Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Fabu-lash!

Last night with some friends I ventured to a new gay establishment (part of my quest to explore new places) called The Fab Lounge.
It was fabulous, but in a low-key way. The space, located at Connecitcut and Florida Ave. NW is a much-needed gay presence in North Dupont. It's very spacious and has comfy chairs and tables in addition to a nice bar area. It's only been open 2 months, but I am spreadigng the word, I think it has great potential and hopefully will attract more young people (unlike, say, some other bars that seem to attract the old and tired).
We also ventured into the 18th & U Duplex, which is very happening on a Thursday night for some reason. It has it's share of older men, but it's typically the buff older "daddy" types as opposed to the trolls. Being so packed, we then ventured down the street to the so-called "gay bar" Larry's Lounge. Not my favorite place, but it had some seating available. I just am not sure how they get away with advertising themselves as a gay bar, when out of a packed room, we were the only gay people to be seen. Not highly reccomended.
So recap: Larry's Lounge, two thumbs down. Duplex, two thumbs up (for Thursday at least). The Fab Lounge, two thumbs up.

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Me said...

Don't forget ask for the "Jay Peach" for a new summer drink at the Fab Lounge. :)

Thanks for a fun night!