Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogging Pays Off!

Well, sort of. My blogging "skillz" have put me in charge of my organization's new blog, which you can check out here:

EDN Blog!

In other news, I have another orthodontic appointment this week, where I may or may not have "spacers" put in my back molars to make room for the brace brackets. Oh yes, I forgot to add that, yes, I am getting braces for sure (cermamic clear ones), and that the spacers are supposed to be the most painful part. I'm hoping I might not need them. I've written about how much I hate going to the doctor, but I find myself getting just as nervous at the dentist or orthodontists too. Just the sound of the drill brings me back to childhood visits where "this won't hurt a bit..."
Related to this, I am binging on all sorts of things that will be forbidden to me... tortilla chips, sticky candy and gum, etc.

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