Monday, June 05, 2006

Personal Penguin

This link is too cute, a Penguin Message Generator. You type in your message and the penguin does the rest!

This weekend a person from my past, PJ, came to DC from Richmond where he's living to celebrate his birthday. Now, things between us have been cool, but last year I extended the olive branch and we've been on good terms since. It was good to hang out with him Saturday, and there was no wierdness ora anything, we can be friends, and I like that. If only all relationships ended up that smoothly.

With Margo, Marc, and Fred, I saw X Men 3 at the theater in Chinatown. Wolverine is pure male hotness. I liked it, the movie that is. Afterwards we had tapas dinner at La Tasca across the street (peach sanrgia!). Meeting up with PJ and his friend Chris we went to Halo.... long abbreviated story we wound up at the gay strip bar WET. It was a fun, if very late, night. I love coming home to the paper delivery guy, LOL.

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