Monday, June 26, 2006

Drowned World

Damn, it really does feel like we're all going to float away. Well, all the little people will, I will be safe in my tower on the hill overlooking the rest of the city (and to think I bitched about having to walk uphill). I really do love a good thunderstorm, and we've had 4 straight days of it. Curled up, watching a storm, in bed with a significant other- always nice. And last night's storm was something straight out of the movies! Today along P st between 17th & 18th there was a HUGE tree blocking the entire street, and there's been flooding of subway stations. It's not even hurricane season yet!!

I had a great weekend, mostly filled with spending time with Stephen, I also got to go drinking with Raven and Ken. Speaking of fun times, I have 4 day weekend coming up, AND I'd like to wish Margo an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I look forward to your party, dear, it will be quite a "production" ;)

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