Monday, December 12, 2005

"A Long December"

It finally feels like the Holiday season! Here's the re-cap of Adam's week. On Wednesday (December 7th) I planned to have dinner with Margo, Fred, Crystal, Marc, Phil, and myself at Churreria Madrid, on Champlain St. I heard it's a wonderful Spanish restaurant. But go figure, they are closed Wednesday and Monday nights! Note to anyone going there! Fortunatley The Grill from Ipanema, a Brazilian restaurant, was open (and one block away from my place, might I add).
The Brazilian food was fantastic! A bit pricey, butI highly reccomend a visit there!
Thursday night into Friday morning it snowed quite a bit. Of course, living a 10-minute walk to my office building, I had no exuse not to show up (except in a real blizzard maybe). Even though 90% of my office lives in the city as well, only THREE people including myself showed up. It was a total slacker day, and I left around 2. Came home, took a nap, and hopped the Metro to go shopping at the Pentagon City stores. As usual, I found more things for myself than for others. I'm one of those people that is lucky if I'm not out X-mas eve shopping for gifts still. I hate shopping for gifts! Anyway, had Thai for dinner, and went back to Margo & Fred's to watch a movie and have drinks. Phil was working late and exhausted, so we met up Saturday afternoon.
I made him a martini and we relaxed, and he wisked me away to the sculpture garden by the Smithsonian for a super-romatic evening of ice-skating. It's been ages since I went ice-skating. It was SO much fun.

Then he took me to dinner where it all began - Lauriol Plaza. We both had wonderful food, and got more than a little drunk off the potent margaritas.

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