Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Adam's Revolutionary Book Club

Some have noted my aversion to television and "popular culture" in general. I would say 90% of my friends share this aversion. I basically don't trust pop culture junkies. When you have to have your capitalist "culture" spoon-fed to you, it's not culture, and you've become a guinea pig. If you want to know a little more about my feelings towards TV, I reccomend you read this book! Throw your TV out the window while you're at it.
[note: this is not to say I never indulge in watching TV...but rather I limit my exposure to a few hours per month, and I watch it rather selectively, based on the quality of the program and what I gain from it.]

Also, readers have noticed by frequent snubs at suburbia. Sprawl and de-populations of our cities, our main cultural centers, is killing this country, I think. People become isolated in their car-oriented socio-economic bubbles. It's environmentally unsound as well to keep building out and out... instead of up and up where less space is used. I know personally in a more condensed urban neighborhood, you actually KNOW your neighbors, you can walk to your stores, there is an actual sense of community. So, here is one of my favorite books on that subject, which a friend Gary once reccomended to me, James Kunstler's Geography of Nowhere. The only positive thing I see now, is that cities are starting to slowly revitalize and attract people once again (hello...look at DC in the past 4 years!)

So those are my revolutionary seditious books for you to peruse this month... more to come, stay tuned.

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