Monday, November 06, 2006

Mer de Noms

Now that the year is drawing towards a close, I feel I should reflect on things that have happened over the course of a crazy year. And one of my favorite commentors mentioned that I hadn't written anything political - and for a reason! I feel there's so much in the daily paper about it all, I can't add anything. Plus, I live in the District of Columbia which means I have no representation in Congress anyway, so I had no important candidates like my friends in Virginia or Maryland. Well, Mayor of the city I suppose, but we all know Fenty is going to win. Add to this the fact I am neither Republican or Democrat. No, I am not one of those mushy middle-of-the-road people. I am very much on the Left... so much so that I find myself frequently furious at the Democrats for their weak nature. I've even lost faith in Howard Dean... ok I said I would avoid politics and there I go!

So anyway, on to more pleasant topics, men. Maybe it was a conversation I had in a bar not too long ago, when I had trouble remembering all the guys I have been involved with this year. I don't know if that's funny or sad. At any rate, here they are in the order I remember them roughly, from January to present.

Phil- like a big drunken teddy bear.
Bryan - the guy from New York.
Stephen - the Catholic I dated for 4 summer months
Andy - wish I had followed up with him.
Mark - another one I wish I'd followed up with.
John S. -yet another one I never followed up with afterwards.
Brad - cute boy from Maine, by too young I think.
Michael - a reporter who wanted to get my story.
Tom- sigh, Tom the Fire Captain I met at Chloe.
Mike S. - a guy I met last year who's still being persistant.
Will- the current boy, a dancer.

I know there are names and nights I am forgetting here, but not too shabby I guess!

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