Saturday, December 16, 2006

Life in Beta

Blogger (the people who bring you this great blog) keep trying to get me to switch to Blogger Beta. Now, as a rule, I am always suspicious when things are "new and improved." Those who lived through the 80's and early 90's will remember such beta products as New Coke and Crystal Pepsi.
Hotmail tired a beta format that sucked so much I went back to the old format. I'm a little nervous about chaning my Deep Blog over to the new format on Blogger, I have fears it may wreck my design. Hmmm... so if you check back in and see things out of whack, that may be why. I hope this doesn't become the New Coke of blogdom.
At any rate my vacation thus far has brought me peace and contentment. I have just been able to hang about doing whatever I want. And goddamn does it feel good!! This week, when I wasn't sleeping in, I did all my holiday cards and mailed them out yesterday. Tuesday I entertained my mom and went to the Phillips Collection nearby in Dupont. We had Ethiopian food for lunch - always an experience. And later that night I had a wonderful wonderful "Festivus Fondue" at the Melting Pot with many of my close friends and Sean.
I saw "Apocalytpo" on Wednesday. Given Mel Gibson's insanity as of late I was a little apprehensive about seeing it, but I have to say I reccomend it. Who doesn't like graphic depiction of Mayan sacrifice?
Thursday Sean was off so I met him in Chinatown and we went to the Spy Museum together, which I highly enjoyed. It was a great day to spend with him, I really find myself liking him a lot.
So, today besides being lazy I managed to book my flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for next week.

I will be gone between Christmas and New Years in our fabulous and gay-friendly sister to the north, Canada! Tell you more "aboot" it later, eh?

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