Friday, November 25, 2005

Seven Washington Nights

Well, a great deal has happened since my last post. My dillema over men is over, I think it's pretty safe to say Phil has emerged as quite a catch, and we have had such a fun past few weeks together.

Thursday (17th) I had lunch with "Hitler," my ex, during my lunch hour. Hey, he offered to pay - even though I know in a town like DC there is "no such thing as a free lunch." I'm still trying to figure out what his motived were for taking me to lunch. The scary thing is his office building is literally 5 minute walk from mine. It's a small world afterall...

Last Friday (18th) after work, I hung out with Phil at JR's for awhile. I hereby take back all the negative things I've said about JR's in the past... It's not a bad bar to hang out at. After that I caught the Metro to Old Town to have dinner with Margo, Manish, Marc, and Emily at Founder's on King St. After dinner we went to Murphy's, Laughing Lizard, and some place called Tiffany Tavern for drinks. It was such a cold night, I remember. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday (19th) during the day I had chores and laundry to do (fun times) but afterwords I met Phil in the Circle and he spontaneously took me to a new restaurant on U Street, called Creme. The food and the service was absolutely amazing, and over a bottle of wine I had one of the best dates I've ever had with Phil.
For dessert, I took him to Queen's Cafe in Adams Morgan (a block away from my apartment as well, might I add) and over Turkish coffee, baklava and smoking an orange-flavored hookah, I introduced Phil to chess. It all somehow added up to an unconventional yet intensely romantic evening.

Sunday (20th) My mother and my brother came downtown to meet me, and see my apartment. Oh, and also to bring me an aquarium and a microwave I wanted. Being sunday, and a very warm day, I decided to take them to Kramer's Afterwords Cafe, being the Dupont Circle institution that it is. Of course, being part of the quintessential DC Sunday brunch experience, it was also extremely busy. It was a nice day, and after my Mom and brother went back to Virginia, I met Phil at JR's for a drink before going home to make dinner and crashing.

Because of the holiday my office was only open Monday and Tuesday. I need this off time bad, I think. Tuesday I went over to Capitol Hill to visit Phil at his job to give him some flowers (to thank him for the great week).
Wednesday was awesome, I was off work so I spent the whole day with Phil. We met around noon a did clothes shopping along 17th St. and in Georgetown, and we went on a nice walk along the Georgetown canal. It was a lot fun and we both got some cute things. We walked back to Dupont, got some things Phil needed at Whole Foods for making his Thanksgiving dishes. I took him to dinner at City Lights and as we were walking back to his place, it started snowing!! The first snow of the year!
The whole thing was so romantic. We went back to his place near U Street and shared a glass of retsina and...

Thanksgiving day I went to my parent's house for dinner, ate myself silly, and then met Phil and we went together to Margo's house for desert, wine, and games with her and Fred, Emily, and Marc. It was one of the best Thanksgivings I've had. Aftrwards Phil came back with me... today we are currently both sitting at Soho cafe, as I write this. And THAT has been my amazing week.

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