lot, and me and PJ wound up spending the night there. Ok, maybe not the wildest Saturday night I’ve had but I was with PJ so it was great.
Sunday afternoon Pj took me to the Carytown neighborhood and we looked around all the cool shops, visited Phoenix Rising (which was sadly disappointing for their gay bookstore…one more reason I hate Virginia, I hate the South, and I could never live there) and he took me to that hella-cool toy store I love, World of Mirth!
Later, we had a fabulous intimate diner together at Pasta Luna, the food was fantastic and I always love times out like that with him. Our poor waitress was having a nervous breakdown, poor thing, it’s times like that I wish I had a joint to give her or something. PJ and I watched the Oscars together, which was entertaining. As it got later and the snow storm approached, I had to head back home to beat the snow. It snowed a lot Sunday into Monday, pretty much 24 hours. I’m always surprised how Richmond avoids it!
I didn’t have anything else to do Monday and I got bored (despite the hella-icy roads) and had coffee with Ken for a long time talking 1-on-1 which was nice. I also remember seeing Kurt but I can’t remember if that was Tuesday or Monday. I swear my memory sometimes!

And now by popular demand... [Laura and Ian I'm looking at you...]

Me and Raven, doing our best to channel the spirit of Dena

and of course, Dena herself... eating...a chocolate croissant. But man, does it look SO not right...

Moving right along...Wednesday night I went to Adams Morgan again in the freezing cold to meet Ken, Margo, and Margo’s boyfriend Fred. We planned on going to Tryst, but it was packed so we opted for The Diner next door, and shared a bottle of wine over food and conversation. I’m really starting to like Adams Morgan, I’m telling you, it’s better than Dupont.
Tomorrow I know I am going to Ikea to look at furniture for my new future place, and hopefully also hang out with Raven. I also want to check out thrift stores for some reason. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to one, and sometimes you can find cool shit. If anyone out there knows any cool thrift stores in the DC area, let me know, ‘cause I don’t know where to start.
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