Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yule All Have Lots of Drama

First off, have a happy Winter Solstice, which occurs today marking the official first day of Winter.

I won a bike. Yes, I know, how random! I won a bike from City Bikes in Adams Morgan (on Columbia & Champlain St. NW)
I like to think of it as the Universe giving me a little unexpected holiday present.

And to top it all off... today while looking out my office window, I noticed in the office building adjacent to mine...a guy was changing out of his suit.

Totally. I mean, underwear and all. Yeah. If you're strip-in-my-office-with-windows-wide-open guy reading this, take note. People were watching you.

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NotCarrie said...

HAHA Makes me wish I had a better view from my own desk.