Thursday, May 11, 2006


New Trends
Fresh from the U.K.!
According to our friends at Popbitch:
"...To be too cool for school these days you have to do the Seagull. In schools all over London, apparently, break-times are seeing boys running into the bogs to masturbate furiously, collect their jizz in the palms of their hands, then go out and find a younger kid.... then slap them in the face while shouting "SEAGULL!"
Try it in the office when you're bored."
-A Google search of "seagulled" revealed that, yes, this does seem to exist.

Trend Graveyard

The Pirate Look
Will somebody PLEASE tell me why all the hipster/indie rockers are doing the Molly-Ringwald-meets-Blackbeard-the-Pirate look?? Stop it. Stop rolling one pant leg up when riding your crappy beat-up bicycle (WHY do they do that? Is there an actual reason?) Stop wearing tight striped clothing reminicent of a Russian sailor's uniform. I've seen this look from Logan Circle to the East Village in NYC, and it's NOT cool unless you're working at Pirates of the Carribean at Disney.
So what have we learned today boys & girls?
In: seagulling, Out: pirates


Brian said...

I blame Gwen Stefani for the pirate look. 100%.

The World Blog Guide said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog – let me know if you are interested in appearing in our 2006 edition of ‘The World Blog Guide’ – Ed

Horny Old Guy said...

Whoa! That "Seagulling" item even grossed me out (and that takes some doing!) Ewwwwwwwww!!!!