Thursday, March 24, 2005

Anyone Like Writing Screenplays?

Given the amount of drama in my short 23 years on the planet, and my friends, today I decided they need to make a Lifetime movie about us all. I was chatting today with PJ's friend Chris and we discussed this in-depth. First, the cast should consist of washed-up 80's actors in need of jobs. Like all Lifetime dramas, naturally! It will be a cross between The English Patient meets Kill Bill meets Wuthering Heights meets Night of the Living Dead.
And for our cast of has-been celebrities: Pj and I shall be played by Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, respectively. Me and Chris both want the great Sela Ward to play our mothers. Others cast shall include but not limited to: Delta Burke, Tina Yothers, Kirk Cameron, Sarah Gilbert, Kathy Ireland, Liza Minelli (as Dena), Jackee (pronounced jak-ay), Molly Ringwald, Franka Potente (to add a foreign edge to it), Dione Warwick, Mayim Bialik, Joey Lawrence, Dave Coulier, Soleil Moon Frye... we literally came up with 200 actors who need work. Soundtrack to be provided by Belinda Carlisle, Debbie Gibson, and Irene Cara.
And with all the drama this won't just be a made-for-tv movie either... this will be Lifetime's break-out movie to go to the theaters. I'm thinking Cannes Film Festival... NO, this will be a trilogy... move over Lord of the Rings!
Now we just need to plan the thing.

Anyone you want to play you? Leave a comment...


miss_bitchy said...

I'm not totally against Debbie Gibson playing me but I know I'll probably have to settle for Tori Spelling since her dad will have to produce the damn thing because let's face it - we're no damn good with money lol


Jean-Michel Rochambeau said...
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Michael J. Farrand said...

Actually I've written stage plays and screenplays, and I've even created a site for teaching people how to write screenplays ( If it's gonna be a trilogy I'd say separate the genres. First movie would be out-of-work martial arts actors, second would be ingenues, third would be character actors. Then I propose we do a Simpson-like cartoonish series on the happenings at SoHo Cafe in Washington, D.C. I'll play the straightman.