Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Drama Fix, 2006!

So, I have survived the holidays(sometimes barely) and now live to gossip about it on my blog... when I should be working, because a certain project draws nearer to its completion. But like jello, there's always room for blogging.

So much has happened, in fact, I'm going to give a highly condensed version of the past two weeks.

First off, I have been on a paid vacation since December 23rd. Coming back to work today feels so weird.
I present, The Twelve Days of Drama-mas
So, 23rd - I was off work, and it was a beautiful sunny day. Took my new bike for a ride around town. If you haven't checked out Rock Creek Park's bike trails, you really ought to!

24th- Went home for Christmas Eve. Had a great dinner with the family, surprisingly drama-free. Alcohol may have had something to do with that.

25th- Christmas Day- I got a lot of great Christmas gifts this year! Among them, a stereo system (including a vinyl record player! - I love records), a smoothie maker/blender, other kitchen stuff, an electric fondue pot (thanks Phil), The French Laundry Cookbook (thanks Margo and Fred), living room stuff, money, and more!

26th - Day after Christmas - by this point, I remember why I don't live with my family. The family cheer was wearing thin, along with my patience with my mother's condescending comments and questions. I got a ride back into a city, and was glad to be home.

27th - Phil came back from visiting his family in Massachusetts. We went to JR's first and met friends of his, then we went to Cobalt for their Retro Night party. I had an awesome time. Maybe I drank too much.

28th- We had a relaxing day that involved us going to City Lights of China with Dena for dinner, watching a movie, and having a relaxing Wednesday night "in."

29th - Had dinner with Phil's friend Dave at CPK, went to JR's again, went to Cobalt again...it was their "Best Package Contest" night. No, I did not enter the contest. Had a lot to drink...again.

30th - I dont think I did much of anything all day, except go shopping around Metro Center for a bit.

31st- New Year's Eve. Phil took me to a wonderful dinner at Ardeo on Connecticute Ave (Cleveland Park neighborhood). The food was absolutely amazing, it's a very nice restaurant. We shared a bottle of wine, and desert drinks, and went back to Phil's to open that bottle of Veuve champagne I won at the Festivus party. Always good stuff. From there we went to Cookie Buffet/Chris Dyer's (depending on if he's in drag or not) party at Hotel Helix. I was surpised just how many people were there. Among them, some of my co-workers, and two friends of Phil's.
After the midnight toast, we split and went up to a place in Columbia Heights neighborhood (yes, I know, there are fun places in Columbia Heights??) called Wonderland. It was interesting... I mean, I liked it for what it was, which was hard to put a finger on. Of course, I was by this point roaringly drunk. There was some drama with a drunk bitch and a taxi cab (which, I refuse to apologize for... I do occasionally have my princess moments) and drunken food, getting sick, and poor Phil having to take care of me through the NASTY hangover the next morning.

Jan 1st 2006- Maybe I'm superstitious, but I rang in the New Year well, so the whole year will hopefully be great. Well, I felt awful most of the next day, but I got my self together enough to cleap up and meet Margo and Fred for dinner in Chinatown. Afterwards we went in that place... I don't even know if it has a name. It's the shady-yet-charming Chinese herb and tea shop. If you haven't been in there, go... it truly feels like some back-alley shop in Beijing or Hong Kong. Here's to a fabulous New Year!

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