Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Don't Feel Like Blogging

I realize it's been way too long, and so much has happened in the past few weeks since I last blogged. I don't feel like blogging much tonight after everything that has happened. It's been a beautiful Spring day, yet I've been dreading life, knowing PJ would read my letter at some point, dreading his reaction (which, under the circumstances, he handled very understandingly and well). And it doesn't help that in the middle of all of this I've been reading Anna Karenina, which is all about the dissolution of a relatioship.

I just want people to know I do love PJ, I do. But I am human, and I can only keep holding on for so long, I tried I really did. I wish I had never let it go on so long, maybe it wouldn't have felt so bad ending it. I liked all of PJ's friends and hope we can be friends, as I naturally hope me and PJ stay friends. I hope to visit Richmond again soon, and all are welcome to visit DC.

I need a drink. Maybe a few.

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miss_bitchy said...

Adam, you know Ian and I love you to death and you are welcome to come see us any time! Our lives would not have been the same w/o meeting you!!