Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Metroface, Rhino, Chiaro

Well, I haven’t been posting as usually as I often do, so here goes another entry… Before I begin my week-in-review, I want to discuss something. It has to do with the way people in the city, or generally the North are. Now, I have long considered myself a refugee from the South, with it’s Bible-thumping, racism, and homophobia. Yes, it sadly exists there still. I moved to DC with the idea of never looking back. But what has been traded in tolerance has been sacrificed in politeness. Let’s face it, Southerners know what hospitality means. People here seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word. And I fear it may’ve rubbed off me to some extent over the years.
Example: Last night as I was walking down R Street some guy stopped to talk to me at a crosswalk about how the full moon tonight was so pretty and big. I said, “Yes, it sure is” and kept walking. Other people around didn’t give the guy as much as a glance. People just don’t talk to one another. On a subway car or street corner, or even in the bars and clubs. It makes you wonder how people even make friends in this city! My friend Chris aptly named what he calls “Metroface.”
“Metroface” is that pouty don’t-talk-to-me vacant Versace-model-look that city people tend to carry. And Chris and I realized we are guilty of it too. I mean, the theory seems to be the greatest sin is to smile when sauntering down the street. No, you have to look angry and aloof.
Now, I’ve come to know there is a reason for this attitude. If you’re too friendly, there are predatory people who will sense it and latch onto you. Psuedo-friends, con-artists, co-dependent boyfriends, homeless people, they all fall into this category. In a way it pays to be pouty and aloof if only as a means of self-protection. But my point is this: you can still keep your wits about you, but for gods sake people you can lighten up a bit!
Ok, now that I’m done lecturing, onto my week. Monday through Thursday was much of the same. I couldn’t see PJ this weekend because of his schedule, which was too bad, but I managed to have fun with my friends. Friday night I went out with Ken and Margo to this month’s Guerilla Queer Bar event, this time at the Rhino Bar in Georgetown. It was fun, and I was out all night (as nights with Ken and Margo tend to go, I’ve discovered). We hung out at Soho to sober up and by the time I got home the sun was coming up.
I didn’t manage to sleep much because after waking up around 11 I couldn’t get back to sleep. Saturday night I went out again, with Raven (who was looking fierce in her short camouflage skirt and knee-high boots) to Chiaro at the Edge, the Saturday night Goth/industrial party. It was a lot of fun; I hadn’t been there in a while and look forward to going back. After we left the club around 2, I met Ken, Bob, Margo, and Kurt at Soho and as with the night before the sun was up when I got home. Man, was I tired! I think I mostly slept Sunday except for coffee with Kurt where I remember feeling like I was floating in space!
After work last night I met Ken and Margo again for another late night conversing over coffee at Soho. I’m really glad I’ve gotten to know them. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, but this weekend I anticipate visiting PJ. And that’s been my week!
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