Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Only in Richmond...

Disclaimer: There are some great folks in Richmond. The following pertains to other 90%.

I always thought Richmond had questionable taste. And like a million shopping malls.

This article
only confirms the fact I'm glad to not live there.
Apparently, at the Richmond International Raceway (yes, Richmond has a racetrack for Nascar, ugh) there was a stampede over laptops being sold for $50.
A human stampede over laptops at a racetrack in Richmond. I'll just let you mull over that one for awhile.
If Baltimore is Washington's ugly sister, Richmond would be her retarded, inbred, alcoholic third cousin.

"Somebody please nuke me, please!"


Michael J. Farrand said...

As I've told you, I went to high school south of Richmond--Chesterfield County, to be exact--so I never really had a real Richmond experience. Mostly visits to the Fan district, which is its own separate experience in a way. I do remember it went through its "Murder Capital" period in the mid-80s. Even beating out Washington, D.C. When I ended up in Charlottesville, blessedly discovering that I was not the Big City Boy I thought I was, visits to Richmond confirmed it. It's just big enough to have that evil urban blight thing going on, just big enough to give me the creeps. Having said that, I remain a fan of the Fan. It's got a different feel altogether.

Derek said...

Just so you know, that photo is of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada -- so I think you have the wrong Richmond. (I took the photo.)

Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

I like the last sentence of your post. Astute observation.

BUT Richmond has a really feel going on, especially near Virginia Commonwealth University in Oregon Hill. There, you can sit on your porch and sip a beer without the painful embarrassment of having been railroaded into buying a small house for a half a mil', like most people in the D.C. area.