Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An Open Letter to...

Ok, sometimes I get nostalgic for the past and things that could-have-been. Not sure why I remember Justin - considering it was years ago. A friend of mine was visiting from London and during that time I'd met this guy, even though I was still living with "Hitler." I was at Annie's having lunch one day this week and, as sometimes, happens, I remembered sitting in that same booth three years ago...

It was three years ago. I remember really liking you; your name was Justin and you had gone to Pepperdine University.
Your first month or so here in DC you also got mugged! I felt so bad.

I was involved with a psychopath at the time, but I wanted to get rid of him. It was a classic case of "if I can't have you, no one will." ie, he set out to sabotage any future dates I had, and I recall one drunken night he really embarassed me at Annies, where you were sitting with a friend having dinner. After that I was so ashamed I didn't try meeting up with you.

On the bright side, Mr. Psychopath is out of my life (with everything short of a restraining order). I've learned to be a little more drama free. :)

Out of the blue the other day -at Annie's actually- I remembered you. Wondered if you were still in DC, if you like it or hate it, in general I hope you are doing well. Funny the men we remember, and the missed chances we regret!

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