Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lawrence and Stuart go Antique-ing

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So much drama to speak of... hung out at Apex on Friday night with Ken and this guy Dan and wound up having dinner before hand with my ex "Hitler"/Casey, Drama Dan, and Ken at Kramer's. Now THAT was a trippy dinner. Pretty much closed Apex down, got home at 5am, and the next morning went on a wodnerful roadtrip to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia with Phil. He snagged a friends car for the weekend, and it felt so wonderful to get out of the city and see the cute (and surprisingly gay-friendly) mountain town of Harper's Ferry. Highly reccomend it! (see pics above). Came back to DC, had dinner in Virginia first (hence the Awesome Blossom, which was actually quite awesome), went shopping. Yes, Phil and I were buying house stuff together... well for ourselves, not like THAT, hello it's only been a few weeks. I finally saw Saw, as in the movie. Sunday had brunch and coffee with Ken (at Kramer's yet again) And now work. Blah.

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Anonymous said...

oh my god, is that an AWESOME BLOSSOM????


I can't believe you used that pic of your eyes / forehead half cut off... ;-)

thanks for the memories. it was the best fried onion i've ever had.

-- P