Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day'd Volume II

So, its been a great Valentine's Day weekend with my wonderful PJ! I can honeslty say for once I've had a great Valentine's!!! I swear my luck is changing this year! Good things are goin' on! Right now I'm home from work relaxing and having a rum-and-coke and watching Conan. Now to review my weekend...

So Saturday I drove down to Richmond and met PJ. He gave me a wonderful bunch of Valentine's Day gifts! First, he gave me two Kill Bill posters (he knows I am obsessed with that movie!). Then he gave me two great movies I've been wanting for a long time... Romy and Michele's High School Reunion and my favorite 80's movie of ALL time, oh yeah baby, Top Gun! And he also gave me a very sweet card. Oh, and from my family I got this milk-chocolate frog...with a gummy-insect in his stomach. Gross, and yet somehow cute...and what kind of Valentine's Day message does that send though? "Adam, we love you...enough to send you a candy frog with a insect in his stomach." Right. The box said "TOAD-ally Yours!" Hahaha oh that's a knee-slapper. It's toad-ally tacky!

We went to the mall near his house and got some cute pictures made in the photo booth (see pictures below) and then went to Laura and Ian's house where I planned to make dinner for everyone to celebrate Valentine's Day with a nice dinner. I made poulet a l'estragon, with onion soup for a first course, and creme brulee with berries. Ok, so I cheated on the soup and brulee, but everyone seemed to like it, so I was happy. I'll post the recipe if anyone's interested later. It's actually pretty easy, it just looks complicated. So, when we ate some of PJ's friends, John and Anthony, came by. First, I was shocked to find yet another reader of my blog! It's so weird to think people actually read this!

We went to bed watching "Taxi" with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon...I really didn't think it was funny...hence us drifting off to sleep. I also remember having like 7 glasses of wine with dinner...I was buzzed. I think we went to Walgreens that night...OH YEAH that's right. I remember now! That was when PJ dyed his hair blonde (see pictures below). [side note- you know it's been a good weekend when you can't remember when your boyfriend suddenly turned blonde] So his new hair is hella-tight, it's a good look for him! The next day we got cleaned up and PJ showed me stuff from his college years and trip to the Bahamas. He took me to the mall and he took me to dinner, which was like a ton of food. Oh, another side story (I swear I don't have ADHD)... when I left to visit him, in my haste I forgot my wallet! Yeah, lucky I didn't get pulled over. Anyway...that left me two hours from home without a license or money, or credit cards. It sucked. But PJ was gracious enough to treat me to dinner and get me cigarettes...

After dinner we went back to Laura and Ian's to watch the Grammy's. AKA Night of the Horrid Dresses. I swear Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, and Norah Jones ALL wore the most terrible "dresses" I've ever seen. If you saw it, you know what I mean!!
Unfortunately, I also was having the Allergy Attack of the Century that night. Something had been bothering me all day. My eyes and nose burned, I was feeling snotty and gross, and my skin itched like crazy. They took me to Wal-Mart because it was open and we did a little late-night Wal-Mart craziness (ah the people at a Wal Mart in Richmond, Virginia at 1 in the morning on a sunday night...need I say more?) and PJ bought me some anti-histamine so my body would stop going berserk.
Another side story: This wasn't as bad as the last major attack I had that sent me to the hospital... Back in the day when my ex and I lived on 11th Street I was helping him get a futon out of the basement. Now, as you may know, some of the rowhouses in DC were built in the early 1800's. Now, in the basement was this weird black mold/fungus that looked like it'd been growing since Lincoln was president..so my whole body went nuts. My nose ran, my eyes teared, my skin turned red and I broke out in hives, had trouble breathing and had to go to the ER later to get an antihistamine shot. But fortunately this time in Richmond I didn't have to go to the ER...oh THAT would've been intersting. No ID, no wallet...can you say denied? Ha ha. I should run into an ER next time I have an attack and scream "I have ebola!"

Where was I? Oh yeah, so Monday morning was nice to spend with PJ alone in his bedroom. Very nice. Unfortunately around noonish I had to leave and come back home. Went to work, didn't feel like hanging out afterwards, so I came home and here I am. I think maybe I missed a few things but I'm going to bed. Hope everyone had a good VD day! Love, Adam

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