Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So much has been happening, so little time to report. First, Happy Birthday to Stephen who turned 27 on Monday! We celebrated over dinner, and drinks Monday with some of his friends.
In recap I realize I've left some details out of the last few weeks. First, I had a very interesting dinner with a certain Bruce (who used to date my boss), preceded by drinks at Halo. Normally I try to stay out of these drama-pots... oh who am I kidding, I love drama!

Let's see... I also had dinner with Ken, who I hadn't seen in ages. Saturday I went to the herb/plant festival at the National Cathedral with Margo, that was a lot of fun. I love the inside of the chuch too (staunch Athiest as I am, it is a beautiful building). My apartment is already becoming The Garden of Eden I have so many plants, so I limited myself to only buying one. We visited our friend Marc at his home recovering from surgery, it was good to see him and Jaymie. Then we had a wonderful dinner at Bistrot du Coin, their duck was amazing!

Reader Awards
It's time to warmly reward my favorite long-time readers (at least the ones I know about via comments). So for May my award is tied between Margo and Brian. You know who you are. Thanks for your continued readership!
I would add a dishonerable mention towards certain people who continue to read this and are "sour grapes," but they too know who they are.
There's no prize (I'm too cheap) but I'll buy you a drink at Halo!


Brian said...


It's been forevs since you updated, I was starting to get concerned! Thanks for the shoutout! I love your blog and will continue to be a reader....with rose colored glasses! LOL!


Take Care,


Margo said...

I'd like to thank..... oh you know who you are, there would be less laughter in the world if your dark cloud wasn't there to inspire.